[FURRY] Cant hold it

(before i get this story started, i just wanted to say the main person*me* is 9….wait wait theres no porn, no ass. no scat , no nothing im just reteilling the time me and my friend first shat our pants when i was 9 in the form of a furry story remove the story if you like)

My First Time

It was early in the morning, i had just got up, rubbing my ears and hoping my parents wouldn’t ask me about me being up last night, when i was sleeping i had woke up and tryed to fart, it was poop instead, it had stained the back of my tighty whiteys and i had hid it behide my tv,. i went downstares to find my dad and mom getting all dressed to go to a friends house, i wanted to come, getting dressed and putting on another pair of briefs as i danced out the door making jazz hands, when we got there i was playing with the other cub outside in the woods. “hey, you think you could clime that tree” i asked . “no, why dont you clime it” he said in a goofy voice. he then farted, being nine we thought it was fucking funny. we talked fora bit before we stopped again, i could feel myself starting to feel funny. he then tryed to fart again but there was no sound, i could tell from his wide eyes and perked ears. the pup had pooped himself. i tryed to shrug it off when the feeling i felt told me that i should get to a wash room, but i wanted to keep playing, the pup stopped and looked at me his white and black ears perked up again. “whats wrong” i asked. “well…um…i…..pooped my pants a little back there” he said looking at me in shame. the feeling got worse. we walked for a bit when we stopped again. he started to hold his tummy and whine. “come on lets go back to the house” i said starting to turn around. “i cant hold it anymore, im gonna poop my pants” he cryed. there was a pop of air before his grey sweat pants startedto become lumpy and wet with diarrhea. i felt bad, knowing that we where sick, i couldn’t hold it . “its ok, look” i said as i turned around and pushed, hot diarrhea came shooting out for about 10 seconds, i was wearing blue jeans. the stem of my tail became wet. i turned back around. “we both pooped our pants” i said. there was moment of silence before we started to laugh, we were best friends, we threw our briefs into a old trash can we found, i told him about the night before he went inside and wet our pants in the sink to make it look like we fell into a creek, our parents belived us somehow.

(hoped you liked it, based of of true story like i said we are still friends and still look back to this moment, this is the first time i did it on perpose, like i said no porn at all, remove if you like)

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