(Furry) A Messy Day at the Waterpark

My first attempt at writing fiction, so it might not be great.  Also, furries – so if you’re not into anthro critters then probably not for you 😛

Kiro awoke to the sound of his alarm loudly beeping on his bedside table. He swatted at it a couple times until it turned off, whining and slowly rolling over to look out the window – his long white tail tangled in the sheets. His big ears perked up when he remembered what day it was – he was going to spend the day with his friends at the water park!

Quickly hopping out of bed, Kiro got dressed and packed his new pair of bright green skin-tight swim shorts. He checked himself in the mirror, his smooth white shiny/leathery body reflecting a pretty average build for a 25 year old dragon. Rubbing his belly, he wondered why he didn’t look any heavier given that he had been constipated the past several days, despite having eaten a ton. He shrugged it off, and spent a couple moments brushing his long hair past his big ears and horns down to his shoulders. Just then, his phone beeped –
a text message from Mika, who was outside to pick him up.

“Hey guys”, Kiro said as he climbed into Mika’s car, “Are you guys as hungry as I am?”
“Definitely!”, replied Mika, “How about we go to the diner?”
“Yeah that sounds great!”, Kiro answered excitedly.

Kiro scooted into the car, moving his long tail out of the way and bumping it into Zack – who was sitting in the back already. “Oops, sorry”, said both of them at once, blushing slightly. Kiro always had a bit of a crush on Zack, but was never able to really tell him that. Zack shyly averted his eyes and looked out the window, giving Kiro the chance to admire his young 18 year old gryphon body. His golden brown feathery fur complemented his skinny, geeky body so well – if only there were a way of getting his attention, he wondered.

Just then the car stopped and Kiro looked away, hoping he didn’t get caught checking out Zack. Everyone got out and started to head into the diner, when Mika noticed a cardboard box full of candy sitting on the ground outside the entrance.

“Hey, who left this here? I don’t see anyone looking for it.”, he mentioned. “You don’t need any more candy, Mika – but if it’s still here when we’re done, we’ll grab it”, replied Kiro. They piled into the diner, and each ordered the biggest breakfast on the menu – the Mega Grand Slam, which comes on two plates each, both heaping with food. Quickly devouring it all, they hastily headed back to the car – grabbing the mystery candy box on their way out.

“Finders keepers!” said Mika, as they hop into the car – “Ooh, gummy bears! I love these!”, he continued – “And they’re sugar free, that’s even better — I can eat as many as I want!”

On the short drive to the water park, everyone ate a few packets of gummy bears – none of them bothering to read the fine print on the box that they contain an artificial sweetener known to be a powerful laxative, and to never eat more than one packet at a time.

Arriving at the water park, the three entered the change room and changed into their swim shorts. Kiro put on his new green skin-tight shorts, and worried a bit that they might too revealing. He was quickly distracted by Zack, who was wearing white shorts that are just as tight – really showing off his package. Mika put on a pair of big baggy board shorts, and snickered at the other two, “Why do you have to wear that stuff, you guys?” — “Uh, everyone knows that you get more speed on the watersides with spandex!”, stumbled Kiro, “Let’s
get going!”.

Leaving the change room, Mika made a bee-line to the wave pool, while Kiro followed Zack up to the waterslides. They were stopped quickly by an enormous line-up, stretching down the stairs and right to ground level. “Aw man, just our luck” exclaimed Kiro, as Zack nodded and shook his head. Ten minutes went by, and Kiro started to get some bad cramps in his abdomen. He noticed that Zack is squirming a bit, and he can hear his stomach making all sorts of noises. “I don’t feel so great” said Zack — “Me neither”, replied Kiro, “but I don’t want to lose our place in line”.

Another ten minutes went by, and Zack started squirming again. He then froze for a bit and let out a loud fart – ducking his head a bit and blushing, “Sorry!” he said to Kiro. “Heh, no worries – I gotta go too” replied Kiro, and he tried to push out a fart of his own to make Zack more comfortable. *FRRRRRRAAAAPLRTCH* — Kiro’s fart was loud and long, but something didn’t feel right about it. As the line moved forward, Kiro felt his buttcheeks slide together in a weird squishy way. Kiro quickly pressed his tail down against his butt as he realized that he had just sharted in his swim shorts.

Zack picked up on Kiro’s sudden worry, and told Kiro “I need to go to the bathroom, I don’t think I can wait for this lineup”. Kiro agreed, and they left the line and started walking towards the bathroom, Kiro’s buttcheeks sliding across eachother back and forth while the smell of his tiny poop followed him closely. “Hey we can shortcut under here I think”, Kiro suggested – pointing to a hidden area underneath the waterside structure. He kept a close eye on Zack’s expression, and was almost certain that Zack could tell he messed himself – but
strangely he didn’t see Zack very worried about it.

Kiro lurched to a stop, “Hold up a second, uggh this is bad” he said as he bent over holding his stomach. Kiro lifted his tail, and let out a short fart – followed by another one, as he drew a deep breath. Suddenly his face drained and he shouted “no no no OH NO!” as he let loose a loud *SPLURRRRRRT* – a big wet brown lump appeared in the back of his shorts. He crouched to the ground, blushing fiercely, and looked back at Zack. He saw Zack still fidgeting around, hopping back and forth from one foot to another with his tail pressed firmly against his butt. Surprisingly, Zack had a huge grin on his face, and was staring directly at Kiro’s messy backside.

