Fun at the Gym

Well where to start.

Last night I was wearing my Tena super pull ups. I had one big wetting. I was then online on with the webcam under the covers facing at my pull up :). Which was great fun

I wet it again and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and thought I would head to the gym for my swim. Left the pull up on and put my jeans on, When I went into the changing room I went into the private cubical. (But people can see the see your feet still). I was pretty desperate so I took a chance and wet one more time luckyily it didn’t leak. So I changed there took the pull up off and left on the floor so people could see. Then got changed in to my swimsuit and bagged the pull up and walked out like nothing had happened and put the bag straight in the bin. Then had a quick shower before getting in the pool.

I then got even more daring had my morning exercise in the pool and went to get changed, The changing room was quiet so i thought I would slip the pull up out my bag and put it on. I pulled it out opened up (still had my towel around me) and slid it on. Then came the jeans got them half way up loosened the towel and pulled up rest of the rest of the way at this point I left them open didn’t do them up.

Just as I had my Jeans all the way up but not done up, an elderly gentalm came out and started talking to me so I looked at him and started talking. He could defintly see what I was wearing but didn’t say anything . Had a good chat finished of gettign dressed and went home.

Was a fun time this morning 🙂

Think I might do the same tommorow 😉

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