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  • Your worst constipation story

     pantiespooper updated 3 days, 20 hours ago 7 Members · 12 Posts
  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    September 22, 2019 at 11:58 am

    When did it happen? How long did it last? How was it when you could finally go?

  • poopholder

    September 22, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    I was a teen and on vacation with family for two weeks. Stuffing my face every day and determined not to poop until I got home. I was a bloated fart machine, masturbating constantly as the mega turd grew in my swollen colon. Eventually after ten days I went from being solidly constipated to being doubled over in pain with a footlong rockhard log tenting out my tighty whities. My dad came in the bathroom to check on my and saw the log on the floor and freaked out becAuse he knew I’d been holding it again. After that My hole hurt so much and I didn’t go again for a week!

  • pregnantman

    October 11, 2020 at 11:59 am

    Hi, I have got many constipation stories…My life is connected with constipation. I enjoy being full and going to swimming pools while bloated – people stare at my pregnant belly…I like it…My belly really protrudes as I am a slim guy.
    And I like giving birth at public toilets or in the woods – I can moan, push audibly….at the public toilets people can hear my struggle…

  • poopholder

    April 13, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Would love to hear others constipation stories!

  • pantiespooper

    May 31, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    I know…. it is weird for a woman to like being constipated. I have been learning about this for a while. I don’t always like the waiting, but it can be so worth it.

    One time, I waited 11 days, and simply decided it was he right time, even though I might have waited longer. This time, it had some softer poop around it, so that it was lubricated, but still pretty big… nice bulge — it measured 2 3/4″ (perhaps a little more) x 7″….

    But it taught me a few things. When I do it again, I’ll take a med to make and keep me constipated. I’ll have to refrain from teasing it – that causes things to happen waaayyy too soon… nice, but not big enough. No, this time, I fully expect to wait 14 days, or as close as I can get to that. In that regard, I have set a goal, girth, length, and how long it takes to get it out… —- that last item has to do with how long it holds me open to the max….

  • pantiespooper

    May 31, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Something I did not say, that lends itself to this forum.

    Normally, when one is constipated, they sit, or squat, presumably to ease the discomfort. I suggest a different way.

    When you are ready, just begin to relax – only push a little, if you think you need to, but never in the above positions. You should be standing, or walking slowly, and try to let it move on its own. yes, LET it move, don’t push it to move; that is what makes it hurt.

    I think you will find (as I did) that the sensations of being held open are marvelous, and that there is less discomfort. Walking, you will even find that the cheeks of your bottom will actually help. Of course, standing and walking… don’t do that with your clothes off…. it belongs in your panties… er, pants for you guys….

    • jcpp7622

      June 4, 2021 at 1:28 pm

      Yes, standing really, really helps. I suffer from dangerously bad constipation due to medication I take along with the neuromuscular issue that the meds are used to treat it.

      I discovered long ago that standing up and letting gravity help with the pushing does a lot to get the poop out. Being pants poopers, this is a lot easier for me because we don’t have to worry about pulling clothes off and we just let gravity and nature do their thing and clean up later. We can also take our time and push when the urge to move is there rather than finding that convenient time to do so.

      I noticed that once I get past the hard, difficult to push poop after going a few times, things loosen up and I get a period of normal and truly enjoyable ones that are worth remembering.

      I know I’ll get the lecture about fiber and water, and eating ruffage and veggies, ,etc., but in my case it does not help. Laxatives, including the “natural” kind only produce a build up of painful gas, and I’m not going to start with enemas because that has it’s own issues to be dealt with. The issue is my gut is slowing down along with everything else. This causes my digestion to slow down and the poop not to move. All the exercise, proper eating, helpers, and other stuff doesn’t do shit for the shits.

  • pantiespooper

    June 6, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    I think I’m actually sorry you have this difficulty. Perhaps, at some time in the future, I, too, will have similar challenges… although, I may relish them more than you.

    I wish I could tell you how to handle it. For myself, I just walk along (could be at home, might even be in a store), and just kinda let it happen… 🙂

  • lp1986

    June 10, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    I don’t enjoy being constipated, and I was VERY much the opposite of that back when I uploaded frequently. I had a very high fiber diet and ate a psyllium husk cereal, so it was very rare for me to ever go more than 36 hours without taking a massive dump, lol. I definitely would have shit my pants for real by accident if I attempted to hold those big fiber loads longer than 2 days.

    However, I do have a VERY bad constipation story from my childhood that was very traumatic for me and I do think affected me not indulging in this fetish until several years into being an adult. It’s VERY LONG, so you are in for a treat!

