Found more underwear and had some fun!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here due to many reasons outside of the technical ones which hit PPL for a bit.

But anyway… I had the task of cleaning out my sister’s storage unit a few weeks ago. In among the usual crap in those units were draws full of clothing including underwear. We of course checked the draws for jewelery before we dumped everything into plastic bags for either donations or trash. In the draw were two pairs of men’s underwear which belonged to her ex.

While we were sorting out the clothes for donation and trash, I sneaked the two pair of underwear into the pocket of my sweatshirt and continued sorting, I mean checking for more but didn’t find any other pairs.

One pair was an older Hayes boxer briefs that were worn in the crotch area. They were slightly piss stained and there was an obvious skidmark in the rear. The other pair was a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. These too, being white, showed a bit more staining. I got hard not thinking about her ex, aka Dickweed ass-hole, but about what I could do with the underwear!

I had to go before I went up to the storage unit, and definitely had to go when I got home. After dragging the stuff into the basement, I headed upstairs with my new bounty and put on the older Haynes. I sat in my office chair, leaned back, and pushed as hard as I could. I didn’t care if I pissed through them or anything leaked out. I just pushed hard and really had to push hard!

It was a good sized, semi-soft, load that’s great for sitting and squishing, but not so soft as to go all over the place. It filled the rear and pushed up against my balls as it took up the space in the underwear. It was quite sometime since I pants pooped too, and this put me in heaven as I sat there on my treasure jerking off and cumming into my pants. Eventually I had to clean up, but that’s part of the pleasure and chore of the deed.

Now to dig out the white ones and have a good one in those!

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