Fraternity Farting Contest (real)

My fraternity hosted farting contests during parties. They are pretty well attended lol. I love to fart, so I like to compete in them. In this contest, I was doing incredible, easily I was going to come in first. After each fart I got cheers, laughs and applause from the crowd. After about an hour and a half the contest was winding down, and I knew I had it in the bag. I feel a strong gurgling in my nethers and I knew this one would be the fart to win me the contest. It is important to note that I am very drunk also…

I get on all fours in my undies and I push with all of my might. But this fart (which was amazing) was blocked a huge turd, which now formed a huge bulge in my tighty whities. I have shit myself from farting plenty of times before…it’s part of the sport! But this was no shart, and no hershey squirt. I had just dropped a huge deuce in my pants. The crowd went silent, and jaws dropped. My gut reaction was “Shit! that was such a good fart too!” Then they erupted in laughter and some were disgusted lol. Usually a couple of guys shit their pants during these contests, but nothing of this magnitude, so close to winning!

I was disqualified. Disappointed in a drunked stupor, I grabbed my shorts and waddled home without even thinking to change before I left. That was the longest 4 blocks I had ever walked! I am sure people noticed the huge turd in my pants, but I knew I just had to get home waddling one cheek at a time!

The funniest part was as I am waddling home, I walked past these two guys and one of them looks at the other and yells “did you f*cking fart?”

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  1. Some guys participate in underwear or boxers, or pull their pants down for each fart. Some guys leave jeans on. Every once in a while, a really drunk guy would take his undies off too for a fart LOL. Total broing out

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