Fun in a condom

For the last week Ihave been really horny. I have been deliberately depriving myself of jacking off so whn I do it it will be stronger. I have been doing things that only get me hornier. I’ve pissed on my blanket. When I pooped I didn’t pee in the toilet. Instead I peed over the edge of the toilet onto a towel on the floor. I even peed in to a plastic bag and then about 10 minutes later I dumped it on my dick. The last few days I have been sleeping naked so I could touch myself in my sleep. Also the last few days right before I go to bed I put on a condom and without touching it I emptied my bladder into it. I then took it off and went to bed without washing my hands or dick. Last night I put a condom on and then put a rubber band around it so no pee would escape. I peed in it and then went to bed with it still on. I woke up in the middle of the night with my bed wet because the condom was leaking piss out the bottom because the rubber band wasn’t on tight enough. If I had made the rubber band any tighter then when I have a bonner it restricts the flow so much I can’t pee. After I found the bed wet I took off the condom and then peed on myself and went back to bed. In the morning I rubber banded another condom on my dick and have been peeing in it all day any time I had to pee. Right now I’m drinking a lot of liquid so later when I have to pee so bad I feel like my bladder will burst I can empty one final huge load of piss into the condom and jack off after two weeks of not doing it. Usually when I wait this long I will need to jack off more than once to fully releave myself of my sexual tension.

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