Getting the urge more and more

For years i have been a Diaperlover who loves to wet until they just cant hold anymore. But recently iv’e been feeling the urge to also mess them. Iv’e only messed them very occasionally in the past when stomach aches come along because most of the time im wearing in a public place.

Yesterday was a colder dreary day here in Georgia but i didn’t want to sit around in the house all day. I had chopped some wood i had putting off for weeks and while doing so realized it wasn’t all that cold out. So i diapered up and went to my new hiking area a wildlife refuge area that has a 4 mile drive around the park as well as numerous dykes you can park and hike for miles. I like to go to this place because you dont see a whole lot of people except for the drive through area,mostly birdwatchers.

A few weeks back i had spotted a couple very nice sized alligaotrs so i wanted to go and search again. I parked and bundled up and grabbed my pack. But i did have shorts on under my sweat pants because i knew after four cups of coffee i was going to be very wet. About a half mile into my hike the diaper was already pretty soaked so i stopped and took of the sweats and put them in my pack. Now i just had my shorts on (very short) and the sweater and windbreaker jacket on. I continued hiking and wetting as i went watching both sides of the channels for gators along the shore. As an amateur photographer i like to try and get that perfect shot but today i think it was just too cold they were no where to be seen.

I came to a bridge where the channel went under so i stopped and really checked this area because it was a great view point had i seen a gator and while hanging out there i could feel that deep feeling in my stomach i had to poop! I tried to push just a little and that’s when the stomach rolled inside! I clinched to hold it back because this was fairly new to me. A few minutes later my stomach rolled again so i pushed just a little and just a small amount came out. I remember thinking this diapers already so wet there’s no way it’s going to hold much, the stuffer pad already swollen to capacity with wetness. It was at that point i gave in, i quickly looked all the trails leading to the bridge over for people, there was no one.

Arousal had the best of me as the thought of pooping myself started to make me very erect inside my very wet diaper. At that point i just let it go and that crazy warm gush of mess just started coming out and filling my crack and continuing up the back. I thought to myself how nice it felt and was amazed that that diaper held it as wet as it already was. Of course at that point i was ready to hike and feel this wonderful goodness work it’s way around inside it’s plastic shell. Unfortunately as i hiked a bit it started raining, first a drizzle and then it steadily grew so i turned around and headed back towards the parking lot. I was still about two miles from the car when once again my stomach gurgled. I thought no way there could be more!

As i walked a bit more once again the stomach gurgled so i stopped and pushed and boom that’s when the flood gates really opened and it kept coming and coming both wet and mess like i hadn’t gone in weeks!! It was all up the back and now the front, i could feel it trickling down the insides of my leg as i stood there in disbelief.
I had brought a little to clean up with but i had never imagined this much diaper devastation. I could see the parking lot way off in the distance and the trail was a long straight path to it. I had my favorite shorts still on over the diaper and didn’t want them getting ruined. So off came the shorts and into the pack they went. I hiked back to the car almost 2 miles from what the trail marker said in just that loaded diaper and windbreaker in the rain. I stopped periodically and looked down and the full diaper mixed with rain now had poop running down my legs and into my socks. As i neared the parking lot i watched the road closely and listened for traffic then made my break for it. I already had a towel sitting in my seat so i wasn’t worried about that. I started the car and began to warm up peeling off the soaking wet windbreaker.

As luck would have it just then a car pulled into the parking lot two slots over from me, i had to get out of there! I drove down to the wildlife refuge entrance and pulled in. I figured i could find a good spot there to pull over and clean up without the worry of someone pulling up next to me as it’s a one way drive. I drove about 2 miles into the four mile trail and found a nice spot to pull over. The heat from the car had warmed me up
so i found everything i could for heavy duty clean up. As i pulled the tabs one by one i realized this deserved a few memorable pictures so i set up the camera and took a few. I sat there after the diaper was open in amazement at the total mess and devastation i was sitting in. The smell not to bad for as big of a mess as it was. As i snapped a few pictures i kept getting more and more aroused until i just couldn’t stop myself anymore. I looked around and saw nobody, the parking area i had picked would only fit my car and i could see if someone was coming way off in the distance. I reached down and started playing with my half hard cock that was covered in mess and wow it felt so naughty and good! I lifted my butt a little and reached down and grabbed a nice sized turd and squeezed it in my hand, held it up and smelled it up close to my face.

I then reached down with that full hand of poop and started to massage my cock rolling it over my head as like if it were lube. First it was a slow jerk but as my cock reached hard as hell vein popping proportions i went to slamming mode, jerking furiously! As i was reaching the point of cumming i slid my other hand down into the mess and started fingering my ass while jerking hard with the other. I could feel orgasm coming so i gave it all i could and as i blew, cum and poop was flying all over me!!

I sat there in this pool of mess for a few minutes like a bowl of jello, two fingers still in my ass other hand still gripping my now softening cock. As i came back to reality it was time for clean up. I shut the car off and hopped out on the way grabbing three bottles of water i had brought along for the hike. I hopped out of the car naked except for my socks and shoes and used all the water to wash myself clean. Steam rising off me in the cold air as i went. What a glorious day that was!

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  1. I’m not into diapers or really soft loose ones ,but wow! That made me hard while I was reading this!

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