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  • Philia, fetish or maybe just a fantasy? (long post)

     jv040610 updated 11 months, 3 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • jv040610

    August 16, 2020 at 12:21 am

    Hi first of all sorry if my english is bad (not my primary language)
    Im actually 29 but since i was a kid (maybe 5 or 6 years) i´ve had the curiosity of eating poo but it had been different in the different steps of my life.
    The first things i remember imagining was being used as a toilet by my school friends, i imagined me kneeling and then some of my friends sitting in me and pooping in my mouth, curiously i imagined it as a game, i never imagined it as a morbid thing… i remember telling to 3 or 4 friends to poop in my mouth and they all were like “are you crazy?” until one of the somehow accepted…
    It was at my 7 or 8 when i used to play with another friend, dont remember exactly how i told him but it was in game mood, i layed down on the bed and he put his jeans and interior clothing off, then he went to the bed, i remember the first try he sat in my face but i felt him so heavy also couldnt breathe so he got up… i remember i could smell the poo in his anus, this was my first contact with poo in my life, it wasn´t a good smell but somehow i liked it… then he squatted and put his ass in very near my face without sitting so i could smell it, and i dont know but i liked more the smell… we were playing and laughing so we didnt saw this as a bad thing, i gave him a little kiss in his ass (not in the asshole) thinking he was going to poop in me but he didnt and when i told him he said no.
    Days later we were in his house and then his mom went out some minutes whe she left the house i immediatly told him to do it again, that time was very fast because we didnt know when his mom would be back, this time i was kneeling in the floor at the side of the bed with my head layed on bed, he got his jeans down a little only to have his ass naked and sat in my face, that time i remember his ass smell was stronger than the past time, but i liked it, we were only a few seconds like that and then he put on his clothes again, i remember the smell continued in my nose so i thought i had shit smeared in my nose so i went to bathroom to check my nose an wash my face.
    Fortunately or unfortunately nothing more happened with him, but how i said, that was a game for us
    Later in my adolescence when hormones were starting to have effects, i remember having the fantasy with that friend of my chilhood, but instead of a game, i fantasized of him pooping in my mouth and forcing me to swallow it (also imagined him pissing in me) but it was only like half year or maybe 1 year…
    Time passed and it was like i forgot that fantasy, but when i was 17-18 i knew a friend (girl) who made me start fantasizing, basically my fantasies were she sitting in my face and making me smell her ass (with clothes on) but some times i imagined she making me lick her ass and rarely (like 5% of the times) she pooping in my mouth.
    I started getting obsesed with that fantasies, i wanted so hard a girl made me smell her ass, but not always to eat poo
    Like 3 or 4 years ago i knew another friend (girl) on internet, with the time i could talk to her of my fantasies and she didnt disliked it also told me she maybe could do it, and since that my fantasies of being used as a toilet increased a lot (from 5% at first to maybe 80-85%)
    I noticed that not always i want to eat poop and also that i dont need to be excited to want it, some days i want to be used as a toilet witout being hot or having an erection, and some other days im like “wtf i was thinking?”
    What do you think about it? could this be a philia or a fetish or maybe a fantasy?

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