Gassy Shopkeep

I work at a small gift shop and I’m usually there alone, which is heaven especially when I’m bloated and nobody’s around to hear me let loose! And whenever I feel a dump brewing, I have total control over locking the door 😉

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself ringing up a customer with a log knocking at the exit…sometimes I wonder what they’d think if they knew they were keeping me from pooping? The delay is always worth it though…once I flip over the closed sign and lock that door the porcelain throne is all mine 🤤 I usually end up having to leave the tiny bathroom’s door open in order to air it out…doesn’t take much in such a tiny space.

Lemme know if you have any similar stories 😘

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  1. Lovely story. Please keep sharing! I do love the idea of a woman secretly holding a log while going around her daily life. I have plenty of stories to share, both of myself and girls I know.

  2. Do I have stories??? Like twice a day 😉and I always like chatting about things society says are improper or taboo.
    Doesn’t everyone like the feel of a good healthy dump?

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