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  • What is the BEST Shit You Remember?

     satyricon1 updated 1 year, 5 months ago 9 Members · 10 Posts
  • ishitpants2

    November 17, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    I remember a wonderful shitting experience that occurred several years ago. It happened twice, and has never been repeated. I am so glad I have the memory! It gives me hope that one day – I might shit that way again!

    It began one evening when I felt a little like I had to take a shit. But the urge wasn’t very strong, so I ignored it and continued doing what I was doing. In a few minutes, what was the whisper of a BM grew in size and urgency until I was clenching my ass cheeks together as I hurried for the toilet.

    I hardly got onto the seat when I just oozed out a tremendous, ass ripping snake! It was light brown, smooth skinned and crackly, and it was long – so long that it slid into the trap in the toilet and got stuck with the other end still in my ass! I had to stand up while pushing to get it out!

    Needless to say, it felt so amazing, I was breathless! I spent quite a while admiring the big snake! This was before I had a digital camera, so I was trying to memorize the sight. Finally, I flushed, and the snake went half down and the toilet clogged. It took a couple more flushes, and a leak, before the great snake was gone.

    Well, as awesome as this shit was, it was only a prelude to the greatest pants shitting experience I ever had.

    The next night, I had to shit again, just as hard, just as urgently. I was a pants pooper, but very in the closet and shy, and scared of being discovered too! So I had a lot of guilt even thinking about shitting in my pants. But I had this intense desire to unload into my briefs this time, hoping it would be a repeat performance of the amazing shit snake. I was sweating with lust!

    I went into the bathroom and got ready with a bottle of poppers. I took a whiff, and then slowly began to unload. I pushed a nice firm nugget out, well formed and solid. It felt wonderful as it dropped with a “plunk” into the seat of my white briefs.

    But I had more, and my urge was growing. A longer log came out on its own. I tried to hold it back, but it won the argument – which felt awesome – as it slid into my pants. The feeling of shit forcing its way out my ass is something I love! So this was a great experience.

    I had another urge, and I pushed this time, grunted out a snake, long and slithering. It kept coming out my ass, and my briefs were sagging. I had to pinch it off and unload! There was just no more room and I didn’t want to shit on the floor!

    When I lowered my pants, I saw an enormous solid shit ball dominating the seat of my pants. It was relatively dry and there were no stains in the crisp white cloth of my briefs. I emptied the ball into the toilet, and tried to flush. It took two flushes, but it finally was gone.

    A wave of peristalsis reminded me of my still full rectum.

    I pulled on my briefs and leg go again. I pushed out another long, curling snake that coiled up in the seat of my pants, almost pulling them off again! It felt so huge, and I was so hard, when I touched myself, my cock exploded in cum as the shit continued to fill my pants!

    After I recovered from the intense orgasm, I looked into my pants to see a beautiful coiled pile of firm shit, the second load in my pants pooping session. It was big, but didn’t clog as I flushed it away.

    I fondly remember that shitting.

    That’s my story…

    What’s YOURS?

  • bigbladder

    November 18, 2019 at 7:10 am

    I usually don’t shit outside, but on way home from work a huge shit urge hit me. Took over 30 minutes to find a spot outside for relief.
    I could feel it starting to exit my hole as i quickly yanked down my pants. a 15″ brown log massaged my ass opening, leaving a huge pile on the ground.
    That sure felt good to get rid of. left a brown streak in my white underwear. Another minute longer that shit would be in my briefs.

  • jcpp7622

    November 19, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    You should blog your experiences like I have. This was a great one. I’ve had a number that were in the top category of let’s not forget this one.

    Here’s one from about 41-42 years ago. (Yikes!)

    This here is another day I actually almost forgot about. It’s quite similar to another I had blogged about since I had more than a few pants poops on the way home from that workplace.

    In the early 1980’s I would walk to and from work. As I do today, when I needed to poop, I would hold on to it until the convenient moment when I can let it go in my pants. I felt the urge all day, but instead of doing it in the men’s room, I would go in to pee and adjust my package because every time I thought about the poop, I would get hard. The day ran on until the closing bell at 4:00 (16:00), and off I was on my trip home. It was somewhat dark that evening since it was late October. I had about a mile walk that took me up hill from the old mill building to my house on the other side of town. Being work, I had on my usual jeans and tighty whities and whatever shirt I wore that day. As I made it away from the building and on to the road, I unzipped my pants and unbuttoned them, but kept them up with my belt. Being a cooler time of year, my overcoat covered up everything anyway so no one could tell.

    As I walked along up the hill from the industrial park, I had to cross the railroad tracks. As I approached the tracks, a freight came along from the left and I had to wait a few minutes. As I stood there, I pushed to relieve the gas that had been building up all day. They were sweet, not very sulpherous farts, and it felt so great to let the pressure go. I continued to push until a bit of poop entered into my underwear. I stopped then and let it sit there. It wasn’t much, semi-hard but not so much and soft enough to come out easily. I stood there with the poop in my pants and hard as a rock. I waited a bit after the train passed to let my cock calm down before I walked.

    I continued up the hill and instead of heading up directly, I cut through town. As I walked along, I pushed more into my pants. I could feel the load filling the void in my pants as the underwear pulled away from my ass. Being a pants pooper, I didn’t waddle along and let the poop collect in my pants. I got to the back alley behind the hardware store, leaned against the loading dock, and pushed hard. More poop came out and I stood there enjoying my mess and smell. The load was quite large and sticky now and kept moving around. I didn’t want to get it on my jeans so I squished it into place with my hand. Man, oh man, was I hard, but I waited for my cock to settle down again before I walked. Off on the trip home again… I crossed Main Street and continued on. I stopped again and this time I leaned against a guardrail in another alley near the gas station , pushed the final bit into my pants, and then flattened it all in my pants.

