Going to My Uncles fpr a visit – Part 2

I didn’t know what to say or think. He said that while I was there, I was going to wear cloth diapers.  He put 2 cloth diapers on me & plastic pants. He put one of his shirts on me. He asked if I wanted to wear pj’s as well. I told him I was ok with his shirt. He then told me that We could watch tv for a while. He also gave me a glass of milk & my favorite oreo cookies. After a while, I needed to pee. I told my uncle I needed to pee. He told me to just go ahead & use the diaper. I told him I didn’t want to. He said if I wanted to use the bathroom, then I would need to get back on the dining room table to remove the diapers & then use the bathroom, & then get back on the table to get diapered again. I finally said ok & I would use the diaper. I actually was glad he put 2 diapers on me, as I am a heavy sleeper & usually my Goodnites were always soaked from the night before. The next morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. I went out to the kitchen & my uncle was up. He asked me if I needed to use the bathroom. When I said yes, He said to use the diaper & after We ate breakfast, he would run me a bath. We ate breakfast & then When we were done, He said lets go up to the bathroom & get cleaned up. He ran the bath water & added “Mr. Bubbles” soap in the tub & then He undressed me & He also got undressed & We took a bath together. I was nervous & He could tell. He said not to worry & just enjoy the bubbles that We had in the tub. I was in the front & He was behind me. He took the washcloth & washed my back. Then He started to wash me all over my body. I again started getting hard, He told me that again this is normal.

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