Gary’s new job PART 2

This is the second part of a three-part story.

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Tom kept himself moving between customers, cooking area and the cash registers,
taking the orders, getting them onto the cook’s and drinks pad, delivering
the finished results to the hordes of hungry travellers and taking their money.
At 25 years old he was now one of the veterans of this job at Wild West
Quicksnack and two years of working there had made it all routine. The
lunchtime rush was letting up slightly now but he knew from his experience
that stopping for a moment would only make his bursting bladder take that as
a signal to refuse to wait any longer. Carol was starting in a few minutes
and would take over from him serving out at the front, and that would be his
cue to write down his meal break on the cook’s pad, grab the key and run
for the john to let it all out in a final ecstatic release before returning
for his food and a bit of relaxation before the afternoon stint.

Usually it went better than today. But somehow he must have overdone the
coffee at breakfast because by the time everyone was gearing up for the
lunchtime frenzy he’d seriously considered asking Ron to take over serving for
a moment while he made a dash for the toilet. Discarding the thought as
ridiculous (Ron was notorious for not allowing guys to do this, though he
did let the women go for some reason), he had decided he’d be able to hold
it like he always did and steeled himself to get through lunchtime as he
was. Then after the rush had started that new guy at the griddle had announced
to the world that he was about to piss his pants and had to go right then.
He’d shared Steven’s exasperation over this but secretly had wanted to drop
everything himself, leave the customers to their own devices and run to the
john with Gary. When Gary had actually done it in his pants in front of
everyone – not the first time that had happened to a guy here, but
still spectacular and shocking – Tom had seriously wanted to whip out his
cock and add to the puddle that Gary had created on the floor. That was
unthinkable of course, and he had merely gained control of himself by
squeezing his cock while everyone was watching the unfortunate Gary, then
throwing himself into the hectic serving work for the final half hour
before his break.

He approached another customer now who was standing at the counter and
listened to the order as he held back the pee that wanted out, his legs
trembling slightly with the effort. His heart leapt as he spotted Carol
approaching from the side to take over. Oh the relief, he could go now!
Crikey, this had been a close call! He nodded to the customer, relayed
“two Stetsons, one chicken, three large orange juice” to Carol, thrust the
order pad into her hands and trotted over to the cook’s area. Ron, the
supervisor, was still cooking with Steven and the two of them were still
dealing with a certain amount of backlog in the orders as they tried to
catch up from the rush.

“Ron, Carol’s started. Okay if I go on my break now? I’d like a double
cheeseburger please!” Tom announced slightly breathlessly, shifting his
weight from one foot to the other as the prospect of finally relieving
himself after more than four hours on the go started triggering reactions
in his bladder. The double cheeseburger would be ready at about the time
he returned from the men’s room so it was a good strategic choice of meal
for his break.

Ron turned to him. “Yeah, that’s okay, but can you just do something for me
before you start your break? I need Baby Pisspants back here as soon as
possible so that I can get back to my paperwork. Could you check on him
and make sure he’s got himself another uniform? Then bring him back.”

Tom forgot his own need for a moment and nodded his acquiescence. It would
be a good opportunity to have a chat with Gary too: he seemed like a nice
lad, and in any case Tom felt bloody sorry for him that this had happened
to him on his first day. It would help too if someone other than Ron
went to help the poor guy now: Ron was clearly not in one of his most
sympathetic moods. Tom would get Gary another uniform, maybe tell him about
the two or three times it had happened to others there – including Steven
on one occasion – so that Gary wouldn’t feel so awful about it, send him
back to the griddle then go and have his own much needed piss.

“Oh, and help him fasten his diaper too!” added Ron as a parting shot. He
was not rewarded with any laughs from the staff in earshot: Steven too was no
fan of Ron’s puerile, sometimes sadistic, form of humour, coupled with his
strict adherence to the rule that staff – at least the males, for some reason –
had to wait for their breaks before going to the toilet. Steven had once been
a victim of it himself. He had got caught short during a shift, been refused
permission by Ron to leave his post for the few minutes it would take, had
reached bursting point and run off to the john without permission, not made
it in time and wet himself badly, then finally had to suffer humiliation and
punishment when Ron accosted him afterwards as he was trying to change into
another uniform.

