garment idea

i want to find a pair of jeans that are made out of towel material, but cut and colored mlike skinny jeans. imagine the growing stains on THAT.

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  1. Reminds me if my best friend from across the street would come over for a sleep over. With the lights out and in out thick flannel pajamas we would talk about men , masculine men, having an accident in there pants. It always turned to that subject. I’m not sure who would start it. In the dark I once ran my hand over his crotch and he had a hardon as I did. Neither said a thing about it.
    Once we were playing Doctor. As he was laying in bed I had a flash light and as I pulled the front of his pajama bottoms out at the waist line I felt as if someone was watching. Indeed my father was watching as the door was open a few inches. I stopped what I was doing and looked back and saw that he was gone. We never spoke of it
    The only other time my father caught me was when as a family we went to Santa Anita Racetrack. If I was 5 then it was 1960. After using it to pee I left with my dad to rejoin my family. For some reason I had the desire to look at all the men at the open urnals and even more provocative were the closed doors to the toilets. As I was little it was easy to see men’s legs with ther pants pushed down to there shoes exposing black socks and garters which many men at that time wore. I was almost looking under one of the stalls when my father came in and got me. I can’t remember what I told him why I was there but I still get a sexual feeling when in a big crowded men’s room with the place packed. I have a desire to see a man in line get desperate and shit his pants in front of me.
    I’d love for someone to help me work on that fantasy

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