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  • Most risky public pants pooping

     pantiespooper updated 3 days, 19 hours ago 5 Members · 6 Posts
  • jimjim9333

    June 3, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    I want to hear about your most risky public pants pooping!!! over the past year with masks and everything I have become more and more daring with my public pants “accidents” I have taken laxatives and had total accidents in tight khakis to a simple solid mess in a superstore.

    I think my most daring was the khakis. I drank a saline laxative which hit me hard! I headed out into public and just waited for the inevitable. It takes about 1 to 2 hours for a saline laxative to make me super desperate so I drove and drove as the pressure built. The pressure became unbearable so I stopped at a CVS. As I browsed the isles I pushed hard and a fairly uninspiring mess filled my boxer briefs it was wet though and I headed to the bathroom to inspect the damage. I had a small bulge and no wetness so I didn’t even bother cleaning. I was disappointed because I usually have huge messes from laxatives. So I headed home on my way home I felt the pressure build again with a vengeance. The first wave was weak but this time it was really bad. I just stopped at the nearest store I knew had a bathroom which was Walmart and I headed in. The movement of getting out of my car gave me a muscles spasm that released ALOT of liquid mess into my tight khakis. I at first panicked and almost got back in my car but my naughty brain took over and I went into the store. The pressure was building again but it wasn’t too strong so I gave a good push as I walked. An audible Bloooorrtttttt!!! Emitted from my backside and my pants were really filling up. I haven’t even been to a bathroom to survey the damage yet!! I walk all the way to the bathroom at the back of the store and it is empty. I look at my butt in the mirror and a stain was visible pretty much up and down the seam of my pants almost all the way up to my waistband. Mind you I am wearing tan khakis so theirs is now hiding my wet poopy mess. I retreat to a stall and once again the naughty side of my brain, the secure feeling of being in a stall, and my already visibly messed pants, gave me the idea to give one last big push and boooooyyyy my pants were at capacity. The mess was starting to go down my right leg so I figured. It was time to go. I just kept a straight face and exited the store at the most direct route possible and headed out with my messed pants in clear view!

    Now, what is your most risky pants pooping you have ever done??

  • 44wsfan

    June 3, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Jim, Wish I was in the store that day to see your predicament! And to peel those messy boxer briefs off of you :p)

    • jimjim9333

      June 3, 2021 at 10:19 pm

      Peeling is the best way to describe how I took those pants off. I am not even exaggerating, I still had more left in me after I got home and gave yet another and final good push and the mess went all the way down the back of my pants. My undies were sooo brown and messy.

  • fartyseat

    June 4, 2021 at 2:30 am

    I was a teen and was walking around the park near me, in one of the deeper, back areas, over some fenced off area. when I all of a sudden got the urge, like, really bad.. I knew the nearest toilets were about 15 minutes away and i tried to get to them but i had to keep stopping to hold it in, and while I was holding onto a tree with my legs crossed, a man with his dog shouted asking what I was doing and the shock made me immediately start to poo my pants. I squatted down and was frozen still pushing it out as he came up to me. He looked at me weird then suddenly his face changed to disgust and he walked off, so he must have smelled it by then. i ended up just dumping the undies in the woods, so i was there pulling my pants down in some bushes and there was just this big brown lump in the seat, they thudded when they hit the floor

  • jcpp7622

    June 4, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    I was at a local park with the intention of sitting on the steps that led down to the riverside to fill my pants as I had done on numerous occasions. While I was pushing some people walked by and could see my very red face and glassy eyes. They didn’t say a word, but the looks on their faces said everything.

    Another time at the same park, I was walking home with a huge bulge in my seat. I mean it was big enough that I had to waddle a bit until I could squish it down. As I was walking along, a woman came by and saw me. The look on her face was a look of puzzlement and shock at the same time.

    With that area being a bit on the crowded side, I’ve since found other places that aren’t so crowded… With that being said, my other venue was another riverside park that has since been dismantled due to renovations and a new building going up. I used to sit on park bench es and watch the people fishing.

    As I sat there, I could see one skinny guy in some basketball shorts stand up then lean against the railing along the path while bending his legs. He’d squirm and then stand up repeatedly, and he kept this up then touched his butt-hole a few times with his hands. You and I know he was up to something and eventually, he stood up again, leaned against the railing and acted as though no one would notice anything bent his legs and touched his butt as if to feel the bulge. After a few minutes, he then went back to fishing as if nothing was wrong.

    While he was doing that, I got up and leaned on the railing and pushed a nice big squishy soft load into my shorts then finished it off on the park bench as I watched him fill his pants.

    Given the unsavory type of people that used to hang around down by the river there, I wasn’t about to approach him and ask him if he enjoyed his pants poop! I had seen a similar events another time, probably by the same guy but it’s hard to tell, that I blogged about. In both cases, I was horny as hell and wanked in my shorts immediately.

  • pantiespooper

    June 13, 2021 at 10:02 am

    Most risky… hmmm… well, it was not planned this way, although I had intended to poop my panties. I had left the house to go shooping (no, that’s not misspelled. It is my own word for the times when I go out specifically to poop into my panties in public). I like to walk along in the store (often grocery, but sometimes other kinds of stores, like Walmart), poop, and THEN find my way to the bathroom.

    I wear tight panties, and loose pants, to hide the developing bulge. On this particular trip, it seems that my panties were older than I thought, and not so tight. in addition, they had likely gotten a little twisted on me.

    I got into the grocery, and as I moved about, I did some teasing to get it ready. Then suddenly, I felt a nugget or two fall into my panties. I headed for the bathroom, and as I approached, I felt something odd, something different. One of those nuggets seemed to be rolling down my pants leg!!!! OH NO!!!… I tried to stop it, but apparently, that didnt work, and suddenly, there was a nugget of poop on the floor!!!! Then the other fell out too!! I moved away from them, into the bathroom, and left them alone.

    Yeah, I know I should have cleaned them up, but I just couldn’t … that might have been even worse than it was already.

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