Gary’s new job PART 3

This is the final part of a three part story.

Part 1 can be found here:

Part 2 can be found here:

Ron held out the cheeseburger for Tom to take, but when Tom ignored it he put
it down on the table. There was a pause as both Gary and Tom seemed about to
speak, but the silence was broken a moment later by the clatter of the key
on the floor when Tom accidentally dropped it.

“Ah, you had it!” exclaimed Ron. “I was looking for that, it wasn’t where it
should be. I’m dying for a piss!” He had bent down and grabbed it off the
floor. To his astonishment, however, Tom immediately lunged at him and grabbed
it back out of his hand. “What the…?!” began Ron.

Gary was in panic. He could see that Tom was ready to ignore Ron and lead the
way to the men’s room for both of them, but Gary realised now that there was
no way he could make it. Despite his tightly clenched muscles the torrent
was coming out and, for the second time that day he felt a huge blast of
warmth pushing at the tight uniform in front and collecting round the top
of his legs ready to run down and wet the floor. Instinctively he started
trying to pull down the tight trousers, but the fly which Tom had done up
for him was so tight that his fingers failed to grip it.

He had no time to think about the consequences of what was about to happen
to him though, because at this point there was an agonised grunt from Tom.
Gary looked at him and saw him drop the key on the floor a second time. He was
bent slightly over and his hands, pressing down on his crotch, were failing
to hide a blossoming wet patch spreading across to the left side and down
his leg. Gary saw that Tom’s face was anguished and immediately felt three
powerful emotions: he was overwhelmingly relieved that this time he was not
alone in disgracing himself, he was mortified that he had caused Tom not to
make it to the men’s room, and finally he felt an extraordinary sort of
excitement which he could not for the moment place.

Gary’s next actions were purely instinctive: he stepped over to Tom, which
was not easy considering that Gary was himself peeing forcefully now, he
placed one arm round Tom’s shoulders, and nuzzling Tom’s cheek with his
nose he murmured: “I’m right there with you, mate, I’m pissing myself too.”
Meanwhile, without immediately realising this, he had also slipped his free
hand under Tom’s hands on Tom’s wet crotch and started fondling Tom’s soft
dick as it sprayed pee out into the cotton of Tom’s uniform.

After a few seconds Gary suddenly realised with a jolt what he was doing
with this hand and snatched it back in horror… only to realise that Tom
was touching his, Gary’s, cock too. The feeling that he was doing anything
wrong subsided as quickly as it had appeared at this realisation that Tom was
reciprocating, and Gary surrendered to his feelings. He put his hand back
where it had been, clasped gently round Tom’s manhood, and experienced an
incredible sensation as he continued to feel Tom’s gushing dick while Tom’s
hand fondled his own privates. The relief as the bladder pressure subsided
was indescribable. He felt like he was coming or just about to come. And Tom’s
still pissing cock was expanding and stiffening in Gary’s grasp.

With cocks hardening and their piss-streams dwindling, Tom and Gary
simultaneously looked up at Ron. Ron was a slim, handsome 35-year-old who
normally looked smart and correct in his supervisor’s uniform of white shirt
and tie with grey slacks. Now, however, he looked rather different: his
grey trousers were tented in front with an impressive erection as he stared
fixedly at his two younger staff members

It was Tom who spoke first, still caressing Gary’s soaking groin as he did so.
“You wanted to pee too, Ron? It’s your turn now!”

Ron swallowed and his voice sounded slightly quavery as he replied: “I can’t.
I’m too hard.”

“I can see that,” said Tom. “Come on Gary, let’s do something about Ron’s
problem here.” And he grabbed Ron’s waistband and slipped his hand down
inside. Ron gasped. Gary pushed him gently back so that he was leaning against
the wall in complete submission, and Tom set to work massaging Ron’s erection.


Back at the cook’s area, Steven swore under his breath. Just when he had
caught up with the backlog and boxed up his final outstanding order, there
was Carol back at the pad writing down yet more. This would not normally
be a problem, and Steven knew that he would be getting his break when Tom
returned in around twenty minutes time, but this time Steven did not
think he could make it until then. Right through lunch he had been holding
back his pee like he typically had to at work, but this time his bladder was
more active than normal. During the morning he had had a cup of cola himself
each time Gary had had a drink, mainly to keep him company, and definitely
against his better judgment. The lunchtime rush had begun with Steven already
feeling pretty full, and then when Gary had had his accident in front of
everyone Steven had experienced an enormous urge to pee in the puddle that
Gary had made.

