Gary’s lovely accident

This is a story I wrote for one of my friends at his request *

Gary arrived home from work and lay down on his couch in the small apartment in Alvilandia Road in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil to rest for a few minutes after his hard day working in the muffler shop nearby.He did not take his car to work as it was only a few minutes walk away and he needed the exercise to try to slim down his body.He flipped the scales at 350 pounds and he wanted to get down to 250 so he would not feel so tired after work.He had been taking some pills to help him lose weight but their main effect had been to make him constipated,and now it was 4 days since he last used his toilet to poop.Now after his day at work he felt starving for a good meal and decided to drive down to the seafood diner near the roundabout and have a nice fish dinner which he hoped would not be too fattening if he chose carefully.Fearing that after 4 days he might have trouble pooping,he drank a generous dose of liquid stool softener which he hoped would let him poop just before bedtime or maybe in the morning after a good night’s rest.

He was too tried to change his work clothes,so he kept on his pants and just put on a fresh jacket which looked better than his dirty one from work,and hoped that it would look good enough.It was only a half mile drive to the seafood restaurant then he found a nice parking place close to the door.He was pleased to park near the door as it looked like it would rain very soon and he hated getting wet.He went inside and sat at a small table,looking through the menu card.The pretty waitress,Ariana,walked over after a couple of minutes and took his order.She was always very nice to him when he ate there and had told him that she liked a big man to hug her.They had gone out together a few times and he was hopeful that they could be together soon as she had such a lovely body and a pretty face.He waited a few minutes and soon Ariana brought him his dinner with a side salad and a large Cola with ice.Gary ate like a man who had not eaten for a month and soon the plate was empty.Now he ordered a piece of cake to end his meal and another Cola,taking time to talk nicely to Ariana whose section of the restaurant was not busy yet so she could chat a little.He was in no hurry to rush back to his empty apartment to sit alone with his tv for the rest of the evening.

He was quite surprised when Ariana said that she had been working all day so she would be finishing work in ten minutes and it would be nice if he could give her a ride home as her car was not working right now so she had walked to work.Gary was very happy to do this for the girl he liked so much so he said he would wait for her to finish and take her home as she lived in Natercia Road not far from his home.Ten minutes seemed like an hour but soon Ariana was off duty and she walked over to him as he got up and they walked out to his Toyota and got in.Gary drove out of the parking lot into the traffic on Agua Branca,the main road that led to their homes,drove round the roundabout and stopped along with all the other traffic.Both lanes of traffic were not moving and now the rain started to come down,hard and fast.They heard the sound of sirens coming up behind them and a police car flashed past them so they guessed there must be an accident up ahead.They settled down to wait for the traffic to move in its own sweet time and chatted.Gary noticed that Ariana was looking a little worried as they chatted and was squirming in her seat.He asked if she was alright and she said that she had forgotten to use the toilet before she left work as he was waiting for her and now she was getting desperate.Now that he thought about it Gary was starting to feel that he might be able to use a toilet soon as his stomach was feeling like that stool softener might be working earlier than he thought.

Half an hour passed and they were still stuck in the traffic and now Gary was feeling definite stirrings in his bowels and his bladder was also feeling very full after two large Cola drinks.Ariana was looking very uncomfortable now and had stuffed her hands between her legs,which was making Gary feel quite hot wishing it was his hands there and half hoping that she would pee her pants right beside him.He too was struggling to hold his pee inside and knew that he could not hold it much longer.Ever the gentleman,he said to Ariana that if she really needed to pee then he was ok with her doing it in his car so she should not be afraid as he too was desperate.Ariana smiled with embarrassment and said it was not only pee that was her problem.Gary told her that he too was needing to get to a toilet for both purposes,so they held hands while their other hand was trying to hold other things in place.Even if they could leave the car for a few minutes there was no place to go where they could use a toilet.

Ariana gave a gasp of dismay and started to cry,then she told him through her sobbing that She could not hold it any longer and had peed her leggings and wet the seat and that she could feel her poop was starting to move too and she was so sorry to do this in his car.Gary felt sorry for her so right then he decided that he should pee and poop his pants too so that she would not feel so bad,so he stopped grabbing his cock and as soon as he did that he squirted such a lot of pee that it totally flooded his pants and ran down one leg into his shoe.Strange is it seemed,he found that he quite likes the feeling of hot pee flowing around his balls as he sat in it and not trying to stop it now.He gasped,half in disbelief and half in pleasure as he told Ariana not to worry as he had just totally peed his pants too.She smiled at him and squeezed his hand as if to say thanks.Suddenly Gary could feel a movement in his bowels and now his anus was being forced open by 4 days or more of poop;his stool softener was working earlier than her expected and there was no option but to let it out into his shorts,but at least they were no longer white anyway since he had peed them.The smell gave him away of course so it was no surprise to Ariana when he looked embarrassed and said to her that he was pooping his shorts now and he was sorry she had to see this.

