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  • My Father caught on to something so I kept an eye on him

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    November 27, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    Gosh mine is a little different from most of you guys. I remember my father liked to go to the racetrack in so Ca. It was a huge track build in the 30.s or 40 s. Very deco with the men’s bathroom being huge. One wall was stalls and the other was a tiled wall with cascading water. You’d have thought I’d have been into the men’s pissing but as I was such a little guy from my point of view I could see all the doors closed and they all or most of them had the slacks and underpants pushed down around there ankles. Many of the men over forty still wore sock garters to hold up there socks
    We left and a few minutes later I found myself back in there looking around. When looking I got this funny feeling in my stomach. I was aroused and a bit embarrassed when my dad found me in there. I can’t remember if he asked what I was doing back in there but what ever I told him seems to have worked
    Now I’ll skip ten years
    I saw a request from some one who asked if they had ever seen there father shit there pants or were seen but Dad
    I couldn’t believe that I had a few experiences so I think it was cathartic to write about it
    Here is what I wrote
    Did I tell you about my Dad?
    My Dad was a lot older then most of my friends dads. I’ve been into “having an accident in my pants “ for as long as I can remember. He was very masculine and a bit of a bully
    I remember once coming home from the horse races. I forgot how old I was but I new I was a young teen. On the way home I was touching cotton. I mean I had to shit so bad but didn’t want to go at the Race was just the two of us and the rest of the family was out of town
    I asked or pleaded for my dad to pull over at a gas station or restaurant for me to use the toilet He used every excuse in the world why we couldn’t meanwhile I remember I had snug brown corduroy pants and sneakers. The corduroys were cut off just below my knee so I rolled them up just above the knees. I was always embarrassed wearing them because they made my butt look fat! I thought it odd that he didn’t believe me. My voice was shaking and I told him if we didn’t find a place soon I was going to poop my pants ! He laughed and told me not to be a sissy, we’d be home soon. By now I was in big trouble. My Dad kept looking over at me smiling and making little digs. Then the unimaginable happened. I cramped up you know when you have no choice and your body does what it needs to do. Oh my God I thought to myself. No on my own lockedbon the bathroom I was into all kinds of what it would be like to have an accident in my pants. Anyway I pushed my ass off the seat and my body just took over. It was huge. It was days since I’d gone so it hurt at first. I was on the brink of holding back tears. He said “did you poop your pants son?” I was hit with another spasm and pushed out what felt like two catchers mitts stuffed into the seat of my pants. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment. He said I couldn’t ride home that way and to sit down. He rolled down the windows. I noticed he took the long way home. Sitting on this was like a huge monster mound. He kept looking over at me. There was something erotic about having on the tight brown cords on and my white briefs
    He said these things happen. Ok kid, let’s take a look. I thought what the heck. He said roll over so I can see the damage. I did feeling a bit funny and he said oh my God!!! He reached over to feel the load. My stomach did a back flip as my bully of a a father reached over to inspect the damage. I’d never been so red in the face. Then he said that this would help so he pulled over on a quiet street and turned off the car. My face was red and I was shaking from humiliation and arosal. He did the Dad thing and to keep me safe he helped me with my seat belt. I sat down good and he strapped the seatbelt real tight. This did two things. It made me real tight with the seat belt which did two things cramp up more and thus I grunted out more of the huge load.and it made me sink into my load
    I didn’t have to pee but I remember every bump and stop. I had a hard on but my pants were tight and thick. The situation was erotic with butterflies in my stomach. He kept saying “boy oh boy, did you poop your pants!” And kept laughing at me. When we got out of the car I tried to run ahead but knowone was home so as a sport joke he said let’s see who gets to the door first. About three times he palmed my butt. Once gave it such a cop I thought I heard him moan. He watched me run up the stairs bow legged with a sinister smile.
    We never talked about it again
    A month or so later something happened. I saw a whole new side of my father I realized that my bedroom and the bathroom shared the same vent for heating. If I were to lay on my stomach and had the vents ajusted just so I got a pretty good look into the family bathroom
    No one was home, I don’t think he knew I was home. With my heart racing I saw him do something odd. Out of the dirty laundry hamper he found a pair of my older brothers white briefs. He always wore ugly old boxers. I saw him look at them an he held the skid marks up to his nose. I could see him grab his crouch. He took off what he had on and slipped into my brothers Hanes. They were snug on him as my dad was athletic and had beefy legs and butt. The he pulled out the toilet paper and lined the area of the underpants he thought would get dirty.
