Given Permission

one morning i was getting changed as i pulled my white briefs up i got a sudden urge to poo but as we live in a 2 bedroom flat there was only one toilet and that was occupied by mom, i knocked on the door and i told my mum to hurry up but she just ignored me as usual, there’s me standing at the bathroom door holding my bum trying not to explode, i bang on the door again and my mum shouted “what !”, i reply” i got to poo badly”, a pause “just use your pants then” and with that i just pushed filling my tighty whiteys nicely up, i noticed my willy was getting hard as i was rubbing it without noticing just then as i filled my pants up the door open and there was my mum infront of me, in a pair of white panties she turned around and told me that she pooped her panties aswell ( were a white underwear family) she asked “How does it feel” she said “What!?” i simply replied “How does it feel” she repeated “I don’t know” I replied “Does it feel good or bad” She said “Well..” I hesitated “I won’t lie to you it feels so good” I said “I know it does doesn’t it” I was gob smacked “I used to poop myself as well you know, your more than welcome to poop your pants again if your desperate. she told me to stroke it for her, I cummed all in brief she noticed the wet spot appearing and told me to take them off as they were dirty

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