Gas station fun

Had a little fun when pumping gas. Sometimes to make it easier ; i’ll use a egg in my panties to make it look like I pooped my pants. That way you can just break the egg when timings right. First I when to grocery store but no go chances. Then went to pump gas. As I was doing that I could see the young female at register. She was about 25 tall and slim. Since there was no one else was around I just leaned into the steel bar by the pump. The egg broke making back pants all wet. I went in side pass the girl to bathroom to look in mirror. (see pic) I came back out and asked the girl for something to sit on . I turned and showed her the spot on my butt ,told her I didn’t make it. She just smiled and said those thing happen. Making me wonder if she had pooped hers before. All she had was to small paper bags to sit on you use for bottle. she apoligzed about it. I thanked her and walked out. It was about 50 feet to car , so she had a good view the whole time.

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