GIrlfriend Pee

My girlfriend has known about my pee fetish for a few months now. We were in the bathroom of our apartment one night getting ready to go to bed. She had to pee, so needless to say I watched. It turned me on. We started making out well she was still on the toilet. Shortly after, I pulled out my penis and she started sucking on it. I had to pee, and felt like trying something new. I took my penis out of her mouth and told her to get into the bathtub. She did, I told her to open her mouth. I peed in her mouth and watched it glisten down her beautiful body. After, we had sex on the bathroom floor. She was wet with my pee throughout the whole time. I came in her, and we went to bed. Next time she wants to pee on me before sex, I’m all for it.

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