Fpp.sp.com is no more.

If anyone didn’t know, I was luckyman217 on fpp and I thoroughly enjoyed the site. When posts started slowing I was dissapointed. But not as dissapointed as when the entire page was shut down. For good this time. Anyone on here who came from that site know by now that the page has been shut down. I looked into it and realised that the entirety of Social parody is gone. This is a big loss and tragedy. Hopefully no more good sites will be lost…

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  1. Socialparody is not gone, but FPP is.

    I don’t know what happened, but Bigbootyfacesitter also shut down without any notice. These were decisions made by the administrator of Socialparody without any communication.

  2. I’ll make a random guess — Their bandwidth charges were excessive at socialparody. Serving videos on that platform is like bringing a knife to fight the death star.

    It’d cost PooPeeLife $431.56 EVERY DAY to host our videos there with what they charge and with how many videos we serve bandwidth-wise. Horrible pricing.

    Socialparody might be cool for a chat and forum platform, but forget about hosting content on there.

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