George’s story

A good friend of mine loves to poop in his shorts when he gets the chance but he has to hide that from his wife every time.He asked me to write his story and post it for him as it was such a great experience for him the other day.I will call him George for security reasons.

George is one of my more mature friends and he has been enjoying the thrill of pooping his shorts for many years now.It was easy when both him and his wife were working but now they are retired he has to be more sneaky.Now he watches tv with his wife and then gets on his computer for half an hour before he goes for a bath and bed.If he feels ‘that urge’ when he is on the computer he will let part of his poop come out into his shorts to feel the soft warm mess at his anus as he rocks gently to spread it just a little.Then he can softly walk into his bathroom and wash the worst of the mess in the potty and then clean properly in the bath with the water/air jets helping.Well on Friday night George was feeling a little constipated so he tried sitting in the bathroom and pushing to start things moving,but all his efforts were in vain It would not come out no matter how hard he pushed.He decided that tomorrow he would take stool softener pills in the morning and hope that he could poop by the end of the day.He took one softener early and later about lunch time he took two more to get the process started. By late afternoon nothing was happening,so at 5.30 he took a good gulp of liquid stool softener which normally work after 3 hours,and then had dinner and watched tv for the evening.

About 8pm George noticed that he felt that urge that he loved within him.He was happy if he could just get rid of this poop soon and went to the bathroom to try and push it out there in the potty.He sat and pushed and a little squirt came out but that was all;he was still blocked.He went back to tv watching and waited a bit longer hoping the lump would soften more and come out later.At 9pm his wife went to the bathroom and he tried a gentle push to find that there was a soft poop that started to come out as he pushed,so he stopped for now.He went to his computer room now and began to check facebook.At 9.30 he could feel a real need to push and he hoped that this time that main lump would start to move.It felt encouraging as some soft poop started to come out,so he called out to his wife that he was going for his bath soon,so if she needed the bathroom she should go first,which she did,so now George knew he could push out more in his shorts and rush straight into the bathroom without being disturbed.

Now George pushed and was feeling a nice soft poop slowly filling his shorts and it felt so good,but there was still a lump that was now filling up his hole.He hoped that it had been softened enough to come out now,so as his shorts were already dirty he gave a harder push.He felt his hole stretching a little and suddenly the lump was out in his shorts followed by a lot more soft poop which filled his shorts more than he had ever done while sitting at his computer.It felt so good as he sat on the massive soft poop that filled his shorts and he felt the lump slip to the side and begin to wander down his left leg.He did not want it to escape his shorts and make large poop deposits inside his pants which could be noticed by his wife.He grabbed the leg of his pants tightly to hold the lump in place as he pushed out the last little poop to completely fill his shorts.He rocked forward and felt soft warm poop being squirted forward,quickly covering his balls and going up in front to surround his cock.That felt so amazing as he moved his ass around loving the soft mess while keeping that lump safely in his shorts.He turned off the computer and walked into the bathroom still holding that lump in place,locked the door and carefully removed his pants, checking the legs for poop.There was a large poop stain where he had been sitting on the mess and rocking,but that was normal and he knew that if left over night to dry he could scrub it off easily in the morning.He carefully folded his pants and left them where he always did to dry with a shirt draped over them.

Now he sat on the potty and felt the soft poop all round his balls and cock.He just could not resist stroking slowly on his cock,which led to stroking faster and faster until he was beating it in the poopy mess and in seconds he was shooting a load of cum into his messy shorts.Now he removed his shorts and dipped them into the water in the potty he washed off the worst of the mess and got rid of that lump.Now he got into his walk in bath and put his ass under the filler tap and turned on the water,rinsing off any pieces of poop from his ass under the flow of water.When it was mostly gone he let the bath fill up and rinsed off his shorts in the flow of water.In the full bath he rubbed soap on the stains on his shorts and scrubbed hard.Within a few minutes his shorts were as clean as if he never pooped in them,so he pressed the water out of them and threw them into the laundry bin and started washing the remains of the poop from round his balls,and again in a few minutes all that was gone and all that remained was a very satisfied George relaxing in the hot tub and thinking of the best poop he had enjoyed for ages.

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