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  • What was the main cause of your early marking/messing/wetting?

     nastyboystupid updated 4 months, 1 week ago 8 Members · 9 Posts
  • immp

    February 20, 2021 at 11:03 am

    What was the main cause of your early marking/messing/wetting? Reading posts on here, children/teenagers were variously accused of being careless, lazy, naughty or in too much of a hurry. It’s also possible for there to have been health issues, bullying, defiance, forgetting to wipe and just plain enjoyment. I’ve also heard of dares or ‘dirty pants competitions’ between siblings or friends and one instance where someone said ‘i just couldn’t be bothered’.

    Which of the above is the best fit for you? Or was it something I’ve not thought of?

  • lostsole69

    February 20, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    here is my story

  • lostsole69

    February 20, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    I was with my mother when I was 3 we went to visit a neighbor and I know there was a girl that lived there I sorta liked her I remember having to pee so I asked to use the bathroom and the lady showed me where it was when I went into the bathroom I remember looking at the toilet and there on the seat was poop. I was dumbfounded about it and thought what would have happened if I had to poop and did not see it and had sat in it? Then in my little mind, I thought it must have been the girl that lived there that had put it there? Well after that happened I kept thinking about it and it just kept running through my mind and my love for girls and the poop started to merge in my mind. I kept fantasizing what would it feel like to sit in poop and what would it feel like if I ever pooped my pants so one day I was 14 I made up my mind i was going to do it so I put toilet paper in my panties and pulled up my pants and well the anticipation was wonderful I remember standing there in the bathroom and letting my poop slowly go in my pants and as it slid out into my panties I got this wonderful feeling like I was going to pee or something it was out of this world I was in a state of arousal and as I ran over to the toilet I exploded in my pants with a strong orgasm! It was at that point I knew poop was special and was my lover it was so deep in me I was in love with my shit and I have never looked back and now I crave a women’s brown gifts and crave her ass I was always sticking things up my ass like drumsticks and cigar tubes we share so many wonderful things together!

  • lp1986

    February 21, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    I’m not fully sure, but it was probably initially a sensory thing to me, as a kid. I hated how blue jeans felt, they were too constricting, tight, and uncomfortable. The only way I enjoyed wearing them was if I heavily pooped my pants with them on. I didn’t care about how tight they were in the moments of filling my pants where I slowly felt the mountain of warm soft poop work its way to the top of my underwear, while also sagging my bottom down. I had (and still do) a fascination with really big poop accidents, so filing my pants that way where my bottom got completly caked with my load always satisfied my fascination of having a really bad huge “accident”.

    And speaking of accident fascination. I would say I had that, but I fully didn’t understand it at the time, because I wasn’t really having true accidents, because I pooped my pants on purpose. I watched alot of comedy, cartoons,stupid kid shows, or movies. Fart and poop jokes are a trope and common in the type of genre. I started to notice that sometimes the comedy character could get away with pooping his pants and everyone around him thought it was endearing and funny (typically set up by said character farting and then accidently pooping themselves). And as they say, TV is bad influences for children, because I know that I DEFINITELY tried to rationalize that into real life when I purposely pooped my pants. I’d imagine how funny and quirky my friends would think it would be, rather than the real life consequences of likely being made fun of the rest of my life. I do remember being in younger years of elementary school, way past my past pooping phase, and sitting in class daydreaming about pooping my pants and wishing I could!

  • accnt2013

    March 12, 2021 at 3:00 pm

    I didn’t poop my pants as a small child, not after I was potty trained, but I REALLY wanted to. I have a few very early memories, and at least a few of my memories are from before the age of 2. It might be my unusual memory that contributed to this strange fetish. I did have a nearly gifted IQ when I was tested as a child, so maybe that helps to explain my unusual memory retention.

    My earliest memory of a full diaper (or filling one) was when I was on a walk with my mom. This memory is pretty hazy. I think she may have even been carrying me. I remember her saying something like, “we’re going back”. I remember being confused… why? She said something like, “you went poopy”. I didn’t believe her, so I stuck my finger into my diaper and it came out covered in poop. I must have shit myself without even knowing it!

