Francine learns to poop

My friend Francine had been dared to poop her panties a long time ago but although she thought she might like it,she was too nervous to actually do it.However after waiting a while she remembered what I had told her about pooping panties being a fun thing to do,so she contacted me again and asked if I would talk her through the process as now she wanted to try it for herself.

She told me that she was ready now and needed to poop quite soon,so I told her all that she needed to do as we went through the preparations.Francine had placed a nice high stool in her room with towels all round it on the floor and now she need to poop, so I told her to walk slowly round her home to prepare for the event,and to push for a few seconds and then to clench her cheeks to stop from pooping.This gets the bowels want more to poop so when you keep pushing it will come out nice and easy.She did this several times until she told me that it felt like she really needed to poop now and she was having to work to hold it in.I told her to keep walking and to push gently as she walked.Francine reported back that now she felt a nice warm soft poop starting to poke out of her and now it was touching her panties and she felt excited that she was actually going to poop her pants.

She kept pushing and soon her panties had a large soft blob of warm poop nestling in her cheeks.She enjoyed feeling it being spread as she kept walking and letting it move round inside her panties as she walked.It is very difficult to just poop in your pants the first time as all your instincts tell you to use the toilet.Once that first step is taken and the poop is in your pants,you might as well enjoy it fully,so I suggested that she sit on her stool and feel the warm poop being spread all over her bum as she moved it on the stool.She said that this felt so nice and naughty and she loved it.She rocked in her seat spreading her poop as much as she could and then she used her hand to push it all over her belly and pussy.I explained too her now how to get the best orgasm.

Francine started to rub her pussy with the soft poop and as she felt a need to pee about then,I told her just to let it flow into her messy panties,which she did and loved how it made her poop even softer so she could use it to lubricate her masturbating and enjoy the total feeling now going through her.Following instructions she rubbed and soon felt the buildup of pressure inside her as her orgasm was getting close.She did not stop to rest as her body was telling her,but kept rubbing harder as the pressure built up more.In a few seconds she had broken through that pressure barrier and was able to enjoy the most wonderful orgasm just as I promised her.Some girls squirt at orgasm,some girls have a thicker slower release of their love juices,so Francine was not a squirter and just enjoyed the feeling of ecstasy as her orgasm swept over her making her feel so marvelous all over.I did masturbate along with her as we chatted on the computer and as I am a squirter I wet my pants big time.It was so nice to hep a friend to reach such heights of pleasure.

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  1. If you tell your friends how good it feels and dare them to try it,then some will really try it.Once they have tried it and know how good it feels they will want to do it again.

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