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  • The development of a fetish.

     jcpp7622 updated 2 years ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • jcpp7622

    July 31, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    I probably could have done this as a blog post, but felt it more appropriate to put this here as I would like you all to post about your early experiences and thoughts on the development of your interest in this activity.

    As I type this, I’ve been working on a nice sticky load. I started it about an hour or so before I logged in, and I’ve pushed, squished, trickle-peed, and pushed more as I type this. The front of my stained old white underwear is wet with piss, and probably precum from my hardened cock, and my ass has a nice little turtle sticking out that’s been squished flat into my underwear. I’ll continue this until I’m done, have a nice explosive wank and then dump the load. I’ll pull up my underwear again and continue the process when I feel the urge again whether it’s today or tomorrow, or even the next day. Wearing my black mesh shorts today, since it’s a hot summer day, means I can partake in this activity virtually unnoticed since no pee stains or spots will be noticeable.

    For me this wasn’t something I discovered when I was older as I’ve always been fascinated by poop and pooping even when young. Fetishes are said to be innate and not always a learned behavior. There’s something in there that triggers the ID to want this, as if it’s wired into our brains right from birth, and then something comes along to bring it to the forefront. These fetishes are not always harmless as we know, but we know that even the harmless ones such as ours are against the norms forcing them into the dark.

    My friends and I would poop in the woods when we were kids. We would watch each other’s rectum open up and the poop squeeze out. Some of the loads were light-colored and soft while others were dark and hard, and we would watch each other in awe when someone dropped a huge one. Sometimes there would be a worm in there, which meant we were eating unwashed fruit. In our group, there was one kid who always had skid marks and sometimes really bad stains. He would be teased about them, and then we would all wipe up with leaves and go about our business, but sometimes we would smell each others butts and laugh at the stinky ones. I was about 7 to 10 when this was taking place.

    During this time, my brother who is much younger would poop in his pants all the time rather than use the toilet. I would watch him with great interest as his face got red and his lips tightened up as he pushed. When he was done pushing into his pants, he would get up and pull his underwear from his crack and go about his business as if nothing was wrong. There was that odor of poop around him, which we all know very well. I wanted to try this, but was afraid to out of fear of being yelled at and punished. Much later he was caught by the neighborhood bully and we were both forced to do this. I protested visibly, but inside I wanted to try it. Interestingly enough, the bully’s face got rather interesting when he watched us push into our pants, and he kept rubbing himself. Being 12 years old, I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I found myself liking the feeling of a good load. When I was young, I had had some off and on stomach issues which included explosive loose bowels, which would fill my pants with a big squishy load. I never liked that soft shit in my pants then, and still don’t like it today, but my parents were sympathetic and cleaned me up with care. I enjoyed the attention I suppose, and would sometimes feign “accident” to get the nurtured clean up. By this time, I had forgotten about those times, and I wonder now if this incident triggered that again.

    A couple or few years went by and by the time I was 14 or 15 something inside had me trying this again, I was lining my underwear with paper towels or toilet paper, and going for walks in the woods daily after school. I would go for a walk in the woods, have a crap in my pants and walk home. The clean up was rather easy with the paper towel and then one day I said screw the paper and let out a nice one into my underwear. I was 16 and it was now official. I posted about this official pants poop in detail in one of my stories sometime ago. I can still remember that official poop experience to this day, and I’ve never come close to that feeling since.

    I tried other poop-related things as time went on, such as pooping on the floor, on paper towels or napkins of course, but that never turned me on. For some reason, outside of laying bare-naked on the floor with my cock flapping about, there was nothing impressive for me. I also tried eating it once after reading about it, and I threw up! I suppose it’s an acquired taste like eating bugs, but I just never got into that. The same with smearing. That’s gross to me too unless it’s a squish in my pants.

    Going back to my younger days, I used to trickle pee into my pants, or rather push-pee. I would sit there watching Saturday morning cartoons, and push hard enough to pee into my underwear or pajamas. My mom yelled at me once for doing that because she caught me in the act, but I would sneak that in often when she wasn’t around. I loved seeing that fountain squirt through and soak my shorts and still do so today. As time went on, I more or less forgot about that too and then one day it occurred to me to try a good piss in my pants as well. Instead of going when I got up that Saturday morning, I put on a pair of well used, poop stained FTLs under a pair of shorts and went for a bike ride. It wasn’t unusual for me to wear these bike riding because I always combined a pants poop with a ride. These trips have lead to my best pooping memories. This day was a day to pee and maybe a poop, and not just poop. I went to one of my usual spots and had a nice shit first. I didn’t bother to wipe or empty the load on the ground, and continued on down the path as I usually did. It wasn’t uncommon for me to walk along pushing more, squishing, and enjoying the faint poop odor in my pants.

    I had to pee as usual and instead of whipping out my cock, I let it rip into my shorts. I soaked them through and through with the load in my pants too. I became instantly hard and continue to do that more often than not when the conditions and opportunities are there. On some trips out on my bike, it was sometimes peeing before pooping more than once , or On other occasions ride off and pee my Lycra shorts just because. Peeing became part of my messy vocabulary and other times I’d go off to my favorite place, pull down my pants and just soak my underwear through and through. Afterwards I would pull up my sweat pants or my shorts and continue on. Wearing dark sweats or shorts is great for this because nothing is noticeable.

    Anyway fetishes are an innate thing that’s driven by ID, our being as it’s called. At the moment my messy underwear is quite wet and sticky in both the front and the back, and I’ve been enjoying that warmth even on a hot day. It’s time to clean up the mess and have a good wank.

  • ishitpants2

    August 1, 2019 at 9:16 am

    @jcpp7622 – I really appreciate your forum posting. It made me recall many similar experiences in my own childhood. I think fetishes (or kinks) are innate, a fascination that is natural, but social taboos make it shameful and something to hide. Which is why sites like PPL and even MyBrownHanky are so important. They give fetishists a platform to share and discuss that which is so forbidden it cannot even be thought about. As a child I liked to watch friends dump a load on the ground or into their pants. I found the look of their shit (but NOT the smell) fascinating, and I still do to this day. And thanks to videos, I can watch people shit and piss, and there is no smell at all! Ah, the wonders of technology!

  • jcpp7622

    August 4, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    I agree on both statements here. Websites such as this are valuable not only for us to experience and share our “hobby”, we also have an outlet where discussing it and sharing is not verboten as it is in regular society. It maybe that because it’s an unspeakable act that we do, that the more we want to do it. That’s part of the defiant nature of deviant behaviors as these are called.

    Like you I’m not into the smelly aspects of it, especially when it’s too the extreme. Thank gawd we don’t have Smell-A-Vision!

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