    I remember a much later memory. I was probably between 2 and 3 years old. I was sitting down, probably watching TV, and needing to poop, I got up, walked a few feet, then stopped with my feet wide apart and dropped a log of poop into my diaper over the course of a few seconds. I do remember being distinctly disappointed when I pinched off the end of the log that it wasn’t a very large load, that I didn’t have the feeling of a big warm pile around my butthole like after some of my other poops. I then started walking stiff-leggedly towards the bathroom to have my diaper changed, and that’s where that memory ends.

    Needless to say, but the time I turned three I still wasn’t potty trained because I simply had grown to enjoying pooping my diaper too much. Sometime after my 3rd birthday, I remember my mom taking me to a toy store and showing me this giant, rideable, plastic toy backhoe. I loved earth-moving equipment as a small child. She told me “you can have that if you stop pooping your pants”. I remember feeling quite unhappy about this- I dreaded not being able to poop my pants anymore, but my mom had found the PERFECT bribe. So she bought the backhoe, and put it on top of the refrigerator. All I had to do to get it was to wear these pull-up training pants she got me for a week, and not poop in them once. So, the week went by, I was a good boy, and the backhoe came down to the sandbox. I was delighted, and my mom was relieved to have finally found something that worked to potty train me…

    I think it was the night of the same day I got the backhoe. I was in bed, just after bedtime when my mom had left, and I felt the ache of full bowels coming on, that sort of pinching-aching (but not urgent) fullness associated with regular (log/snake-like) poops. I remember feeling almost butterflies in my stomach as I considered the possibility of pooping in my training pants. I knew I would get in trouble, but I also really, really, really wanted to poop my pants! And so, I couldn’t resist long, naturally. I got up out of bed. Pooping in your pants is something babies do, is what I remember thinking, so I got down on my hands and knees. Just following impulse, I crawled around the pole of the bedside lamp, spoke some nonsense words (because babies speak nonsense words), and then started pooping. I remember my plastic-backed training pants crackling loudly as they expanded out to accommodate a huge log of poop. I remember feeling the poop log coil or fold a bit, and completing my crawl around the lamp pole, my training pants just LOADED with shit, and then the memory fades. I do remember, however, the dismay of having the plastic backhoe go back on top of the refrigerator for another week! I got it back a week later after not having any more “accidents”, and I didn’t poop my pants again, by accident or otherwise, until I began to (very secretly) do it again around the age of 13. I did discover in the meantime, like around age of 4 or 5, that the idea of wetting my pants turned me on too, but only if it was secret. I had had no idea that pants wetting was fun as a small child because diapers and training pants just absorb all that without mess.

    My mom knew I had a very early memories, as I had proven it many times, so she later asked why I had been so slow to potty train, especially considering my relatively rapid mental development. I lied to her and told her I was “lazy”. I could never admit that I simply loved to poop my pants. It’s too embarrassing. I wonder if she ever guessed the truth. She did find some of my washed, and rinsed, and dried-out soiled clothes under my bed at around the age of 15, and she never mentioned it, those clothes just disappeared. Maybe she learned the embarrassing truth then, but if so, she never said a peep about it and I’m profoundly grateful for that.

    So yea, the main cause of my early messing/wetting was simply because I enjoyed pooping my diaper, and didn’t want to stop. I’ve often wondered if the reason I developed this fetish was simply because I mentally developed more quickly than most people, and had time to develop a strong sense of enjoyment out of filling my diaper that most people do not get.

    Then again, reading some of the posts here, I’m surprised to learn that many of you all discovered this strange fetish much later in life. Maybe I’m just the same as y’all but, because my memory matured more quickly, I just discovered that I loved pooping my pants while I was still wearing diapers, and never forgot.

  • jcpp7622

    March 13, 2021 at 2:41 pm

    I think it goes back to my potty-training as well. I remember my mom being anal about it and forcing me to sit on the toilet to go even if I didn’t have to. I also remember her yelling at me if there was a microscopic spec in my underwear, and continuing to hammer me about having messy underwear. Being stubborn, I rebelled even at that early age and remember being defiant and going behind the couch and pooping my pants there. The funny thing is my mom mentioned that to me one day randomly during a conversation before she passed away. She even said then due to me being stubborn, she had an awful time potty-training me and my brother was worse.

