Fun in the Woods

Following their experimental adventures described earlier,
Paul and David arranged to meet in the woods. The story below is completely true,
and took place about 15 years ago. Only the names of the participants have been changed.

Paul and David lived far apart, so They only
managed to meet about once a year. They had come prepared. They left their cars in
the small car park near an entrance to the woods, and started their walk.
Paul was wearing once-black jeans, and David’s were medium blue. After a few
minutes of strolling and chatting, David demonstrated to Paul that it is
possible to walk and pee at the same time. Paul tried the same, but unsuccessfully, so
he has to stand still before a tell-tale streak appeared on his jeans-leg.

Having completed phase one, They ambled back to the car park, savouring the
wetness of their legs, half fearing that They might meet someone coming round
the next corner (but only half fearing!). They didn’t meet anyone, so returned
to their cars and changed into shorts for phase two! They kept on the same damp
briefs because, as Paul correctly pointed out, it would be less stress
afterwards. David had some white denim shorts, and Paul had a pair of greyish

They embarked on their second excursion. After a while David stopped and leant
against a sawn-off tree stump while Paul operated his camera. He took a
couple of shots of David while the piss was pouring out of both legs of his
shorts. Paul decided to wait until They got back near the car park. He sat on a nearby
picnic table while David used the camera. David thought Paul was hoping for a flood
which could be seen dripping off the table, but he didn’t manage to get beyond a
couple of large wet patches.

While They were taking these last shots, a man walking his dogs appeared nearby,
and another man parked his car in such a position that they’d have to walk
past him to get back to their own cars. Paul’s wet patches were quite visible,
front and back, but David’s white shorts would not reveal anything to the
untrained eye. Paul got into his car, and this guy watched, drinking from
a bottle of water, which made David a bit suspicious, especially as he seemed
intrigued by their photographic activities at the picnic table.

Paul drove off (he had to work that afternoon, poor guy!), but David plucked up the courage
to talk to the guy who had been watching. He eyed his damp shorts, and seemed
to notice the residual dampness. He asked why they had been taking photos, so
David plucked up the courage to tell him. The man was most interested, and confessed
to having done the same thing himself from time to time. David couldn’t persuade
him to do it there, though.

When he’d gone, the other guy with the dogs appeared and started to chat to
David. He had also obviously seen their photographic activities, and wanted to
know more. Again, David found the courage to explain their interest. Because David was
a long way from home, he didn’t have his normal inhibitions. This guy, too,
was most interested, and again said that he liked to do the same thing when
he got the chance. He could not be persuaded to do it there (he was already
late for lunch, he said), but he wanted to see David do it before he left.
So, David let the rest of his piss out into his white denim shorts in front of the man,
soaking them again, and the man seemed most stimulated!

David left the place wondering just how many ordinary guys have the same secret
interest, but have never had the opportunity to talk to a kindred spirit.

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  1. I am sure that wetting our pants is not as unusual a fetish as we might think. Anyone who attends football matches regularly must have seen guys of all ages from teenagers to Dads walking out with wet streaks down their legs either from sheer excitement or refusal to walk away from an exciting game.

    At school when a boy peed himself there was always a lot of piss taking and laughter but I know I was not the only boy to envy him his wet pants.

    I am sure lots of guys let go for the sheer pleasure it gives them. I wish I always knew who they are!

  2. I feel it’s a fetish that many have but are too scared to admit it. I knew many boys in my grade school that peed their pants, and loved it. Some of us can’t help getting excited every time we shit or piss. I get turned on all the time when I shit. Sometimes an erection is unavoidable, Love it and accept it !!

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