fucked with full bowels

I did an interesting thing last evening I have been holding for over three days and was getting wonderful signals that things were ready to go.I was starting to touch cotton so I was READY! I went into the bedroom where Maddie was playing her video games and she got me high after that I said wow I’m stoned and horny. Well she says get in hear and grab the lube I told her I’m full and dont think its a good idea? She says so what lay down… I must tell you I have fantasized so many times of doing this very thing and always feel tingly and horny bach there when I have to go.So I agreed and laid down and she slowly lifted my legs and took aime! I I felt her now hard penis touch the already aroused rectome and slowly push inside me and contact my hard sweet brown packing I begged her to take it easy on me and she slowly slid into me not stopping until I slid all the way down on her. WOW my god sweet heaven!!! My god the wonderful love making way out of this world and after 15 to 20 minutes I exploded with the most wonderful orgasem I pushed her out with my orgasem! Holly SHIT what a delicious way to make love!!! So I checked her penise and there was a tiny speck of brown on her something I took care of with my mouth. So all last night no poop but some pain in my left side and now this morning‚Äčng I feel things are ready to go again and the pain is gone…. WOW WE!!‚Äč

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  1. I kept pestering my wife for anal sex. She said, NO, how would you like it it, so I said, I would not mind might like it, so she says ok, bend over. She did me with the dildo and it was fantastic. Don’t stop, keep going, keep going. I had the most fantastic anal, prostate orgasm. I shot my cum at the same time and the intense ass gasm contractions squeezed out the dildo and a massive load of shit at the same time. Probably the best orgasm I ever had. Unfortunately she thought I was a dirty bastard and would not repeat the experience with or for me.

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