Going to try this out

I’m into Poop in a big way, but my fascination is more about the taboo of the act. I tend to be a very clean person by nature, hence the fetish I’m guessing. If a girl I’m with is going to do it, I get completely crazy and turned on just knowing she’s got a load needing to come out. The anticipation is a big part of it, especially when we are playing beforehand and I don’t when she’s going to make it happen. Then, getting to see it come out…UGH! Typically she would let it all out onto my chest oe something and I would cum hard. After, clean up completely and thoroughly. I’ve done the exact same scenario several times and it’s so exciting. I’ve also been on the giving end in that exact scenario. Guess my desire with this fetish would be considered rather vanilla compared with others. I like to be dominant when the girl I’m with wants it, but rarely submissive. Going on a business trip in Hartford CT soon and hoping to find a like-minded girl that wants to play.

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