Suddenly Kiro closed his eyes and gasped, a chill ran down his spine and another much larger wave of poop exploded from under his tail, expanding the wet mound in his shorts. Kiro breathed a sigh of relief, as the warm wet mass in his shorts hugging his behind started to feel rather good. He smiled slightly, and he felt another small poop escape, pushing against the seat of his pants – the feeling was, strangely arousing?

Snapping back to reality, Kiro glanced up and noticed that Zack was sporting an erection through his swim shorts and blushing fiercely. Zack was now shuddering and holding his hand against his tail, pushing it towards his body and bending his knees – bobbing his birdlike body up and down, but continually staring at Kiro’s mess with a huge grin on his blushing face.

Kiro grinned, and looked him straight in the eye, this time intentionally forcing out another load into his already full shorts – *PLOPLOPLOPLOPRRRRTCH* — this was the biggest yet, firm log after log plopped into his shorts, growing the mound large enough to cover his entire behind, creeping up under his shorts, filling the sides of his legs, and even dripping onto the floor.

Kiro glanced down and saw Zack now had a rock hard erection, tenting up the front of his swim shorts as he continued to bob up and down holding his tail. Suddenly Zack gasped, closed his eyes and crouched to the ground, releasing his own torrent of soft creamy poop into his shorts. Taking a quick breath, Zack moaned quietly as he let out his steady stream of poop – loud, spluttery and unrelenting – over and over *FRRT*, *SLLLRTCH*, *SPLURPPT*. The soft, wet poop started to pool under his buttocks and build up in the seat of his
shorts, dripping down his legs.

Zack finally opened his eyes, gasping for air, and found Kiro staring at him with a rock hard erection of his own, visible through his wet brown-stained swim shorts. Grinning widely, Zack pivoted his body away from Kiro and lifted his haunches and tail high in the air. Another shudder rippled through his body as several large turds erupt from his tailhole, one after another – each tenting up against his shorts before sliding down into the mushy mess in the seat of his pants.

Kiro grinned, stretching his arms back and spinning to face Zack, as he lowered himself slowly onto his back – squishing the load in his pants even further into his crotch. Lifting his legs in the air, Kiro laid his tail flat and closed his eyes, gasping slightly and making a concentrated wincing face, as a loud “BLURRP!” sound erupted from his behind – followed by a flood of soft poop. Kiro pushed hard, continuing to fill his shorts, moaning softly as the warm poop surrounds his balls and filled up the seat of his pants.

Glancing back at Zack with a grin, Kiro flopped back flat on his back, relaxed and began peeing himself. A wet spot began to form around the end of his hard dick, drenching the front of his pants and streaming steadily across his belly on both sides to form a puddle on the floor.

Zack, still hard as ever, spun back around and smiled at Kiro – looking lustily at his wet belly. With a big grin, Kiro gave Zack an acknowledging nod. Zack climbed on top of him – sitting his messy butt gently on his still-peeing dick, feeling Kiro’s erection through his own goopy mess. Kiro moaned softly and put his hand on Zack’s hard cock, feeling the warmth of his mess. Zack grinned deeply and let out a couple short farts, a deep sigh, and then another flood of wet poop – which rushed between his legs and all over Kiro.

Suddenly an announcement over the waterpark loudspeaker was heard: “For health reasons, everyone must evacuate the pool for immediate cleaning”

Kiro and Zack looked at eachother in shock – “Did someone see us?”, Zack whispered worriedly. They scrambled to their feet, both soaked and dripping. Kiro’s green swim shorts were completed drenched, and sagging about 5 inches below the seat – filled entirely to capacity with poop – a dozen firm logs poking out at all angles caused them to bulge out immensely. Zack wasn’t much better, his wet gryphon poop had completely covered his rear, built up in the legs, and smeared up underneath into the front.

A peek between the watersides and out towards the pool confirmed that nobody was looking at them, and they breathed a sigh of relief. Zack put his hand on Kiro’s butt and felt the weight of his mess – “That was amazing”, he said, nuzzling his beak into Kiro’s shoulder. “I know!” replied Kiro, “but we can’t let anyone find out we enjoyed it”.

In the distance, Zack spotted someone emerging from the water. “It’s Mika!”, he whispered. They watched as the arctic fox climbed out of the wave pool, his wet fur dripping on the ground as he held his stomach, his baggy board shorts clearly turned brown. Without saying anything, they looked at eachother and decided to run out to help him, their saggy shorts swinging back and forth as they ran.

“Where were you?”, whispered Mika – still doubled over and gasping. “In line for the waterslides – we didn’t make it either”, replied Kiro. “I can see that”, said Mika, glancing in their direction – “I was in the wave pool”. Mika took a few steps ahead and curled over, “Oh no not again!”, *SPLRTSPLRTSPLRTSPLRRRTCH* — as thick poop fell from his shorts onto the ground. “Let’s hurry up and get out of here!”, shouted Mika.

The three waddled towards the change room, leaving a brown trail as they went – Kiro and Zack’s pants sagging heavily and Mika leaking through his baggy shorts. Upon entering the shower area, the smell cleared out everyone but them, and they quickly removed their massively soiled shorts and threw them in a garbage can. As they quickly washed themselves off as best they could, Mika said “That was just awful, let’s leave before anyone catches up to us”.

Changing quickly back into their street clothes, they head back to the car and started to drive back home. As Mika pulled up to Kiro’s house, he held his stomach and asked “Can I drop both of you off here? I really gotta get home quickly”. Zack smiled and said “Sure!”, grabbing the box of gummy bears on his way out of the car.

Mika sped away, rolling down his window as he left.

Holding the box of candy up high, Zack asked Kiro – “Up for round two?”

[ to be continued? ]

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