Frat house Meeting: Part Two

              When Jesse came back down the stairs, Brock was leaning casually against the banister. To many of the party goers, he looked like just another face in the crowd. But Jesse knew different. The boy had gone slightly pale and a thin sheen of sweat had begun to collect on his face. He was struggling hard for control. Jesse licked his lips, a small jolt of arousal warming his stomach. Here we go.

As if sensing Jesse’s eyes on him, Brock glanced up. Jesse nodded at him as he bounded down the stairs at an accelerated rate. Brock gave him a grateful nod in return before turning and heading for the front door. Jesse tried to tell himself that it was his imagination that Brock’s slow uneven shuffle had nothing to do with the fact that the boy was fighting not to release a torrent of hot piss out his gripped cock, flooding through his tight white briefs, and straight down the legs of his snugly fitting jeans. However, the image persists as the two boys weaved in and out of the crowd of dancers.

               At one point Brock stopped, holding himself stock still as his eyes fluttered closed in concentration. Jesse struggled to catch a glimpse of the boys groin among the gyrating bodies, but his view kept getting blocked. The attack passed quickly and before Jesse could determine if there was a wet spot on Brock’s jeans, the boy was moving again. Finally, the two were able to push their way out the front door and onto the frat house lawn. Scattered about on the grass, couples engaged in various degrees of public affection, glancing their way only briefly before continuing their activity.

                  “My car is over here.” Jesse stated, motioning to a silver cougar parked across the street. Brock nodded and fell in step beside Jesse. Jesse could hear him panting slightly as he walked. Brock’s right hand was still in his pocket, presumably still locked in a vice grip on his penis. His left hand was bouncing nervously against his thigh. Jesse’s face softened and lay a reassuring had on Brock’s shoulder. “Its o.k. Its not far.”

             Brock nodded silently, his face contorting into an almost anguished expression. Jesse unlocked the car and they both got in. As Brock sat down, Jesse glanced at his crotch and sure enough he spotted a dime sized spot near the bottom of the zipper. The warm sensation in Jesse’s stomach flared and he could feel his cock twitch once in his briefs. Jesse gave himself a quick readjustment before turning the key in the ignition. The car hummed to life and Brock gave out a little whine as the vibration jarred him. His left hand flew to his crotch, but not before Jesse could see the dime sized spot swell minutely before being engulfed by Brock’s hand. Now the boy was clutching himself with both hands, one through his pocket, the other over his jeans. Jesse resisted the urge to squirm as his own control faltered and he felt his cock begin to swell in his briefs. God,if he sees it. .

                  But Brock did not even glance his way. Instead, the boy stared vacantly out at the road as Jesse pulled the Cougar out of its parking place and onto the main strip of road. The boys sat in an awkward silence before Brock let out a sigh. “How far do we have to go?” He asked, squirming in his seat.

                “Ten minutes. Maybe less if I don’t hit a red light.” Jesse stated. “You going to be o.k till then?” He asked glancing over momentarily.

            Brock gave a bitter laugh. “Going to have to be won’t I.” He stated sardonically. The boy glanced down at his crotch, moving his hands out of the way in order to examine the now baseball sized damp patch. “Already pissed myself some.” He whispered, his cheeks turning a faint pink. He turned to give Jesse an apologetic grin. “ I’ll try not to soak your seats.”

              Jesse gave him a friendly smile. “Would not be the worst thing that happened in this car.” He said as he whipped the cougar around a corner and pulled to a stop at the first red light. “Had a girlfriend once who got so drunk she puked all over the dashboard. Took me three weeks to get that smell out of the car.”

Brock gave a short laugh then winced. “Please, don’t make me laugh.” he whimpered.

               “Sorry.” Jesse said. The lighted in front of them turned and the car lurched forward causing Brock to whimper again.

              Brock let out another moan. “God, I don’t think I am going to make it.” He stated as he squirmed. “Fuck.I can’t. . .” A sharp hiss followed by the soft plunk of water droplets hitting plastic filled the car for a moment before stopping. “Fuck.” Brock swore again before a muffled sob escaped his throat.

                Meanwhile, Jesse pulled up to the second stoplight and eased the car to a stop. Across the road, the neon ‘We’re open’ sign blinked in the window of the local gas station like a star. Jesse glanced over at the huddled figure in the seat beside him. Brock was hunched over his hands still clutched to his lap which now was soaked to mid-thigh. The broad expanse of the boys shoulders where shaking and the boys bowed face was scarlet. Jesse reached over to put a hand on the boys arm, but the boy flinched away. “Its ok. The gas station is right there. We are almost there.”

