Friend needing to piss in car

Last Wednesday was quite a day – looking back now I’m still amazed by it. I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in some time, nearly three years. While we had agreed to meet, we hadn’t actually planned the day and we ended up driving over to a shopping centre (Doncaster) for a look around some shops and to have lunch. Incidentally, Doncaster, since being renovated, is suprisingly similar to Bluewater.


We had lunch and I knew he had a meeting to get to, which I had offered to drive him to. Before leaving, I felt some moderate fullness in my bladder, so told him I was going to the toilets, thinking in the back of my mind that he may need to do so, too. He waited at the table, so I urinated alone. We walked back to the car park where I had parked, which was on the opposite side of the centre. We headed off to take him to his meeting. We had only gone a short way, about ten minutes, when he asked if I had an empty bottle in the car, as he said, quote, he needed to piss. It was fortunate I did had an empty McDonalds coffee cup. I was still driving at this stage, but could clearly see his attempts to use the coffee cup. He was wearing shorts, with a penis strap underneath. He pulled both to one side, exposing his penis and balls. While he tried hard, he could not get the cup at a suitable angle, and despite obviously attempting to start the flow and releive his piss desperation, he could not do so.


I pulled into a side street, and offered to help, which he accepted. While probably the best thing to do would have had him move forward in the seat, giving his penis easy access to the cup, before I could make a suggestion, he slipped his shorts and penis strap to his ankles, fully exposing himself to urinate. I took the cup in my right hand, he gripped the arm rest on the paasenger door, his right arm on the cetre console. It made me aware he felt he desperately needed help to release, so I took hold of his penis to position it into the cup. At the time I realised his balls were quite sizeable, so holding him for his urinate was needed.


Given the situation, starting his release did not begin immediately, and I could feel him tensing himself, attempting to start his flow. It took some time, but I let him know it was okay, just to relax and take his time. After a little while, he started a fairly weak, forced stream which ceased as soon as he ceased forcibly pushing out. There was a bit of a pause, he tensed up again and this time he started a stronger, thicker stream which he maintained for some time. While his stream continued, the head of his penis expanded slightly, his foreskin gradually slid backwards. His stream ceased again, but I encouraged him to relieve himself fully, to let it all out and not to feel pressured to finish. He did so, and a further stream started – he must have been holding back as this next release made up about a third of his total release.


Once he appeared to have fully relieved his piss desperation, I checked with him, and he confirmed yes, he was fully relieved. Given the position he had urinated, I had concern that he may still have some remaining in his internal urethra – fortunately I had some napkins in the car, so I reached behind his balls and gently pushed up and forward, sliding forward between his balls, and sure enough a small quantity of wee was released into the waiting napkin. He retained his hands on the car, so I reached down and pulled his shorts and strap up to the edge of the seat. He lifted himself up, so I could reposition his shorts and strap. His wee must have been a pleasant experience, as his penis had continued to lengthen and thicken, making it somewhat more of a challenge to ensure his jock strap again contained his penis and balls in a comfortable position.


It was an incredible experience. By this time, the time for his meeting was getting close, so we proceeded onwards. I do hope that I will have another experience like it!

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  1. Great account, thanks! Very hot!
    I wonder why he didn’t pee beforehand when you did if he got so desperate in only ten minutes. If it was shyness/bashfulness about going at the same time as you, he certainly lost those inhibitions quickly in the car when he let you help him the way you did.

  2. Very nice story and hot scene! Have you had any more intimate scenes with your friend since then?

  3. Would have been nice if you couldn’t find the cup and he peed in his pants some!

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