Fun time at the beach

My night of fun started at the beach as I was sitting enjoying the calming sound of the ocean when a need to pee became known. I did not want to leave the beach for the night yet and thought why no just do it right here, don’t even have to get up from my chair. In preparation I covered myself with a towel and had started to scoot myself off my chair, when a large family came and sat so close to enjoy some drinks on the beach.

With my plans for a beach piss ruined I came up with another one. Having the house to myself I decided to pee on the deck would be a great pleasure. laying with my stomach on the lounge chair (made from mesh material) I slid my bathing suit bottoms and proceeded to let go feeling the warm pee on my thighs. When finished I slipped my bottoms back on before hosing myself off before going inside for some dinner. While I was eating I felt that familiar sensation that an overdue poop was on its way.

To continue my fun I slipped off my bottoms and a dirty pair of running shorts (with a liner that acts a lot like underwear) on without any underwear. Settling down to watch TV I let the shit flow into my shorts. When finished I set about cleaning up dishes from dinner and settling to watch more TV. After an hour the need to pee came again and I decided to have more fun. Going back out to the lounge chair I sat pulling my shorts off to feel the shit squish beneath me.

Letting my pee go I let it combine with the poop creating a warm squishy mixture. Reaching for my phone I stayed there for the next half hour letting pee run freely as it wanted. Eventually it was time to go inside, so sliding my shorts back on I made my way to the shower. Realizing my afternoon turned night of fun was about to be up I stepped into the shower shorts still on and let any remaining pee (being in the sun all day I had drank a lot to keep hydrated) go into my dirty shitty shorts.

Eventually I turned the shower on to wash away my afternoon adventures. Sadly I will be joined by family soon and will have to wait for another afternoon of fun, but for sure it will be happening ASAP!

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