Full story of my friend’s first poop in her panties

Since I found out how much fun it was to poop my panties,three years ago,I have been trying to tell as many friends as I can about it.I have been chatting with a lovely woman,who is a little older than me but looks so beautiful in her photos,and is my friend on facebook.She has a boyfriend who does not live with her,and she works as a police officer in California,near Los Angeles about 30 minutes drive from her home.We have been chatting for a while and I have told her all about how I enjoy pooping in my panties,and encouraging her to try it,but she had always been shy about actually doing this.I was surprised last week to see her message to me saying that she wanted to try pooping her panties and would I control her from then until Monday morning when she wanted to poop her panties.Naturally I agreed,but I wanted to control her with love rather than force.I gave her instructions as to what she was to do in preparation for her pooping and how she was to act.She was not to poop after Thursday night,she was to eat as much as she could every day.At midnight on Sunday she was to take one ex-lax pill to make sure her poop would be soft and very easy to come out and to spread,also she was not to use the bathroom even to pee after that time.

We arranged that I would get up early in the morning on Monday to be with her and talk her through her pooping,so we mat up early Monday as I could not sleep for excitement and was up at 4am.She told me that she was really desperate to pee and she was getting urges to poop every few minutes but was able to hold everything so far.I told her to get into her can after changing into her own clothes,jeans and a shirt over her cotton panties.She drove carefully home and as she parked in her garage,I told her to get out of the car and bring a wooden chair into the garage with a folded towel on it.She did this and sat down as instructed,sitting well forward in the chair and leaning back.She was very excited about what was about to happen.I allowed her to pee just for two seconds then stop,which she did,and said that she now had a wet patch in her jeans and it felt good.I let her pee a little bit more and she liked that, but asked if she could finish peeing in her toilet,I told her that was not allowed,and so now I told her to let all her pee come out and not to stop.She did as she was told and it flooded all round her ass and down both legs,which she said felt very nice,better than she had expected.I told her how well she was doing and said was she ready for the next part.She said that I was in control and she would do what I told her.

I now said some words of encouragement to the beautiful Nicole,as she sat in her garage with totally soaked jeans,and asked if she was ready to poop now.She told me that she was ready but she was not having an urge at that moment,so I told her to push for just two seconds then to clench her ass,then push and clench and repeat for a short time until she felt the poop was ready to come out.She did as she was told and in a few minutes she said that it felt like it wanted to come out,so I told her to hold it now until it was pushing her to come out.Soon she said it wanted to come out,so I allowed her to let just a small amount of her soft poop to some out into her panties and then stop it,so that she could feel the small lump at her ass,between her cheeks.Now I told her to wriggle in her seat and feel it spread a little.She told me that it felt quit nice as it spread a bit on her ass,so I allowed her to let some more out but not too much.She did this and again she wriggled and spread it further over her ass,saying that it did feel so good,and not what she had expected at all.She was enjoying it.I now gave her permission to push all of her poop out into her panties as she leaned back in the chair.She typed to me as she did this that it felt so nice as the hot poop flowed out of her hole, and with her leaning back,got pushed forward,quickly covering her pu$$y and flowed up onto her belly,spreading out to each side as it went.

Now she was told to wriggle in her chair again and just enjoy the sheer pleasure of the hot poop being spread all over her ass,covering every part of her inside the panties.She told me that now she felt so very horny that she wanted to masturbate hard.I told her that she was not allowed to do that yet, but was to put a hand inside her jeans and panties and use that to spread her soft warm poop up over her belly and to cover her boobs with it,enjoying the warm soft smoothness as she did so.When she had done this she typed back to me that as she had spread her warm poop over her boobs she had enjoyed the most exciting orgasm she had ever experienced,and without even toughing her pu$$y.She said she had never enjoyed anything so much.I asked her she was liking her morning and she said it had been so very exciting and she had loved it all,and could we do it again very soon.I said we would do it again as soon as she wanted,and felt so happy that my lovely Nicole had liked her first experience of pooping in her panties.I chatted with her today and she gave me permission to write this story,saying that she had really loved the whole experience so very much. I left her feeling so excited in her poopy jeans to masturbate as much as she liked to fully benefit from the messy game.Now we both are looking forward to our next pooping together.

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