Gals jeans/panty piss & cum HOT!!!

I enjoy seeing gals 21 – 45 pee in their jeans/ panties, plus I like to rub her off thru her undies, until she cums thru them.  My best story?  It was July 6th 2003, my Girlfriend & I went to a drive inn movie. We  were making out [ I’am bi ] in my car, well we stripped down to our undies, so I began to get really horny seeing her in her silky nylon undies. I asked her to lay on her stomach so I could get on her butt cheeks and hump her as she was wearing those undies. The thing I also asked her to do [ and she did it without  really any  ?ing it]  was to let out some pee as I was humping her. So this went on as I wanted it to. After a few short minutes I began to shoot a few long spurts of sperm up her back, to her shoulders & I moaned each beautiful spurt I shot. She then was letting out hot piss at the same time, this was a very intense piss/cum fest!!! I never shot that much before, & the smell of my jizz & her hot piss on/in her undies, was AWESOME!!!!  Then I rubbed her off thru her pee soaked undies and she had a good cum, so her undies had the most awesome scent I could ever want to have. Anyone out there 21 or over want to have fun like this, let me know [ I’am in Galesburg, Illinois.] In the mean time I hope you enjoy , my most sexy experience I had involving our fetish. I really want some gals 21 +   too, who would do this with me.

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  2. She broke up with me, she wanted to have kids etc, that was just not for me, so she went her own way. but i’am looking for someone else out there who would be willing & at least 21.

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