Just as all the damage was done,now the traffic started to move slowly at last and Gary said he would drop Ariana off at her home first as it was too late for him to worry about staying clean and dry.Now traffic moved faster and in ten minutes they reached her apartment block;it was dark now so they both hoped that nobody would see her wet leggings with the tell tale bulge in the rear as she walked the few steps to her door on the ground floor.She was just about to close her door on the car when she stopped and looked at Gary with a smile and told him to park the car and come inside with her and she would help him get cleaned up.Gary quickly agreed and once he had parked he waddled over to her door trying not to look like her just pooped his pants. Her hand took his hand and led him into her home.She had two beers in her other hand and gave one to Gary,saying that as they were both wet and messy there was no rush now to get to a toilet so they might as well have a drink together and enjoy their situation.Not wanting to damage her good chairs,they both sat on the wooden dining chairs set close together and as Gary sat down he felt his weight spreading the mound of soft warm poop all over his ass,and he had to admit it felt exciting as it was a large soft mess and it quickly covered his balls and part of his cock as he rocked a little when he sat.That was making him feel so horny and he watched closely as Ariana sat on her seat,seeing a smile spread over her face as her poop spread over her ass.

He smiled and wondered if she felt her spreading poop as nice as he did fell his covering parts that had not been covered like that since they were babies.He noticed that she was squirming a bit in her chair and seemed to be grinding her poop into her panties with a smile getting bigger all the time.He started to rock and move his ass in his chair too and it felt so amazing as the warm soft poop was spread further over him.Their chairs were close to each other and Ariana reached over to him and placed her hand on his leg very close to where his cock was growing harder every second as he felt so horny with warm poop all over him.Suddenly she got closer to him and kissed him on the lips and stayed there for several beautiful seconds.He kissed her back,savoring the taste of her,then he lifted her up out of her chair and sat her on his knee just as she peed her leggings once more and he felt the hot pee soak into his wet pants.He felt an urge to poop some more so he eased up off the chair a little and pushed hard,feeling one more days worth of softer poop flowing into his shorts and spreading all over his ass.He sat again and rocked as he pushed it as far as he could.Now he kissed Ariana again and said he had pooped his pants again and did she mind that he was dirty.

Ariana smiled sweetly at him and said that she thought that was so sexy and she wanted him to have sex with her just as they were,both wet and covered in poop.Gary was never going to turn down an offer like that from this beautiful girl,so he kissed her again and said yes please.Ariana found a large plastic sheet and several big towels which she placed on her floor as their bed and then they hugged each other and as her hands pressed his poop all over his ass his hands were spreadin her poop as far as he could make it go,rubbing it over her pussy and up onto her belly as she gave little cries of joy and let her hands take off his pants an left him standing in his shorts which were now a lovely shade of brown.She pushed his massive poop all over him and got her hand inside his shorts to grab a handful of soft warm poop which she smeared over his now rock hard and massive cock,stroking it with pleasure.She started stripping his other clothes off as he too undressed her until they both stood naked except for poop filled panties and shorts.He lifted her up to where he could easily slip his hard cock inside her pussy and as he entered her pussy she shouted oh yes fuck me hard.Keeping her on his cock he slowly got them both down on the towels and began to thrust his cock into her,going in further each time until it was all burried in her and she was laughing and crying in total pleasure as she pushed against his every thrust.They worked harder and faster until he felt that little pressure barrier telling him to stop and rest a minute but he kept going and a few seconds later his cock exploded with a grand fountain of hot white cum which filled Ariana’s pussy giving her a last massive spark of joy as she too shook and gasped giving in to her massive wonderful orgasm which made her shudder for several minutes before she collapsed laughing as he rolled over letting her lie on top of him.

The both lay there gasping and hugging and kissing madly on faces,chests bellies and on cock and pussy too,ignoring the poop that now covered their mouths but never wanting to stop now.Eventually they both used a towel corner to wipe their mouths and kissed lips continually still not finding their voices to speak.Ariana spoke first,gasping as she did.She said that was the most amazing sex she had ever experienced and she wanted to do this again very soon and she hopes that he had liked it too.Gary gasped and replied that he had never enjoyed anything as much as that and he would love to do that with her any time she wanted.They lay in each others’ arms for a while and then Ariana said they should both go in her shower room and clean each other,and since his clothes were filthy now she would wash them for him in her washer and he could stay with her tonight in her bed and his clothes would be clean for tomorrow.The shower was a lot of fun too as they explored each other while they washed off the poop that covered them and loving every second of it.It took about an hour to shower and then to bed where they slept in each others arms all night and when they awoke in the morning early they found that there was just time to fuck again before Gary dragged himself off to work with such a smile on his face that his fellow workers wondered what he had been doing.This story Gary hopes will be continued for a very long time.

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