           “WHO THE FUCK CARES.” Brock hissed turning a tear-stained face towards Jesse. “I’m already fucking soaked. I. . I. . .Oh god, I’m going to have to walk into my flat like this. Everyone is going to see me. I. . .” Brock threw one damp hand over his mouth as a sob wracked him.

            Jesse’s heart clenched at the sight. Living in a frat house, Jesse had seen his share of drunk college guys turning into teary-eyed messes after one to many beers, but something about seeing Brock soaked like a child and sobbing tugged on his heart. . .and his groin. Jesse tried to ignore the later. The light above them finally turned and Jesse pulled the cougar into one of the first available parking spots in the gas station. Killing the engine, he turned back to the bawling boy and put an arm around him. This time the boy was to distraught to resist. “Come on. It isn’t that bad.” Glancing at the back seat, Jesse checked to see if his red gym bag was still sitting under the seat before grabbing Brads chin and forcing the boy to look at him. “ Look. I got some gym clothing in the back. You’re going to look like the green giant in them, but their dry. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. No one will have to know, o.k, so stop that.” Jesse scolded, giving him a gentle smile.

              Brock stared at him for a moment before nodding. Taking a deep breath, the boy seemed to collect himself and nod.

            Jesse smiled widened as he lifted his other hand and wiped away tears on the boys face. “Good. Let me get the clothing and then we can go in and you can change. Do you still have to go?”

Brock nodded shyly. “Yeah. Bad.”

“         Think you can hold it long enough for us to get in there?” Jesse asked, reaching behind his seat to grab the gym bag.

            Brock paused a moment then nodded more uncertainly this time. “I think so.”

             “Good.” Jesse stated. Digging through his bag, he took out a grey sweat shirt and handed it to Brock. “Wrap this around your waist. It should hide the stain.”

Brock nodded and the two got out of the car. As Brock tied the sleeves of the jacket around him. Jesse took a moment to glace down at his own burden. His erection had diminished some during the short ride over there, but there was still a noticeable bulge in the front of his pants. He tugged his shirt in a vain attempt to cover it. Why couldn’t only be a few inches longer?

              “Ok, ready.”

            Jesse jumped as Brock’s voice tickled his ear . Jesse almost cursed. He must have come over to my side when he realized I wasn’t moving. The boy was standing close enough to Jesse to almost touch and the heat mixed with the musky smell emanating from his clothing caused Jesse’s groin to throb anew .Jesse quickly took a step back, his hand flying instinctively to cover his groin. “Right, lets go.”

              Brock gave Jesse a confused look. “Are you alright?”

He’s standing there, eyes red from crying, soaked in his own urine and he is asking me if I am o.k. Jesse could have laughed at the irony. “I’m fine. Lets go.”

           The two boys hurried stepped into the gas station convenience store. The place was empty, a single gas station attendant standing behind the counter reading a magazine. Brock balked a little at the sight, stepping backwards and slamming into Jesse in the process. Jesse hissed as the movement caused Brock’s butt to make contact with Jess’s erection. Pushing the boy forward, he guided him to the back of the store. The gas station attendant looked up momentarily as they passed, but accustomed to getting drunk student at all hour of the night, he wasn’t phased by the pairs strange behavior.

           Jesse pushed Brock into the hallway leading back into the restrooms. Then he paused for a moment around the corner in an attempt to regain his composure. The brush at the door had been almost to much and his cock was straining against the zipper of his jeans causing jolts of pain and pleasure to radiate through his body. God, how did I get myself into this mess. There was no way that he didn’t notice. Jesse braced himself to turn around, apologize, and beg for his life if necessary, but suddenly, he heard Brad give a slight whine. The boy was standing in front of the men’s room, staring at the door.

         Confused, Jesse stepped forward to peer over the boys shoulder. Big black letters were sprawled out on a sheet of notebook paper. Out of order. Brock let out a moan as he parted his legs slightly. A hard hissing sound filled the air as the boy released all control and a deep blue stain began to spread its way down the boys legs. A puddle of urine began to pool the boys feet. Jesse watched the puddle spread a few inches and then halted as the hissing stopped.

             Jesse felt his heart tighten. “Brock, I’m . . .”

             “Did you plan this?”

          Jesse looked up at Brock in surprise. The boy had was staring at him, his hazel eyes bright and burning. “What?”