    When I was in third grade, my family moved into a new house and my siblings and I shared a bathroom with a toilet that clogged very easily. Our toilet at our old house was a champ and never clogged, so a clogged toilet was a very foreign concept to us, as dumb as that sounds. The first time it overflowed, instead of my parents showing us all why it happened, how to know it’s clogged, and how to unclog it, they took the approach of going absolutely ballistic in anger because of the mess it made. Like legit made all of us cry because of how angry they got. They did eventually show us how to unclog it very hastily in a harsh condescending shameful tone, but the effect it had on me was it made me too nervous to do anything but pee in my toilet. I became uncomfortable pooping in my own home, was too anxious to do it at school, and really only my grandma’s house was the only place I felt comfortable to poop. I was only at my grandma’s house once a week, so you can see where this is going….

    Because of my poop anxiety, I ended up not going for over a week. I was very constipated by that point, so even when I did go to my grandma’s, I couldn’t poop when I tried. What ended up happening by the 10th or 12th day is my rectum got packed so full of hardened poop that it became stretched out and unable to contract properly for a proper bowel movement. I started getting urges to poop very badly, since the stretching in my rectum triggered that to my brain, and a bunch of soft liquid poop would go around my impacted rectum and I’d start leaking soft poop into my underwear. For anyone unaware, the medical term for this is encopresis and even today it’s still a thing parents struggle to address and deal with properly when they have a child that goes through this. I had no idea what was going on medically, and I ended up being very ashamed and embarrassed because my parents were assuming I was doing it on purpose. What’s worse is both my parents are nurses, and would be able to have a medical mindset to try and diagnose what was going on with their children before bringing us to a doctor or hospital. I think what happend with me though is because I pooped my pants on purpose so much as a little girl, well past potty training age before being shamed enough to stop doing it, is that my parents now were assuming 5 years later, I was regressing somehow and needed to be shamed again. They automatically assumed I was just letting a thin layer of poop go on my undies everyday. It never occurred to them that if I was actually trying to poop my pants again on purpose, wouldn’t it make more sense if I actually, you know, full on popped my pants. Like fully loaded underwear and being needed to called from school to change clothes type of pants poop would have been the appropriate scenario for that type of regression they had in mind. But at that time, it was just small smelly stains from the poop I couldn’t controllably hold in.

    This went on for another week, and unfortunately I was in school at the time. I was mortified because I knew I smelled like poop, and I was scared everyday someone was going to assume I pooped my pants and tell my teacher on me, lol. What’s sad is I obviously didn’t feel good being that constipated, I was anxious because I had NO IDEA what was medically wrong with me because my parents shamed me into not being comfortable enough to let me explain what’s going on, and it was very scary because I would get these MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE desperation waves very unpredictably, and it would be so bad that I was legitimately worried that I was going to uncontrollably shit my pants with all the built up poop in my rectum. Obviously, thats not medically possible, lol… But my third grade brain was in constant worry that at any moment, I was going to have a pants pooping accident so huge and so big that it would entirely fill out my bottom, go down my legs, onto my shoe, up out the top of my pants, plop onto the floor, and then make a pile on the floor because it felt like THAT MUCH poop was stuck in my tiny body with how bad these desperation waves were. I would have to kneel down and stick my heel into my butt or reposition my foot if I was sitting down to hold these desperation waves in because it felt like I was going to absolutely explode, but in reality all that would happen was the little bit of soft poop that could leak past my impacted colon would make its way out and without any control, stain my underwear. Even when id sit on the toilet with those urges, this is all I could do. Just poop out the small bit of stool. The poop in my rectum was 2 weeks old, very large, and dried out. Because of my rectums flaccidness, it was nearly impossible for my third grade body to naturally poop that out on my own.

    It also was very hard for me to have any privacy to even try! If I was in the bathroom for longer than a few minutes, someone had to use it.