    By this time I layed on my stomach transfixed watching my Dad put on Rays underpants. Then he pulled up his expensive slacks and even tied his shoes and made sure his belt was tight. He even tucked in his tee shirt into the underpants. I could tell He was checking out his ass in the mirror from every angle. He had his sport coat on too. That sort of threw me. He really wanted to pretend he was at work when the unthinkable happened. I could tell he was breathing heavy. Then, to my young and innocent eyes he said ever so lightly “ Oh no. Oh fucking no. I’m going to have an accident…….. and with that he started to shake. As he was looking in the big mirror he turned and lifted the coat tails to get a clear view of what was to come. I will tell you all now what I saw next was the most erotic experience watching someone that I’d ever had. He had the look on his face that was half that he was about to burst into tears and half a sinister smile that I’d never seen Then when he got a look from every possible point I could see his load as he held up the tails of his sport coat. His expensive well tailored slacks looked so snug that I could see the outline of Rays underwear As he pushed I could hear that cracking sound ya hear if you’re a pants pooper plus his fabric was tenting outTwice the size of mine. I’d never seen anything like lt. I could tell he was enjoying his role playing. He kept saying Fuck, I can’t believe I pooped my pants at work. What am I going to do?!He pulled his dick so it was pointed up in his underwear. This was a dad I didn’t know. I was a bit scared but to exited to move lease he thought he was being watched. He kept feeling the load through his slacks. It was so fucking sexy. Then he pushed his pants down around his ankles. with his pants pushed down around his ankles he slowly sat down on a towel he put down and a towel he bundled up for a pillow Wow. Every so slowly and then rocking back and forth doing sit-ups His dick looked enormous in my brothers briefs
    Then he put a towel down on the bathroom floor and got into the position to do sit-ups. By this time I thought this must be a dream. I could see the leg opening with a bit of the toilet paper peeking out. Then he started. Slow at first. I had a feeling he’d done this before. He started out slow but each time he came up the big thick load started to oooz out near the leggings. I could tell he was as turned on as he could possibly be. How I wished I had the guts to walk in on him but I’m sure the door was locked Faster and faster he’d do these sit ups and the longer he did it he came up more and more so the white briefs and white toilet paper didn’t look to pristine any more He just kept doing sit-ups in my brothers dirty underwear and after about 15 minutes he started to shake and shudder and started rubbing the front of the underwear. He never took his dick out of the briefs
    Oh my fucking god, not only did I see my very conservative dad shit his pants on purpose but I got to see the look on his handsome face as he orgasimd. . He had a look on his Face ID never seen, sort of twisted in pain and pleasure! Just as his orgasim began he flipped over and started humping the towel. I can tell you this, to see my bully of a father shit his pants on purpose was way hot but when he flipped over,something he’d done before, I saw his butt with a huge bulge and it was like he was fucking the towel.
    Hmm I thought to myself, I wondered if he ever looked through the vent when know one was home. I wasn’t sure that if it had happened turned me on or scared me.
    I very quickly and quietly got up to get out of the house. I went into the basement looked at the front of my pants and realized I’d had an orgasim most likely at the same time as he did.
    We never talked about any of this but in the future I found reasons when we were out that I had to go…… and finally figured out how to turn the tables, so he pooped his pants, an accident for sure in front of me. We were both athletic types but I’d remember certain words that could trigger an accident. The first time he pooped his pants was in a car lot. He lost the keys ( I had them in my pants pocket) but as I was getting a little older I liked to see him with no key and no toilet. To see your dad desperate and humiliated and then loading his pants that first time (and it was huge and firm). This time I jokingly said let’s see the damage “ and gave him a couple of cops that sort of had him look at me twice.
    Once I “found “ the key I insisted that I drive us home and made sure the seat belt was severely tight. With every bump I could tell he had a hard on but I didn’t want him to think I knew about his secrets as I had a few things planned in the years to come. There are so many episodes of the two of us but I’m hoping a few of you can enjoy it. What happened after the age of 18 or 20, home from college are in my computer (my brain). Let me know what you think
    This story is real and I’d love feedback

  • purpleftl

    December 10, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Wow, that’s intense! To find your dad loves the same thing you do, not to mention all the possibilities that opens up. What a secret to stumble on. I wonder how he felt seeing you drop a huge one. I wonder if he fantasized about you two hanging out together and maybe letting loose together. There are many ways to bond, right? Nothing wrong necessarily with unorthodox methods. I hope you write up more recollections. I’d be interested in them!

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