Getting found out

When I was young accidently pooping my pants didn’t bother me much but that’s probably because it happened all the time. Once I started doing it on purpose I like doing it without anyone knowing but I also liked getting found out.

Did or does anyone else like this and why do you think you like it?

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  1. I love to shit my panties while shopping or at the mall with people all around,but I try not to be found out,I wear a skirt that hides my bulge if doing it in public.At home I wear slacks that are fairly loose so the bulge is not seen but I can sit on my poop and spread it all over my ass and cover my pussy as this makes me so horny .I will masturbate until I have the most amazing orgasm,rest and do it more.My mom and my girlfriend also love to shit panties so we often do it together at a movie

  2. I often have bottles filled with my urine in my room, but i usually hide them so they cannot be seen easily. When i shit myself in my room i usually put dirty underwear, newspaper or plate/bowl in something like a ziplock/airtight bag. I try to hide this as much as possible from Mother as she has seen my urine in there before and thinks i was just lazy. I try to secret this as much as possible from family and friends and also any type of new relationship im trying to establish. I dispose of the pooey things either immiedietly after playing. Or a coupleof hours later after i have showered and bathed.

  3. I have been found out but mostly when I was at school because boys noticed my stain and bulge or the smell and made weird faces …strange smiles and laughing at me because I should be grown up and I wasn’t and I deliberately messed my pants at school. Not asking to be excused but instead just doing it in my pants. My secret fetish during school was to go in my clothes and ask the cutest boy in my class to be my big brother and babysitter so he could change me. The cutest boy had the hottest face and his hands were extremely soft to touch and were warm. Warm hands…warm heart. Changer brother I like to call them today from my memories.

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