    This went on for about 19 days, until I was fortunate enough to stay at my very compassionate great aunts house. A former candy striper, (a nurses aid), someone who was never married or had kids, she enjoyed very much taking care of my siblings when we were not well. By this point, my uncontrollable leaking stools were happening more frequently and the night I was at her house, it happened so many times without me noticing in my sleep, that my underwear looked more so like I had an accident with the amount of stool I leaked that night. Because my aunt tucked me into bed, she knew this happened when I was sleeping and unaware. Combined with my general lethargy, and big bloated tummy on my otherwise skinny body, she was able to figure out I was very constipated. She was very sweet to me that morning because she could tell I was embarrassed when I woke up because my underwear felt full like I had an accident. She just said something along the lines of I know you don’t feel good and probably haven’t for awhile, but it’s okay. I showered and then she took me to the hospital where my mom works and told my mom I was very constipated. Imagine my mom in her place of work having another family member being me in for this. I remember my moms demeanor immediately changing because she was at work and faced the realization that her daughter who she was shaming the past two weeks for thinking I was pooping my pants on purpose was legitimately medically impacted. I imagine the guilt my mom had when she saw my absolutely horrific x ray was pretty fucking bad. My mother, in full nurse mode, I guess thought it would be least traumatic for me to have her be the one who had to digitally unpack my rectum. If you don’t know what this means, it means I was given a VERY strong and big enema, then instructed to sit on a commade. I had what felt like never ending diarrhea because I was legitimately shitting liquid for like 10 minutes. After that big liquid dump, I had to lay on the bed on my side while my own mother had her fingers up my ass digging out the hardened poop left in my flaccid colon. I literally had to push so hard and I remembered hating it because it felt like worst desperation everytime my mom had her fingers up there and there was just no relief from it. Obviously my asshole was bloody and sore from this whole ordeal too. I unfortunately had the morbid curiosity to look behind after this was done and while my mom was changing gloves, and I remember the horror upon seeing the absolute giant pile of poop sitting on the chux. This whole ordeal didn’t even take up the whole whole morning. Nearly 3 weeks of shit was cleaned out of my bowels in like an hour. That procedure was obviously very traumatizing.

    The trauma didn’t end there though! I was prescribed Metamucil and told to drink alot of gatorade. I was very excited about the gatorade, so I thought the Metamucil was nothing to worry about. I was so happy just not to feel like I had to shit all the time. My asshole was obviously very sore and it took a few days for my rectum to go back to its functional shape after being stretched so long, which is why I was prescribed the Metamucil to ensure I was still having bowel movements. I felt good for a total of 5 hrs after this whole ordeal that day, until I was playing with my sister and I let out a fart. Because of all the laxatives on my system still combined with the Metamucil being an additional stool bulkner to latch onto all the traces left behind in my colon, what IMMEDIATELY followed that fart was a mountain and I mean a MOUNTAIN of soft poop that I had no control over. I stood there frozen in absolute horror, unable to stop what felt like a faucet of soft very warm poop coming out of my butt. I remember my face turning red as I could feel this massive poop load entirely engulf my freshly clean undies. It was SO WARM and I remember feeling the sensation of the load slowly going up my entire bottom and breaching the top of my underwear, and the uncomfortable feeling when I felt it breached my leg holes and started to go down my pants legs. It WOULDN’T stop either. I couldn’t stop it either, even if I wanted to. For nearly 3 weeks I was so worried about massively shitting my pants uncontrollably, and after I was cleaned out that morning, I completely let go of that fear. So needless to say, it was very jarring for me to have a full blown pants pooping accident so soon after all this. When the load finally ceased, I wanted to cry. There I was, 10 years old, pooping my pants. I was actually more embarrassed by that then the whole cleaning out procedure. At least I was in the hospital where it was okay to poop in a weird setting. I hadn’t had an accident for years and I was still carrying a ton of ingrained shame from popping my pants on purpose when I was a little girl, so to have one that massive at age 10 was very traumatic for me. And it was MASSIVE, it completely filled my undies to the brim and went down both my legholes. I had to waddle back inside in shame and have my sympathetic grandma help clean me up. In hindsight, someone should have instructed my grandparents that I needed to be nearby a toilet the rest of the day, because that bowel movement was DEFINITELY going to happen. Unfortunately no adult around me took that advice seriously, so instead of that massive after dump having taken place on a toilet, I had the biggest pants poop accident of my life.

    I had school the next day and my mom was probably more conservative with the Metamucil those first days back, upon hearing how bad my accident was at my grandparents. As if I needed the added trauma of shitting my pants that badly like that at school. About 3 days after the procedure, my mom with no warning bursted in on me in the bathrooms trying to take one of my first normal dumps in 3 weeks. Unsatisfied with how long it was taking me she decided to digitally clean out my rectum right there on the toilet!!! I remember having to lean over while my mom used her fingers to push out my turd. I have no idea how neccessy it was for my mom to do this, but I was obviously mortified about it, and also my burthole was JUST starting to feel better and then she had to go and do that lol. I was also embarrassed because my siblings who were left in the dark about this shockingly, suddenly were wondering what the hell was going on in the bathroom. I was not pleased. The good news is that my mom didn’t do that again after that, and I started having normal bowel movements again! It was all behind me…