Tom ignored Ron’s joke and headed for the back area. His bladder ached as he
made his way through the stores and he quickened his pace. He knew he had
little time to lose and would have to run to the men’s room himself pretty
soon. Hugh was still hanging around in the back area, doing damn all as usual.
Funny how some people always got the easy jobs stacking boxes or checking
orders. Something to do with Hugh being older than the others, Tom supposed.

“Is Gary still in the staff room?” Tom asked Hugh.

“Yeah, just follow the wet trail,” replied Hugh dryly. It was now a trail of
bleached water from the mop bucket rather than urine since Hugh had had the
task of cleaning up after Gary, but it was indeed a clear trail that led to
the staff room and did not come back out.

Tom knocked on the staff room door and called out “Gary, it’s Tom, can I come
in?” Normally he would have just opened the door and entered, but the
circumstances suggested that some caution might be advisable.

There was the sound of movement from inside, the door opened, and Gary poked
his head out. Tom entered and Gary immediately shut the door behind them again.
Tom could see why at once: Gary was stripped to his underwear; his uniform
still soaking and reeking of piss was on the floor in a heap. “What are you
doing?” enquired Tom.

The question was asked in a pleasant manner, and Gary read sympathy and
concern in Tom’s face. He decided to open up. “Trying to get my briefs dry by
sitting on the radiator,” he replied. “They’re nearly dry now but I’ve got
nothing to put on over my underwear. So I’ve been stuck in here for the last
half hour. I couldn’t go out where Laura and Sandra might see me like this.”
What they had already seen of his earlier accident did not seem to lessen the
dread Gary felt that the girls might see him in his briefs. Then he added,
slightly breathlessly, “And I’m really desperate for a piss again now!”

“Again!?” Tom couldn’t help touching this possible raw nerve.

“Yeah, well I don’t think I did it all earlier,” mumbled Gary defensively.

Tom smiled gently. “That threatens to undo the work you’ve just done on the
radiator, I guess. Well, I’ll tell you something, I’m close to pissing my
pants right now too. I nearly did it out there in front of the customers.
You and I are going to have to get over to the men’s room pretty quickly.
Ron wanted me to get you back out behind the griddle, but he’ll just have
to wait. This is more important!

Gary grabbed the bulge in his now just slightly damp briefs as if to
demonstrate his need. “Yeah, we need to hurry. Can you get me another uniform?”

Tom needed no encouragement to hurry. Partly for Gary’s benefit, but also
out of genuine need, he grimaced and massaged his groin in a similar fashion
to Gary’s performance, then darted out of the room to grab a uniform from
the storage.

He returned with the requisite red cotton ensemble and thrust them at Gary
remarking “Get these on, quick! I’m ready to leak!”

Gary pulled the shirt on first, then started struggling with the trousers
which had a much tighter waistband than the wet pair which were lying in
a heap on the floor. He grunted as he strained to contain himself and pull
the pants up over his still slightly damp, bulging briefs. “They’re too tight,
I’ve got a 32 inch waist!” he gasped. “Can you get me a larger one?”

But Tom was no longer prepared to go anywhere except straight to the men’s
room. No longer even able to stand still, he simply rushed over to Gary
and grabbed the waistband of the uniform, forcing it up over Gary’s arse
and genitals. He was aware that Gary’s briefs felt clammy and damp as he
did so, and Gary’s gasp as Tom’s hand ran over his privates was accompanied
by a spurt of piss from Gary’s dick which caused a wet spot on the front
of the new uniform which Tom also felt. As if in sympathy, Tom felt a quick
spurt of piss escape into his own underwear, and he knew that both he and
Gary would wet themselves if they didn’t run for the men’s room immediately.

“Right,” gasped Tom, ignoring the intimate nature of what he’d just done
for Gary. “I’ve got the key for the toilet, let’s run for it!”

But the door opened at that moment causing both of them to wheel round
like frightened rabbits. Ron was standing there with a cheeseburger for
Tom. “Dinner is served, Sir,” he announced to Tom. “You,” turning to Gary
who was wearing a very tight uniform through which the outline of his genitals
was obscenely apparent, “out the front now! You’ve got six orders to cook
and I’ve got to get on with the stock take.”

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