Getting back into the mix!

So yeah, I kind of been out of play so to speak, but I have decided to start getting back to wetting at least once a day again like I was doing. I do admit it’s kind of fun staying dry for a few days and then get a nice bladder full of pee and lets lose 100% on purpose. However it seems to be more fun to me to not wait multiple days, but rather doing it every day at least once. I am also going to get back into public wetting again. For awhile I was getting so into it that I would just go out in public just to wet and then come home instead of actually doing something productive like shopping or something. I wish my digicam wasn’t so damn fucking big so I could record my public wettings while in the stores. And finally I want to start getting into bedwetting on purpose. Off and on I been wanting to do videos like that, but I guess I just been too lazy to waterproof my mattress so I just don’t even bother with bedwetting, but do pants/shorts wetting instead. Last bedwetting session I had was on my birthday. Well, next day I mean because I woke up soaked and being the naughty guy I was, I laid there and peed again. Why bother getting up to pee when I was already wet? 😉 So yeah, I’m happy to say that I am back to being the wet boy like I used to be before I took the short vacation from it. Now as far as shitting my pants goes, I know lots of people here want me to do more of that and I think I will. Honestly, it’s not the cleanup or the smell or anything like that that was the issue with me, it’s just that wetting is more fun for me. Another thing on my mind is getting back into wearing diapers again. I really like wetting my pants/shorts more than diapers, but when it comes to being in bed, I LOVE wearing just a diaper and waking up needing to pee and just relaxing and letting it out in my diaper and fall back asleep while I’m still peeing. And finally, my wife and I are going to get back into our role playing which I missed SOOOOO badly. So yeah, I look forward to all this fun coming back into my life. ^_^

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  1. Nothing because I’m not going to be doing it in the bed we share but rather in the spare room that you always see me in in my pics and vids and on webcam. 😉

  2. It would be nice to see some still pics of your bedwetting.

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