Garden wetting

at the start of the summer I decided that the decking needed to be pressure washed , so I got out the machinery and connected the water and electric.
As I waved the wand back and forth removing all the accumulated gunge but after a few minutes realised that the pressured water wash splashing me from my shoes up.
Now I had no real need to pee, but because I was wet anyway, I decided to force every drop of pee into my wet already wet jeans.
It felt great. And after I had finished the pressure washing some 1/2 hour later, I was able to empty by bladder again. The best bit was that nobody knew what I was doing
I might find more excuses for using the pressure washer

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  1. gee, picking up the high pressure washer always leads me to the urge to “go in my pants” esp when out in the garden or cleaning off concrete

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