Going to My Uncles for a visit

When I was younger,  I went to my uncles during the summer for  a vacation.  My mother was a single mother & She was going on a vacation with some women from her job.  My uncle agreed to take care of me. When He came to pick me up, He told me We would have a great time ourselves.  My mother packed my suitcase, & I also saw she packed a seperate bag that had my Goodnites in.I was a bedwetter & I wore them at bedtime. When We were drving to my uncles, He told me that by the time We got to his house, We would be getting there late, & We should get right to bed.

We had a great ride to his house. When We reached his house, He told me that We should get ready for bed. I went to my suitcase & opened it up. He saw me opening the suitcase & said not to worry, & that He was going to get me dressed for bed. I noticed he had a changing pad allready set up on the dining room table. He also had Johnson & Johnson baby powder & Desitin and other supplies there as well. He told me to come over to the table. He lifted me onto the table & undressed me. He told me to just relax and that while I was there, He would get me ready for bed. I didn’t know what to say.  He got out a wash cloth & was cleaning my front. I was getting hard, but He didn’t say anything. After He did that, He rolled me over on to my stomach & started cleaning my bottom. He took hiss time & then told me I needed to 
wipe better. I didn’t say anything, mostly because I was humilated.  He used Desitin & powder on me. I hadn’t had those on me since I was a toddler. When he was done, I saw him get some cloth diapers. He said that Goodnites weren’t any good & while I was there, I would be wearing cloth diapers & plastic pants. 

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