Fun in a slovenian public toilet

Last year I went to croatia for vacation with my friends. We went there with a coach bus and stopped at several gas stations, and when past through Slovenia, I felt my stomach cramps and I farted for about 15 minutes or so. I wonder why no one noticed it 😀 luckily we stopped at a gas station near Ljubljana. We had 45 minutes time until we continue the ride, and I used the time and went to a toilet behind the gas station. There were three stalls and three urinals, and the amazing thing is, was absolutly no one because it was around 3 AM. I got into the first stall and even let the door open because no one was around and it felt more naughty to do it with an open door. I noticed there was no toilet paper, but it isn’t a big problem because I actually like the feeling of an unwiped sticky butthole. Well, I on top of the toilet seat, pulled my pants down and squatted down. I didn’t want to sit down, so I prefer squatting. I was already really hard before, and I needed to pee. I’ve heard some people aren’t able to pee with an erection, but it’s not problem for me. Well, it’s kinda difficult to do so, because the pee would spray anywhere, but not into the toilet. It was spraying against the toilet lid and on the ground, and this turned me on so much that I started to masturbate until I came so extreme 🙂 I thought it’s not possible to cum and pee in the same time, but it is! Then I continued, trying to poop. I was still farting, but no poop came out. Every fart felt warmer and warmer, until it felt so hot that I reached an anal orgasm, just by farting. Strange, right? 😛 But I still kept pushing until I felt the poop poking out of my butthole, and after a few more pushes it came out by itself. I had two anal orgasms while it came all out, and I felt like I’d die after so much cumming xD Well, then I pulled my pants back on, got off the toilet seat and flushed. On the way back to the coach bus my dick got hard again because of the sticky poop sticking on my butthole, and so I quickly masturbated again and had my final orgasm for this night. We then continued the ride, and I was acting like nothing happened 😀

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