Fucked my girlfriend in a diaper

I am a DL and my gf knows about it and is cool with it, she lets me sleep in diapers and also diapers me on occasions. We do not really talk about the sexual side of it though. But today I did what has beed my dream for a long time. We woke up and started to make out. I was still wearing my soaked night diaper. At this point I usually go to the bathroom to take the diaper off and take a shower before sex, but not today. Today I just pushed the front of my diaper down a bit and took out my erection. I did not know how she would react, but she did not object, she was horny as fuck. So we had sex while I was still wearing my wet nightime diaper. It was a dream come true for me. And it was better than I imagined. I could feel the damp wetness of my diaper on my butt and balls. Once she even grabbed and squeezed my soggy diapered butt. I was in heaven.

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  1. I’ve fucked my boy while shitting my briefs , diaper and he shit his giving me a blow job once. We were jus seeing each other and he messed his pants giving me felatio. He apologized and he started to waddle to my door. I said where do yo think you are going. Let me see those messed pants? Take your jeans off.. he thought I was going to make him leave. He had a heavy load in light green briefs and a big cum stain on them. I grab a feel of both loads and we’ve been partners for 12 years. We are n
    Oth happen to be I continent. We have a dresser full of diaper for different levels of protection for normal days but. It it’s fun to just go I. Your pants once ina while

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