Get together

Saturday came quickly the ladies couldn’t wait after a week of not taking a shit they finally
met at Gail’s house for a card game.
Wendy arrived first, she was a elegant looking lady in her 60s, tall thin and wearing a business
suit, having worked earlier in the day.
Mary came shortly after, glad in a pantsuit that she had purchased earlier. Gail still had her
robe on planning to dress later, she was short, with wide hips and a cute face.
They all went into the kitchen for a quick snack and all was going well until Mary thought
she smelled a fart, but wasn’t sure, so she ignored it, but then noticed Wendy squirming in
her chair and she smelled it again, sure it was Wendy she watched her, but then she
suddenly felt the need to fart herself, she finally let one out and hoped no one noticed,
but Mary did and glanced over at her, which made her blush. Gail got up and said she
was going to dress, Wendy and Mary sat quietly at first until suddenly Wendy farted
and Mary looked over at her with that knowing look on her face. Mary felt that she
would actually shit herself but tried to hold it in as she let another fart escape, hoping
it didn’t smell, to much. Gail came back wearing a summer dress and had a look on her
face that told Wendy and Mary that she smelled the farts, but she just smiled and
sat down, they started playing cards until everyone started smelling the overwhelming
smell of shit, but no one own up to it. Suddenly Wendy’s face got a look on it and this
time when she farted everyone knew it was her, smelling it made Mary fart also as
Gail leaned over and farted also, but Wendy thought some shit had fell into her pantys
with the last fart, she got up saying she needed some air and walked out to the garden,
she had to walk slowly as she felt her anus trying to open, meanwhile Mary also got up
and also headed for the garden as she got there she noticed Wendy stiffen up and
suddenly she heard the sound of pee hitting the ground, Wendy heard Mary and
turned around as her pissing stopped she started to say something but Mary took her
into her arms telling her it was alright, accidents happen as she let some of her pee
squirt into her panties. Suddenly Gail appeared looking shocked at the pee on the
ground and looking at Wendy and Mary who said nothing. Suddenly they heard a
gurgling and Wendy turn red as the sound of shit rushing into her panties made
Mary and Gail stare at her, but at the same time Mary couldn’t hold her pee or shit
anymore and didn’t care who knew, she let the pee go followed by a little shit, still
trying to hold it in, Gail was holding her nose and saying she was going back in, she
knew she also had to shit, but not out here in front of these two, but as she turned
to walk away she lost control and started peeing and shitting at which point Mary
and Wendy just let theirs go both filling their panties. Afterward all three waddled
back into the house and each sat in their messes.

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  1. The only part I’m trying to get is none of these ladies shit all week long, so was this a planned let’s get together at all poop our pants party?

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