          Brock looked down, staring at the straining bulge in Jesse’s pants. Jesse blushed and tried to hid his erection with his hand, but Brock grabbed his wrist and pulled it away. “Your obviously enjoying yourself.” Brock twisted the wrist he held a little causing Jesse to cry out. Taking a step forward, he used his other hand to grab Jesse by the shoulder and slam him back against the wall. “Answer me. Did you plan this?”

          Jesse twisted in an attempt to get free. His wrist felt like it was on fire and his heart was racing. “No, I promise. . . I. . I only wanted to help. I didn’t know it was out of order. I’m sorry.” Tears of shame, pain and fear were filling his eyes. Giving up, he let himself go limp in Brock’s hold and looked up at the boy with pleading eyes. “ I don’t know why I got hard. I swear I didn’t want it to go this way. Please. Don’t hurt me.”

        Brock stared at him and for a moment Jesse feared he was going to hit him. Then the boy leaned forward until his mouth was only inches from his ear. “Piss yourself.”

          Jesse’s body stiffened as he looked at the boy in disbelief. “What?”

        “You claim that this was an accident. Ok, maybe I buy that, but your still getting too much enjoyment out of this. I don’t like that. So your going to piss yourself as a way of apologizing to me.”

           Jesse moaned in a mixture of fear and arousal. Had he heard right. Brock was asking him to piss himself. The boy his cock had been twitching over all night was asking him to piss himself, was going to watch his piss himself. Jesse didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. God, what have I done to deserve this.

            Brock shook him impatiently. “ I’m waiting.” he said, his voice slightly gentler then before.

              Jesse sighed, resigning himself to his fate. Taking a deep breath, he bared down, trying to obey Brock’s request. Nothing happened. What the hell. . . I drank like four beers. I should be able to. . . then it hit him. Looking down at the bulge at his groin, Jesse began to panic. He took another deep breath and bore down again. This time he felt a small squirt of urine soak into his briefs. He looked down, hoping that it was enough to soak through so that the Brock would know he was making an attempt. His pants remained dry. He let out a frustrated groan.

             Brock gave Jesse another shake. “You want the shit beat out of you.”

          “I’m sorry. I’m trying.” Jesse whimpered. “I can’t do it. I’m too hard. I . . . ”Jesse cried out, going still as Brock’s hand suddenly released his face and latched on to his straining crotch.

             Brock gave the boy a long stroke through the fabric, watching impassively as the boy moaned and began to squirm. “What a pathetic excuse.” He stated, continuing his kneading. “You think that that will get you out of this. Such an idiot.”

              Jesse tried to muffle a moan in response, his hips bucking instinctively into the contact. His mind was in ruins. Fear, pleasure, pain, shame and a plethora of other emotions swirling in his head, creating an erotic and immobilizing trance. He moaned again as he felt his balls contract. Oh no, oh fuck, I’m going. . . I can’t. Jesse threw his head back and gave out a deep moan as he felt himself erupt into this jeans. For a moment, he feared he would pass out as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure zapped the strength in his knees. He went limp in Brock’s hands as he panted and tried to regain his senses. Before he could Brock let go of him and Jesse fell to the floor. Jesse looked up at him.

              Brock leaned against the opposite wall staring at him, the pupils of his eyes blown wide with arousal. Jesse’s eyes fell to the boy’s crotch where a impressive bulge was twitching against the straining fabric. Without looking away, Brock reached his right hand down and began stroking himself through the fabric. Jesse looked back up at Brock’s face and their eyes met. Jesse licked his lips as he slowly raised to his knees. Then, spreading his legs a little, Jesse sighed as he let go. He felt the hot liquid travel down his sensitive urethra with a slight sting before flowing hot into his briefs. He smiled at Brock causing Brock to moan as his eyes dropped down to watch the dampness spread across the front of Jesse’s jeans and trickle down his legs. Brock’s strokes began to quicken and he began to pant.                         Finally, Jesse couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He crawled forward, piss still flowing into his jeans, and reached for him. To his surprise, the boy let go of himself and leaned forward to give him access. Jesse yanked Brock zipper down and thrust his hand inside. Pushing back the boy’s wet and yellow briefs, he found purchase on his prize and pulled it out. Released from is prison, Brock’s cock sprung forward, glistening with piss and pre-cum. The boy hesitated for only a moment before swallowing it down.