    Then we fast forward 10 years later. My brother is 5 years younger than me and he couldn’t be bothered with potty-training. He used to crap in his pants all the time and it became a thing for him to sit on the edge of the sandbox and squish one out in his pants. Even back when I was 7 years old, I remember being fascinated by him doing this. His face would grimace and turn red as he pushed then he’d get up and pull his pants and underwear away from his butt then sit down and go about whatever thing he was doing. One day I tried that and got grounded for messing my pants and that ended that trial pretty quick!

    Then I was around 12 or 13 my brother was still filling his pants. We had a bully in the neighborhood who picked up on that and he threatened me with death if I didn’t do the same. Being a scrawny kid for my age, I complied. Little did he know that I wanted to do this all along. When it came time to clean up, I feigned an accident and got away with it. Whew!

    My brother ended his pants pooping shortly after that, but I continued in secret by first lining my underwear with toilet paper and paper towels, which lead to walks after school because I definitely could not poop in the stinky school bathrooms, besides, the bullies used to hang there and throw us kids into the toilets! One day I did sneak in and line my underwear with the tear-off paper towels and walked home from school as always. I was about 14 or 15 and really pushed a nice size one into my pants while walking home. When I got home, I emptied the load into the toilet and flushed along with the soft paper towles. There was nothing to clean up, outside of my ass, and not a spot on my underwear.

    Then one day when I was 15 going on 16, I had my official underwear poop. The rest is history from there and I’ve been doing it ever since. During that time, because I was living at home and not doing my laundry, I used to hide my dirty underwear in my closet, and kept 3 favorited and used pairs of tight FTL gold-and blue banded 1970s underwear in that place. These lasted until they finally fell apart, but I used to go for walks after school and fill them up pretty well. These were some great poop experiences I wish I could still do today, but being older, well things don’t work that way anymore.

  • ninanika

    March 14, 2021 at 7:41 am

    When I was a kid, you could always see some dirt from my ass and pussy on my panties at the end of the day. Most often, this was due to insufficient wiping after the toilet, including due to the poor quality of the paper used. Over time, I generally began to ignore wiping after the toilet more and more often. Initially, I was prompted by curiosity, but later it turned into a fetish.

  • peterspooedhispants

    March 14, 2021 at 9:53 am

    It goes back to potty training for me, and probably being taken out of nappies too early. I didn’t like to do a poo on the potty so I would try to hold it back, but of course had frequent accidents. Sometimes I would go and stand in the corner of the room, face the wall so that my mum couldn’t see my face, and poo my pants. My mum would always be able to tell that I needed a poo but I was very resistant to being taken to the potty and she would be almost pleading with me to do it on the potty, not in my pants. The problem got much worse when I started school because I simply refused to poo in the school toilets, so I would just try and hold it back all day. This resulted in me soiling on an almost daily basis, usually not too severely as I guess I could control it a bit better by this age, but there were nonetheless quite a lot of occasions where it was bad enough that other kids could smell me (and I could smell myself). I vividly recall an occasion at school of having pooed my pants and sort of waiting to see what would happen next, ie do I wait for the teacher to say something?! Nothing was said and I stayed like that all day and finally went home very stinky and embarrassed.

  • nastyboystupid

    March 23, 2021 at 6:25 am

    Here is my story of an experience that I see in close connection with the development of this fetish. Yes, I have already made this answer in another thread. But I think it fits better in this one.

    I can remember an experience when I was around eleven or twelve years old. My parents took me on a bike tour. I had to poop urgently before we left, but since we had an appointment and we were already late, I couldn’t go to the toilet. During the bike tour the pressure became more and more uncomfortable. I definitely didn’t want to poop anywhere outside so I was brave and kept going. At some point I couldn’t go any longer and a turd slowly pushed its way into my pants. I was so embarrassed. In addition, I was terrified that someone would notice something. Since I was wearing these tight-fitting (you can`t hide anything) 90s-style bike shorts at the time, I also feared that someone might see my mishap…

    A few years later I found these bike shorts by chance in my wardrobe. I then began to wear them as underwear under my normal clothes. I liked the idea of completely soiling these pants with my body juices and vapors, therefore I wore them quite often. Then one day the thought occurred to me to use my pants as a toilet. Well, this is another story…

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