Friends and more.

Jack and Rick walked down the street from school. Rick was wearing jeans and a red tee shirt, while Jack wore tan shorts and a green polo shirt. Rick was gay, and he always had a crush on Jack. Something else was that Rick got off on watching guys poop their pants. He got hard as he walked at the idea. His dick bulged in his jeans. Jack noticed this and smiled, his dick was pitching a tent in his shorts. Rick was curious as to Jack’s sexuality.

“Hey Jack, are you gay?” He asked. Jack chuckled.

“Your going to have to find that out.” He said, winking at Rick. Rick was overjoyed. After a few minutes of waking he felt the need to crap growing in his body. He looked at Jack and say similar discomfort. Rick got hard again at the thought of Jack pooping his pants. They walked for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes.

“I think I’m going to crap myself if we don’t get home soon.” Jack informed. Rick smiled inwardly. He smiled more when he saw that their route was detoured by a construction site. They had to cut though the woods. They walked more, Rick feeling the crap growing inside his bowels. Jack seemed to be using all his power to hold it in. They got to a clearing and Jack stopped.

“I can’t hold it any more!” He said. Rick walked over to Jack and unbuttoned his shorts, letting them fall to his ankles. Jack was exposed, his white boxer briefs showing. Jack looked at Rick and smiled. He knew what Rick wanted.

Jack bent his knees a little, and began to grunt. A large log began sliding out of Jack’s tight ass, poking the back of his boxer briefs out. He let out another grunt, pushing a wave of soft poop into his underwear. The back of the boxer briefs turned brown as they filled, the poop going up Jack’s crack and brushing his balls. The front of the boxer briefs tented out with Jack’s fully erect, 8 inch penis. Rick swore he was in heaven, cupping the mess with his hand, looking Jack in the eyes. Jack brought his hands down and unbuttoned Rick’s jeans. Rick was wearing tightly whiteys which hugged his ass perfectly, outlining his crack, and making his hard cock visible though the fabric.

“Your turn.” He said sensually. Rick smirked a little and bent down. His sphincter nearly burst open as a wave of soft, hot shit flowed out. His briefs expanded quickly in the back, turning brown. Rick grunted as he felt more shit flow out of his ass hole, filling his briefs. The shit brushed up against his ball and flowed around them, covering his 9 inch dick in warm poop. Jack felt the mess and squeezed it with his hand. He pushed it up Rick’s crack. Rick shuddered in ecstasy, his hands on Jack’s bulging mess. Jack stepped out of his shorts and laid down in the grass, the shit spreading and coating his but cheeks in shit. He smiled and motioned for Rick to join him. Rick got down next to Jack and began pulling his boxer briefs down. Jack smiled as Rick did. Rick pulled his erect cock out of his shit filled briefs and turned Jack over, so he was on all fours. He stuck his dick straight into Jack’s ass. Jack let out a sound of pure ecstasy.

“Yes, fuck me hard!” He yelled as Rick began humping Jack’s ass. Jack pushed out another wave of soft shit, lubricating his ass and Rick cock as he fucked him. Rick felt himself getting close to climaxing, his shit smearing against his balls and ass, Jack’s undies and his knees, swinging and smacking against Rick’s legs. Rick climaxed and spurt a load of cum into Jack’s ass. Jack shuttered with pleasure as he felt his ass being filled with Rick’s cum. Rick felt another wave of shit coming which burst though his sphincter walls and flowed into his briefs. He shit himself as he was cumming into Jack. When he was done he pulled out and laid back. Jack smiled.

“My turn!” He said, pulling his boxer briefs back up, feeling the shit against his ass and balls. He pulled his hard dick out and began fucking Rick as he was facing him. Rick shuttered with pleasure as he felt his ass being fucked by Jack. Jack began pissing into Rick’s ass. The golden liquid feeling warm inside Rick. Suddenly Jack felt Rick’s load of cum spurting out of his ass hole, making wet farting sounds as it seeped into his underwear which was already filled with shit. Rick felt wonderful as Jack filled him with his piss. Jack finished off the fucking with cumming into Jack, adding to the piss. He laid back and sighed. Rick laid next to Jack. He suddenly felt the piss pushing against his sphincter. He let it loose, feeling the hot liquid splashing out of his ass. It made a puddle under him, feeling hot as it mixed with his shit. They laid next to each other, comfortable in their mess.
To be Continued.

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  1. Glad to know people like it 😀 if you have any suggestions leave a comment and get on it 😀

  2. Got off on that! hot story. Something similar happened to me in the army with an officer – more than once.

  3. Great story. Just the right amount of detail. Perfect. This is exactly what i dream of happening to me.

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