                 Jesse had never gave head before and for moment nausea rose in him at the realization that he had someones cock hot and throbbing in his mouth. But then the feeling disappeared leaving nothing, but eagerness, excitement and thick lust in its wake. Jesse attacked his task eagerly, taking every inch he could. He ran his tongue up and down the underside of the shaft a few moments before bringing it up to trace the ridge. He lapped at the precum on the tip, dragging the tip of his tongue inside the sensitive hole before swallowing the whole cock back down again. Brock moaned and squirmed in his weak hold, trying to keep from instinctively thrusting into that warm and welcoming mouth. Jesse took these as signs that he was doing well and redoubled his efforts. Then, Jesse could feel the cock began to twitch and prepared himself for the inevitable finish, but Brock suddenly seized the size of his head and violently pushed him away. Jesse pulled back seconds before Brock came, spilling his seed down the front of Jesse’s shirt.

               The two boys fell silent as both began to come out of the lust filled trance that had enchanted them. Jesse heart began to pound as fear and disbelief gripped him. What the fuck was I thinking. . . I just. . . He’s going to fucking kill me. Then Brock laughed, a deep echoing sound. The boy stood and Jesse flinched, scurrying backwards on his hands and knees like a frightened dog to press himself back against the opposing wall. Brock rose an eyebrow at this and shook his head. Then slowly, Brock began to strip, throwing his soiled clothing aside. Jesse watched warily as the boy reached into the forgotten gym bag at his side and began pulling on Jesse’s spare set of clothing. After he had finished, he then bent down and retrieving his slightly wet shirt from the floor. Brock held it in front of him, inspected the few inches of wetness where his shirt contacted his jeans and shrugged. He stepped forward toward Jesse. “This is a bit wet, but it will have to do.”

                 Jesse stared at him blankly and Brock rolled his eyes. Reaching forward, he grabbed Jesse’s arm. Jesse tried to pull back, but Brock ignored him, pulling his shivering to his feet. Then to Jesse’s surprise, Brock knelt. Moving slowly as to not frighten the already skittish boy, Brock reached forward to wrap the shirt around the boys waist like an apron. “There. That will get us out of here. We can stop at the Walmart along the way and I’ll run in and get you a new pair before you drop me off at my apartment.” Seeing Jesse’s slack jaw expression, Brock smirked. “What we are even now are we not? Now come on. I want to get home before these start to smell.” he stated scooping up his clothing and heading back towards the front of the store. Jesse stared at his a moment dumbfounded before shrugging and scrambling to catch up. The gas station attendant never looked up.

                The two did not discuss the incident when they climbed into the car and jumped back on the main road. True to his word, Brock ran into the store and bought him a new pair of pants while Jesse waited in the car, sitting on a bag the two had found in the gas station garbage can. They did not discuss it while he changed into them in the parking lot using the car door and Brock’s back to shield them. In fact, the only time they talked at all on the way home was when Brock asked Jesse to borrow his cell phone as they pulled into his apartment complex. Jesse handed it over silently and listened to Brock press a few buttons, presumably texting someone before giving it back. He then grabbed his wet clothing, hopped out of the car, and giving Jesse a half-hearted wave, called back “Thanks for the ride.” before disappearing into his apartment.

                 Jesse drove back to the frat house. When he arrived, he was relieved to see that the party had mostly winded down. Picking his way across a few passed out bodies, he made his way up to his room, thanking the stars that he had the mind to lock it before he came down to the party that evening. Slipping into the blissful quiet, he threw his wet into the corner, before collapsing on his bed. Hell of a day. Just before he fell to sleep his pocket suddenly vibrated. Pulling out his cell phone, he flipped it open. Who the hell would be texting me at . . .Jesse froze as he saw Brock’s name splashed across the screen. He must have programed his number in when he borrowed my phone. For a moment, he was torn. He could just delete the message and pretend this whole incident never happened. After all, what if the boy was planning on blackmailing him or something. Then again ignoring him isn’t going to do any good. He knows where I live after all. Finally, Jesse sighed and opened it .

              Great party. Perhaps we can do it again sometime.

</b>Jesse stared at the message a moment in disbelief. Then he laughed. It was a tired somewhat bitter laugh, but Jesse enjoyed it all the same. Hitting the reply button, he smiled as he typed:

                 I’d love to.

***Finished. Hope you guys enjoyed it. For all of you who suggested a little more dirty fun, I decided to stick to one bodily function for this one. Maybe I will do something more dirty for the next one. That is if you all want to here more about these two. Until then review, it inspires me.

Forbiden Lotus****

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