Getting caught

The first time I pooped my pants in public was such a spectacular fail it has to be noted. True story. I’ll try to keep it brief. Not my strong point.
I hadn’t planned it. I was 27. I was leaving a party at around 1:00am when I realized I had to go to the bathroom. As I got in my car a naughty idea crossed my mind.
I drove for about a half an hour to a town I hoped no one would no me, pulled into a gas station and started pumping. My heart racing, I spread my legs a little, gave a push and out slid a perfect firm poop. It curled up into a neat little ball underneath me, enough to sag low so that I felt it on my thighs. Without meaning to I peed a little. Not that much, just a bit of a spot showed. It felt just as good as I thought it would. Still a little shaky I went into the station to buy a pack of cigarettes. I was such a wreck that I left my wallet on the counter and the clerk came running out to give it to me.
Once in my car having squished that mess solidly into all my best parts I started feeling real elation. I had done it! After years of dreaming about it, I had finally made it real and it felt great! I didn’t want it to end so I drove to an all night grocery store and with a new found confidence wandered the mostly deserted isles, smelling my stink, feeling that mess with every step. I bought some mints. The clerk made a few obvious sniffing sounds but I didn’t care any more.
It was such an amazing thing that I resolved to find a different gas station, pretend to make a call on a pay phone and pee my pants. The gods had other plans.
A few miles from the gas station I had chosen (which was perilously close to the house I was looking after) blue lights started flashing behind me. I pulled over so the cop would pass me but instead he pulled in right behind me. I was fucked. Some how this strange peace took over. I was going to get caught, which sucked, but there was nothing I could do. I thought up a few quick lies but in the end decided to just tell him/her that I’d been caught short and had an accident.
A very handsome cop came to my window. He was polite, and very respectful which I very much appreciated, knowing that not all policemen are. I had a headlight out. That was the only reason he’d pulled me over. He went back to his car with my license and came back a few minutes later with some bad news. The registration on my car had expired. Expired literally the day before. He explained that it was a non arrestable offense but that he’d have to tow my car. He was actually apologetic – probably because it was so cold out.
So he called the tow and I grabbed a few things and got out of the car. This is the cool part. For 10’minutes or so I stood there chatting with this cop who was probably my age or less. I could smell me. He could smell me. He didn’t say a word about it. I have no idea why. It felt so great to be in that state and actually have a conversation with someone as if everything were normal when we both knew it wasn’t. This was not some sort of thrill exposing a handsome guy to my kink. I would have preferred not to. The thrill came from having got away with it.
The tow came. The cop kindly offered me a ride home. I declined and walked the mile or so back to the house. This was the first of many public pants pooping experiences, certainly the most dramatic, though a few of them are good enough to write about. Lessons learned?
It feels great to do it!
Sometimes things work out really really well.
Keep that registration up to date!

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  1. Well done for holding it together. If I had been stopped like that l think l would have shit myself anyway!!
    What a polite young policeman, I bet you were imagining him doing it in his uniform??

  2. Great story and the fact that it is true makes it that much better. Congrats. for maintaining your cool in what could have been a really nasty situation. Somehow, I think that , somewhere, at some time, that good looking, young cop has experienced the thrill of pooping and/or wetting his own pants.

  3. Ob der junge Polizist selbst einen Haufen in seine Uniform abgedrückt hat? Geiler Gedanke. ich hab jedenfalls jetzt meine Lederhose voll. Danke für deine nette Story

  4. So I was 15 at the time, me and my friend were driving to the beach ( and yes we called a taxi) so , I had the urge to poop and the thought of my friend smelling or seeing my poo sounded exiting to me. So I started to push and make grunting sounds and my friend was like: bro , are you taking a shit?! I said of course not. So now I was trying to hold my shit and pee in and suddenly I had to fart. So I decided, I was trying to shit like 15 minutes ago so, why not just do it while I have to fart. So I did. My friend Immediately smelled it and said : bro , I’m done, and he got out of the car. The taxi driver looked at me and kicked me out of the car. So I called my mom and told her what happened, in the end , I have to wear diapers for the rest of my life

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