    I was hard! Sweating, heart racing, hard! I reached in my pants in the front, and jerked off and let the cum fill up in my underwear. I could feel the warmth overcome my body as I leaned against the guardrail and relaxed.

    From there it was another 3/4-mile to my house. The load smell mixed with my cum and piss wafted up and periodically I could smell it, although by this point all I wanted to do was empty my pants because the mess was cold and I was getting chilled. When I got home, I scooted right upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom while I unveiled my treasure. That load was huge! The poop, while squished into my pants, had taken the opposite shape of my ass crack and cheeks. I cut it up with a bent coat hanger first before flushing it down, and then I flushed the toilet paper.

    The clean-up was messy. The poop had worked its way into every crease and crevice, and even though I thought I had kept my jeans clean, they were not – probably from me squishing the load into place with my hands. After all was done, I hid the clothes in my hiding place until I could use the laundry.

  • poopypants2

    November 21, 2019 at 11:25 am

    The biggest shit I ever took was in my pants! A bunch of us were camping for 3 nights. We ate pasta every night and I somehow held on till the last day.

    We were heading back to camp – a 4 or 5 hour hike – and this girl that was part of our group needed the bathroom, and I told her I did too, so we hiked up ahead. We were joking around about how close we were to pooping our pants.

    With the campsite just a few minutes away, I couldn’t hold it anymore and started to poop my pants. I told her to go on ahead, and pretended to drink some water. The load that came out of me was HUGE. It was solid ad kept coming and coming and filling up my briefs. I pinched it off and walked behind her the rest of the way to the toilets near our camp.

    When the rest of the group came back they mentioned how the boys’ dorm smelled like shit, and I jokingly said that the smell must’ve wafted over from the bathrooms, which were attached to our dorms.

    It was the largest load I’d ever done! Felt great, and would love to do it again, especially with a beautiful girl around.

  • cpuman100

    November 30, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    At a winter camp, I held my poop for 3 days. I pooped in the toilet while the others were cleaning the other toilets. I did not flush the toilet. I left 3 pieces of poop. When one of my buddies looked at the toilet, he exclaimed, “holy cow, look at all that crap.”

  • triadpee

    February 11, 2020 at 6:43 am

    Several years ago, I had gotten my first apartment. With it, came the freedom that I’d rarely known living with my parents: privacy.
    At this time in my life, I didn’t know about my fetishes, but I did enjoy watching piss porn, I found.
    One day, I was at home, not doing much, and I felt like I had to shit, but not very urgent. In fact, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to go, despite needing to at the time. So, I decided to watch some porn while I tried to at least get it on the edge of coming out, so I could go to the bathroom.
    First, it was girls peeing in various situations, including wetting their pants. Then, I started to wonder if there was shitting porn, so I search for girls that shit their pants, etc.
    Needless to say, it opened a whole new avenue for me, and made me realized that I also enjoyed watching that.

    After about an hour or more, I was hard as a rock, and probably could have blown a load or two, had I been jerking off the whole time. I decided to push a little, just to see if I would like the idea of shitting my boxers. It appealed to me alright.
    For the next half hour, I kept watching more scat porn, each video more explicit than the last, and my pushing becoming more pronounced as I watched everything from girls filling their panties, to lesbian scat play.
    One final video sent me over the edge; a solo girl who shit on herself.
    As I watched her enjoyment, I said to myself “screw it”, and cast aside my inhibition to unloading in my boxers. I pushed hard, and felt a huge load slide into them, balling up against me. I didn’t just alleviate my need, I emptied myself completely.

    By the time it was over, I was exhausted, but satisfied.

    And that’s when I started exploring my scat fetish.

    • satyricon1

      February 11, 2020 at 2:07 pm

      Amazing the enjoyment one can get from a good poop on the toilet, and the whole experience is enhanced if it happens somewhere else (in your pants, outside, in a bath tub). Mine are almost always large and solid, stretching me, and requiring me to break them up in the toilet (by hand) so that the toilet doesn’t get stopped up. I always enjoy the nice earthy smell of my hand afterwards. Any poop that is solid and long is a sensory delight as it exits.

  • d-wizz

    February 17, 2020 at 8:39 am

    My scat blog
    I used to write about my shit often but I’ve lost the muse in recent years. Still recording everything though, one day it might get posted there.

  • crackle

    February 18, 2020 at 2:38 am

    Last summer at the cottage I had the best shit of my life to date. I thought that I’d go out into the woods as nothing beats the open air on your ass and dick. So I went and found a spot, and pulled down my pants. I was already turttling by this point. I had already felt up my ass a few minutes before and this beauty was rick solid. I relaxed, and my ass opened up. Slowly, a thick, rock solid poo emerged. It kept coming, and coming. Slowly though which really enhanced the experience. I timed it, and after about five minutes of constant, yet slow, emerging, it stopped. I had to reach around and feel it. I almost creamed right there. I could barely reach the end. I estimated I had a gorgeous poo sticking about a foot and a half out my ass. Without breaking. Without it ever losing it strength, so it was poking long and hard from my ass. So I’m standing there, boner out front and boner out back if you will. After enjoying it four another few minutes, I pushed hard, and another bit and finally it broke off and hit the ground with a sexy thud. A few more shorter, but no less hard poos followed accompanied with an enormous fart.

    After I was done, I looked at the art I had created. So hot. Shortly after, I masturbated and came hard. Such an amazing shit!

  • satyricon1

    March 7, 2020 at 6:11 pm

    Great description that really catches how erotic the experience can be.

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