From Shame to Sensuality

On a quiet Friday morning, a couple is in their bedroom making love. The sounds of a female voice moaning can be heard faintly just outside of the bedroom door being accompanied with music being played on a stereo at moderate noise levels and the slight shaking of the bed in which they indulge in their lustful moments in. Don and Jean have a healthy marriage that’s largely based on their sexual appetite with each other, and it was not unusual for them to get in a good session before Don had to get up and get ready for work. On this particular Friday, Don only had to work less than half a day at the office before coming back home, therefore, they had additional plans. This couple has no children, so often times Don comes home to his wife already waiting for him so they can have their play time with each other. After finishing their love session, Don gets up, takes a shower, and gets dressed. On his way out the door, his wife Jean gives him a kiss goodbye followed by a firm smack on his ass. While Don is off at work, Jean often gets in her home workout routine and keeps herself occupied with miscellaneous projects and occasionally sunbathes on the back deck which is secluded by a large privacy fence. Since Don has such a short workday, however, she decides she would lounge for a couple more hours in bed before doing a quick routine. Don and Jean often like to switch it up in their sex life by implementing a little role play or dressing up for each other in outfits they know get each other aroused. Jean today decided that she would entice Don by purposely being in the middle of the stretch portion of her workout, and wear her cutest exercise outfit. Jean was a luscious curvy woman who has nice c size breast, hips that were easily noticeable whenever she wore tight or fitted clothing, and a nice plump ass that soft to the touch. Today, she decided to wear a white crop top V neck T-shirt, with a light blue high waist bikini bottom with matching knee high socks and some sketchers shoes she normally wears when she works out and occasionally goes for a jog. She knew this was one of Don’s favorite outfits on her, and she had every intention of enticing her husband to stop her in the middle of her workout for some play time. However, little does she know of some events that will occur that will be a personal transition from embarrassment to an entirely new level of pleasure for this couple.

As soon as Don gets home, he places his laptop bag down next to the kitchen table, he takes his shirt off and prepares himself a cocktail which he usually does when he wants to unwind. Don was a fit man with a well defined masculine body accompanied with a noticeable six-pack. Not only did he make it a habit to take off his shirt when he got home as a means to relax, but also because his wife gets intensely aroused by his solid physique. As soon as he walks into the living room where his wife was bent over stretching, his cock got rock solid from the sight of his wife’s ass filling in her nice snug bikini bottoms. He immediately walked up behind her, give her a nice firm smack on her ass followed with grabbing a handful of her nice plump cheek. Jean turned around, saw her shirtless husband and they began to kiss passionately. Massaging her ass with one hand and bringing her closer to him by the midsection of her back with the other, her crotch is pushed up against his rock hard cock where it proceeds to poke her on the clit. Don turns his wife back around facing away from him, he moves her bikini to the side and easily slips his cock inside of her. After just a few seconds of the intense moment of pleasure, Jean tells Don to put it in her ass. Don with blissful enthusiasm, slowly pushes his cock balls deep into her rectum, and which Jean lets out a loud moan as she plays with her clit. Don gives her good constant thrust in her ass for 10 minutes, and then Jean feels a sudden urge to use the bathroom. Jean didn’t want to stop, however, so she lets Don commence to giving her anal. Don notices a slight smell of feces during this session, and oddly it makes him more aroused causing his cock to actually grow slightly in its girth. Jean at this point doesn’t care as she is enjoying the pleasure, which overrides her sense of logic in that she should take a time out and use the bathroom. At a certain point, however, Jean finally decides that she can’t hold it anymore and tells Don that she needs to take a bathroom break. Don already knew what she had to do, so he gently pulls out so she can get to the bathroom. But after he pulls out and moves her bikini back over her nice plump ass, she stops midway to the bathroom door and she lets out a loud fart, which is immediately followed by a large turd that uncontrollably slips out her ass and forms a nice size round bulge in her bikini. At this point, Jean is highly embarrassed by this accident which occurred right in front of her husband, the air in the living room is filled with a strong stench that resembles a dirty diaper. Don stares at her ass, and his cock gets larger than he ever thought that it was capable of. Jean hesitantly turns around and looks at her husband, as soon as she proceeds to look Don in the eye and apologize for her embarrassment loss of control, she notices how aroused he is. Before she can even speak a word, Don grabs his wife by her waist, lifts her up, carries her to the kitchen table and sits her down on her plump ass mushing her soiled mess causing some of it to protrude out of the sides of her bikini. Don moves the front of her bikini to the side, shoves his cock inside her vagina, lifts her up off of the table and commences to fucking her good and hard standing up. Jean was pleasantly surprised by her husband’s arousal by her accident, and suddenly her sense of shame turns into an intense sense of pleasure. Pleasurable to the point she cums repeatedly ion which at one point she squirts onto the floor and partially onto her husband’s body. She never felt pleasure like this in her life, it was like she was being disciplined for her naughty behavior, in the most pleasurable way she thought was beyond her comprehension. The couple commenced their fuck session for a good 45 minutes before they both finally came simultaneously with extreme intensity. After they both were finished, they both got into the shower and cleaned up. The experience they had that day was so intense and pleasurable, Don and Jean discovered a new fetish that they share as a couple with many more panty pooping experiences both will indulge in as a couple.

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