Going In My Jeans At Work

Today, while at work, I was getting the feeling that I was really going to have to take a big shit. So I waited, then ate a good sized lunch, and went back to work. I work in rental units and was doing a job in an empty house, getting things ready, so I knew nobody would be around. I was really starting to have a hard time holding it in when I decided it would be cool to have an accident at work. So I took a rag from my truck and lined it with 2 paper towels. I then used that to pad my underwear and pulled my jeans back up over that. After about an hour I was getting to the point where my next cramp and clench would be the last and it would all come out. So I relaxed a little, felt a wave hit and tried to hold, but my body knew it was time to let go so I lost all control and it just slowly came out in a sort of shit flow into my jeans. The load was enormous and quickly filled up the entire seat of my jeans and underwear. It was relatively soft and made a mess of my ass cheeks and balls, it felt nice and warm. I stood there moving my legs back and forth letting it squeeze between them and my ass. I was hard instantly and jerked off. I emptied my mess into the toilet and threw out the towel. Cleaned myself up in the bathroom and got back to work. This whole thing felt amazing and was exciting since I have never had this happen at work before.

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  1. Wish I could been there helping you and watch that all happen so I could help with clean up. I really would like to do same with you. We then help each other clean up when done filling pants. I like to have extra pair of pants with me case shit happens like that when I am alone or with friend.

  2. Nice, that must have felt amazing.

    So, what would you have done if someone walked in?

    That happened to me when I thought I had the work place to myself and did a nice firm load in my underwear. A while after doing it one of my work colleagues walked into the room and began to talk to me in the only doorway into the room. She must have read the shear terror on my face because she asked me if everything was ok, then offered to help by holding the ladder I was standing on. I had no idea what to do or say and although she didn’t make any comments, I was sure she must have known. I could feel the load pushing hard against my pants and worst of all was I was wearing soccer shorts that didn’t hide much if you were looking from below.

    After she left, I was terrified at what was going to happen next and when I got to work the next day it got even worse. She stared at me for our entire morning briefing, then made comments that made it clear she knew what I had done. No one else would have had any idea what she was referring to, but I did. Later that day she came up to me when no one was around and told me what could happen to me if the bosses found out what I had done. When she was sure I understood she asked me what I was going to do to keep her quiet.

    I was only 16 at the time and had just started my apprenticeship so I was terrified of what was going to happen if I didn’t do exactly what she wanted. She was around 35 and used my naivety to her full advantage until I began to realize what she was doing was much worse. The problem was she made it rather clear standing up to her was not a good idea.

  3. So hot, airborne. I love being discovered. I’ve done it while standing in line for a bathroom stall, at a music festival where I had a noisy accident in the morning while some girls were brushing their teeth next to me, while peeing in an alley way.

  4. Well, Airborne, I was at an empty house and my boss was on Vacation. He just got back today actually. And my only other co worker was at another unit all that day. My boss, my co worker and I are the only 3 who work in Maintenance for this company so I knew I would be safe. The only one who could have shown up was the man who shows the houses to prospective tenants and I knew there were no scheduled showings that day. So I felt pretty confident that no one would show up. But if they did, I was wearing my usual work jeans which were already pretty dirty and I would have just stood up against something where it probably wouldn’t be too noticeable. But your story really makes you think. However, picturing a 16 year old on a ladder with shorts full of shit sounds kinda hot, but untouchable. Can’t do anything with someone that young these days without consiquenses much worse than what you faced in getting caught!

  5. Hi Poopypants2 and Dan,

    My lesson out of it was to think about the consequences instead of giving into temptations so easily. I had been playing with the huge firm log for a while before by letting it almost escape but then forcing it back into prison. When I finally let it push its self into my underwear the feeling was amazing, so I decided to enjoy the sensation for a while. All I had to do was wait until I had finished work but at 16, I still didn’t have much control over my desires.

    When she pulled me aside the next day to tell me she knew what I had done she explained in detail what she had seen from where she was standing. It was also very clear she knew I had done it on purpose and wanted to see in my underwear. I was quite reluctant to do that because even though my underwear had been wash, I knew they had very obvious evidence I had pooped in them before. To make it even wore at the age I had an almost constant erection and I was sure my underwear had the evidence it had been like that all morning. She made me think she was disgusted with what I had done the day before and the state of the underwear I was wearing.

    The reality was she wasn’t and used it as her ploy to get what she wanted. She was tall very fit, well-toned from working out and attractive, but also very intimidating. I was quite scared of her and she knew it and she had used it before. A while before that day she had pinned me down on the ground for making a smart comment to her and there was no way I could escape.


    When I was about 14 I accidently did it in my underwear at a motorbike race while I was with my friends and a girl, I liked form school. My plan was to wait until after but realized that wasn’t going to work so I went to the toilets. The thing I didn’t anticipate was the rather large line of people waiting and when I finally got my turn the only thing free was a urinal. By that time, I also needed to pee so my 14-year-old logic thought peeing would at least relieve one of my problems. The moment stated to pee the first of what seemed like an endless supply of huge firm logs began to push their way into my underwear. When I felt the back of my pants, I was shocked how big the load was and I am sure everyone waiting in the toilets would have seen.

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