Fun at Mc Donalds

So a couple of weeks ago I took part in round the Island. I had a tena pull up supper on all day. Didn’t use as couldn’t change on the boat. We got back a shore and was desperate so i used it big wetting in it. I caught the red jet back to southampton and made sure I had big drink. By the time I got to car I had another Pee. So it was rather full. Anyway got in the car and drove to chichester to the macdonalds as needed food by time I got there I was desperate so went to the digital checkout and while ordering went again. luckily it held it. Went to sit down and as I sat down I felt leak 🙁 i had black shorts. 20 minutes later I had to go again so I did and could feel leaking more. When I finished eating I got and was rather saggy and huge wet spot on the chair im sure people could tell what had happened. Was awsome thou.

What should I do next. I would really like a full on accident in my pants but not sure best way, or really wet the tena again and stand in a que and let it leak need some new ideas?

Update just completly soaked the tena at peas pottage services im soaking going to be fun getting out. Was sat om the seat and just peed and the tena couldnt hold anymore

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