Of course he hadn’t done that, and Hugh had been along smartly to mop it
up, but the hour of working with Ron that followed had been one of mounting
anxiety as he stuggled to hold it all in while concentrating as best he
could on the work. When Tom had finally gone for his break, meaning that it
would be just half an hour before Steven could have his own break and get
himself to the john, he had experienced the sinking feeling that in half an
hour it would be too late. While Ron was cooking Tom’s meal break Steven had,
against his better judgment but out of pure necessity, asked Ron if Ron
could take over what he, Steven, was doing so that he could make a dash for
the toilet. Predictably, Ron had snorted derisively, pointed out that Steven
would get a break shortly, and dismissed the request out of hand. Steven
had flushed red with humiliation, cursed himself for thinking this arsehole
might have an ounce of humanity and understanding in him, and steeled himself
to hold out as Ron removed Tom’s snack from the griddle and set off with it
leaving Steven to cope on his own.

Carol finished writing, remarked “You didn’t think you were done now, did
you?” to Steven, and turned back again. Steven surreptitiously pinched
his cock, sighed shakily as the spasm of his bladder contraction receded
once again to be replaced by the full-to-bursting steady-state feeling, glanced
at Carol’s neatly written orders, and chucked a few burgers onto the griddle
with the habit of more than a year of this work. No problem normally, but when
a man’s got to go… He grimaced and shuddered again.

To his irritation he saw that Carol was now leaning against the counter by
the drinks area, her lazy arse propped up on the surface. Without a moment’s
hesitation, he removed his apron with one swift, practised movement, and
shoved it into a startled Carol’s arms. “Watch those burgers for me, Carol,
I’ve just got to do something!” he barked, and made off at speed without
waiting for her to answer.

He made a beeline for the keyhook. And then nearly yelled in frustration when
he saw that the key was not there. “Tom!” he called. Typical, Tom never put
the key back after taking it away. And he charged towards the staff room with
the certainty that if he stopped running he’d piss himself.

“Tom, I need the key!” he called, flinging open the door. He stopped short
as he realised that Tom had company, but Tom was with him in an instant,
pulling him into the room and closing the door behind them. “Um, have you
got the key to the men’s room?” he asked, still braced to grab it and run,
but he found himself being propelled gently by Tom to the far wall so that he
was leaning with his back to it. Meanwhile, his confused mind registered
Ron and the new lad kneeling together on the floor and looking up at him.

“Need a piss, huh?” said Tom gently to Steven.

Steven nodded dumbly and tensed again as he felt his bladder about to give way.
“Yeah, it’s really bad,” he replied, his eyes taking the scene in with
mounting disbelief.

Tom’s voice was gentle and seductive. “We’ve all had that problem. And we’re
all wet. You wanna get wet too, man?”

Steven was speechless, but Tom pulled Steven’s hand towards him so that it
was touching Tom’s crotch. Steven felt dampness, then a surge of warm wetness
as Tom released some more from his bladder. Tom guided Steven’s hand upwards
so that it was nestling in his privates, then touched Steven gently in the
groin. “Let it flow, Steven,” he murmured.

Steven did not need to be asked twice. The relief as he let go was incredible.
While he peed his pants he fondled Tom’s wet crotch, realising as he did so
that he had wanted to do exactly that to this attractive colleague ever
since he started work here, even though he had never acknowledged that to
himself before. The feelings he was experiencing right now were far, far
more intense than he had ever felt with any of the string of girlfriends he
had had since leaving school.

While he relieved himself all over Tom and felt Tom up, he glanced at the
other two occupants of the room. Ron had his cock out and was spraying
light-coloured piss over Gary’s front. Gary caught Steven’s eye and winked.

It was not long before all four guys had completely emptied themselves and
climaxed as well so that the air in the tiny room was thick with the heady
scent of piss and cum.

The door opened, and Hugh stood looking down at his four colleagues

Ron broke the silence. “What are you going to do, Hugh? Report us to head
office? Or are you going to join in?”

“I dunno what you’re doing,” Hugh replied. “It wasn’t in my training. But I
guess you’ll want me to clean in here when you’re all done?”

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  1. Oh man – this was brilliant stuff – i was already hard from part 2 – you can guess it didnt take much to think i was there and pissed my pantys and shot a load as well – please write another story

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