[FURRY] buillys

(like i said in the last story, im retelling a story of my life in the form of furry story no porn and scat, im 11 here, i found the photo and on inkbunniy and it looks like my oc blueyfox, one of two of my ocs, remover if you like)


i was on the bus on my way to swimming lessons, i was sitting with my friend caleb(the boy in the last story) we were talking about a show that his sis watches, my little pony, he were talking when he told me he was a brony, we laughed about it. “dude were here” caleb said. “its very plain looking” i said. “like your face” he spat out trying not to laugh. “ha ha” i spat back. i was wearing a red t-shirt with blue banded tighty-whitey( thats why i chose the photo, he looks like my oc and had my undies on X3) and light brown shorts. as we got inside we went to the changing rooms. me and caleb went to change in the stalls outside the changing room when the teacher stopped us. “no…you can change like everyone else and its faster”. i pleaded with her to let me, i dont want everyone to see my underwear i told her. as me and caleb walked we stopped. “man….everyones gonna see my tighty-whiteys….”. “i dont want the bullies to see my blue briefs” caleb wined . we went in and caleb was being called names as he got undressed, mosty about his white banded blue briefs(like mine but fliped….we are greate friends we should be brothers :3) i slowly took of my pants, the room started laughing and screaming tighty whiteys, soon we left and got, i was being mocked i waited tell it was just me and caleb then we tookof the underwear and got trunks on, we weren’t bother by each others…..you know….anyway we did our swimming lessons and learned some things that help me now, we got back and bradie a kid who teased me went to the bathroom, he peed in my undies….(no joke the asshole pissed himself in my briefs).”. i took of my trunks and put on my briefs facing the wall so nobody saw. bradie pushed me and i stummbled and my yellowed wet undies were know facing everyone. then bradie yelled. ” john peed his pants!”, the room filled with laughted as i stummbled to get my shorts on fast and got out the door. i sat on the bus with caleb. “its ok john, im still your friend” caleb wisperd in my ear. my tail shot up and my ears went down as i yelled at him “i did not pee myself!” tears now forming, i sniffed a few times before i lost it and started crying. caleb saw bradie chuckle and screamed the word again, i grabbed my ears and cryed. what caleb said shocked everyone. “shut the fuck up you stupid bitch” the teacher then tried to shush him but he kept screamin. “why WHY! you make our lives hell, it hurts, we are people two(furry)” he started to cry, hearing him cry made me cry harder. “well you retards need to know your place” bradie shot back. “shut up you stupid c**t(bleeped out for the ladies)” the teachers called home and gave us trouble a lot, and told me to “get over the fact that you peed yourself, and dont ever again blame it on someone else(are you fucking kidding me…..worse teacher ever)your 11, dont act like your six” after that day me and caleb changed schools and lucky everyone there was nice to us, another story about me and my friend.

(like i said at the top)

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