Going to My Uncles for a Visit – Part 4

My uncle then grabbed 2 glycerin suppositories & inserted them into my anus. He told me I was going to feel iteed to poop.  He told me to hold it til He put my diapers on. He quickly put both cloth diapers on me Then he put the plastic pants on me and

 then my clothes By the time He took me off the table, I felt my anus opening  up & I was filling up the diaper. He told me that if I needed to pee – use the diaper. We then  
got a gym bag filled with more diapers and lotions & powder. He said We were going to the doctors.  It felt so weird wearing 2 diapers & plastic pants & knowing I had poop all in my bottom & in my groin area.  The drive to the doctors fwlt like it was a road trip to another state.  We got to the doctors office & We were the only people there.  We sat in the waiting room & then the doctor came out to the window & said hello to my uncle & said He would be with us in a few minutes as he was booting up his computer. After a few minutes, He told us to go into exam room 1.  We went in the room  He told my uncle to get me undressed to my diaper. My uncle lifted me onto the table & took off my shoes, pants & shirt. I was freezing. The doctor came into the room & put on purple gloves & looked in my ears, nose, mouth. Then he 
started feeling my stomach.  He was talking to my uncle & then he said he was going to take my diapers off to continue. He brought over a table on wheels & started taking off my plastic pants & the first diaper. He saw that my diapers were soiled so he brought over baby wipes and started cleaning me. It seemed like it took forever for him to clean me up. I did get erect, but that didn’t bother the doctor at all.

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