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     messedpantsboy updated 1 year ago 1 Member · 3 Posts
  • messedpantsboy

    July 20, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    My girlfriend has several terms she uses for a bowel movement.

    A Bowel movement comes in various partial forms as well as the full bowel movement itself.

    These forms range in consistency from diarrhea which is completly lacking the ability to be controlled to various forms of solid bowel movements.

    Bun Squeezer – potty chair. A place to squeeze your buns and make droppings.
    crap – a big mess, a massive load of messy soft formed poop.
    Dirt – formed poop in a diaper.
    Dirty – to poop in a diaper.
    Dung – a massive pile of poop in the pants
    Dump – a solid formed pile of poop in the pants.
    Droppings- a collection of poop left outdoor.
    Dropping Depository –
    Goo – soft poop
    Gunk – poop in the bushes
    Heap – to poop in your pants
    Hunk – an enormous dump in your pants.
    Load – to take a huge dump in your pants.
    Logs – a collection of poop in your pants
    Lump – a small pile of poop in your pants.
    Manure – complete bowel movement in your pants.
    Make droppings: to poop
    Mess – a load of soft formed poop in the pants.
    Muck – partial bowel movement
    Poop – to move your bowels in the toilet
    Poopy – to fill your pants with poop.
    Poopoo – poop in your panties.
    Playing Chicken with your rectum:- to poop in your pants on purpose.
    Potty – to accidentally pee and poop in your pants
    Puck – partial bowel movement in a diaper
    Scat – Bowel Movement or Poop in your pants.
    Scats – Droppings. Dung.
    Squeeze Your Buns: to poop.
    Stool – poopy in the toilet.
    Toilet – to pee and poop in your pants on purpose
    Turd: a dump in the bushes or back yard.
    Yuck – full bowel movement in your pants.

    If any one else has poop related terms to offer please submit them here.

  • messedpantsboy

    July 20, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    Dropping Depository: – toilet stall. A place to sit or squat and move the bowels. A place to make your droppings.
    Bunk – poop in a bed pan.

  • messedpantsboy

    July 21, 2020 at 2:44 am

    Nuggets: – an accumulation of droppings
    Road Apple: – huge pole of poop in your diaper.
    Pile – a mound of poop in your pants
    Bate Bottom Spanking – punishment for pants pooping
    Diaper Penalty – a punishment for pants pooping in which the offender is put in diapers for a period of time during which they are only allowed to POOP their diaper.
    Nostril Scolding: – Shame Scolding by which the offender has his/nose stuck into their pants and pressed into their poop to smell it.
    Core Brown: – A person with poop in their pants.
    10-200 – poop
    10-222 – Bowel Movement in your pants
    10-300 – pee and poop
    10-333 – pee abd poop in your pants
    Dingkeberries – a collection of droppings in your Pants.

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