    Until…. Haha. Yes, the story is almost done! But I have to add this part. So this was very traumatic for me to recover from and 3 months after this happened, I was finally able to move on with it a bit and stop having nightmares. It also sucked emotionally to process this all because I realize now as an adult how much my parents gas lit me after all this. They had very long talks with me about how I can’t keep my health to myself and to tell them if something is wrong with my body, no matter how embarrassing it is. They also couldn’t understand why I didn’t just tell them what was going on. They COMPLETELY disregarded the shaming and assuming I was doing it on purpose to fit their own unhealthy way of trying to cope with their own guilt about the situation. If was all very fucked up. But anyways, the final part of this story is that 3 months later, I made the mistake of standing in a way that posturally resembled a constipated person. My mom called me out on it and I tried to reason with her that I was fine and pooping normally and have been for some time. It was very uncomfortable to have to bring up again. She didn’t believe me and made me drink what I can only imagine was a mega dose serving of Metamucil. What’s fucked up was I was going to another relatives house that night and she gave me this like a half hour before sending me off with no warning to them. I remember VERY vividally the trauma of my pants pooping accident and that whole evening I was rushing to the toilet everytime I felt a fart. After several false alarms, I assumed I was in the clear… You probably know where this is going,lol. If you assumed I shit my pants that night, you are correct! Just like the last time, it came out of nowhere, and I uncontrollable filled my underwear. The accident wasn’t nearly as bad as the one from that one day and I managed to clean myself up and throw away my underwear without being noticed. I kind of filed that accident away in my brain and didn’t let it bother me as bad as my first one, but it was still very annoying to have to relive that trauma again for no reason other than having bad posture in front of my mother.

    And wow, I hope everyone enjoys that novel as much as I enjoyed sharing it, haha.

    • kanbara7

      June 11, 2021 at 11:28 am

      wow! what a story. i’m sorry for how tough that must have been— i have very similar stories. i was always constipated and encopretic too, because i just didn’t like pooping. i would walk around super full and always have desperation cramps while leaking bits of poop into my undies.

      and dont even get me started about actually pushing these loads out. i had a handful of accidents but nothing so bad, at least not in school, though i did walk around basically involuntarily pushing quite a lot.

      funnily enough, i had the opposite reaction as you to this, i actually really enjoy being full of dry thick poop and wondering how long it will take to push out as well as feeling super full and urgent with a little bit sticking out when i do my daily business. pushing a bit and letting a little bit of hard stuff out is one of my favourite things to do!

      • lp1986

        June 13, 2021 at 1:43 am

        Thanks for sharing your experience too! Encopresis isn’t really brought up alot on this site. Honestly, I can’t believe some days how comfortable I got in the past year with indulging in this fetish, because my encopresis episode was INCREDIBLY traumatic. I was already very shameful about pooping in general because my parents basically had to shame me into it because I purposely pooped my pants until I was 5. It was very confusing for me to still have fascinations about it before my encopresis episode happend. I remember being in first grade and using up my bathroom passes because I always needed to take a massive dump after lunch, lol. So honestly, it’s crazy this didn’t happen sooner since I got in a habit of holding at school. I wouldn’t have dared pooping my pants at school, but some days I had to go so bad, the temptation was definetly there.

        I was also VERY self conscious about farting at school, so when I had my encopresis episode, you can imagine the struggle I had with all the obvious gas I had, lol. It was so bad, that I’d get those very loud painful sounding audible colon rumbles whenever those massive desperation waves hit. Like my classmates would notice and it’d draw attention to me and it was the WORST. Lucky for me, they always assumed it was my stomach and would joke about me being hungry, but not lucky for me, I’d then have a handful of my classmates looking directly at me while I was quite uncomfortably trying to deal with one of those desperation waves. I always hoped they would look away before I could feel the soft poop leakage that would follow those waves. Ugh, it’s gross to think about, but I definitely was involuntarily shitting my pants several times a day in front of my classmates, even if it wasn’t the pants pooping I’m accustomed to, since it was just a trace amount each time.

        But omg, those farts… Lol. I remember when I would let them go in private. I absolutely had to let them go in private if at all possible because they smelled SO BAD. Like ugh lol. I remember whatever I would be sitting on would smell like someone literally took a dump on it, lol. And the farts were SO long and drawn out. They sounded muffled, like I was farting into fully loaded pooped pants, but the poop was stuck inside me and not my pants 🙁 the farts were fascinating because I didn’t think it was possible to fart that obnoxiously, lol… But then they would make me anxious because I was reminded something was very wrong with me!

        ugh yeah… Recalling all this definitely reminds me I’m still scarred about constipation lol

  • pantiespooper

    June 13, 2021 at 8:31 am

    It appears you have good reason to be scared. In your circumstances, I would be scared too. Plus, I would likely NOT like being constipated – which I actually do. Do NOT ask me why — it is just something about being pushed open to the max, and being held there for some long period of time.

    I am only guessing, but I imagine you have a crop of hemorrhoids as well, like me. Yes, those are sensitive too, and tend to enhance the sensations.

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