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  • Most embarassing poop-related experience

     rellik222 updated 1 year, 1 month ago 9 Members · 11 Posts
  • mypoopstinks

    June 5, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    For me, it was the time I was home alone and had just pooped in my diaper, when a guy came to the door. Turns out my roommate had called a repair man to come for the computer. I had to let him in and the smell coming from my recently soiled diaper was hanging in the air. He didn’t say anything but I know he smelt it.

    one of my roommates also once saw an old diaper of mine with a big load of poop in it. But he never said anything.

  • ishitpants2

    June 6, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    MANY years ago (late 1950’s – the “age of repression”)- when I was a little kid in kindergarten I had to shit really bad. I asked the teacher to help me (I was like 3 years old!) and she kept putting me off.

    I was farting so bad she finally took me to the private bathroom, and pulled down my pants. I couldn’t help it, I let rip a humongous solid lumpy log which fell on the floor with a thud. I started crying and she said, “It’s okay, ssh, I’ll clean it up” She did clean it, but I felt mortified because — she was a NUN! Yes, I shit on a NUN!

    Another time, this one in grammar school a few years later. I was in choir practice and had to shit incredibly bad. There was toilet on the music room floor, but it was locked.

    We had to get a nun to unlock it, and I thought I would burst. I was so ashamed of having to poop, of my bodily needs – because they taught us that the body was a bad thing, and bodily functions were the worst.

    I was farting so bad the other kids knew and were hoping I’d crap my pants so they could get a thrill and laugh at me and make fun of me. One of the kids whispered the others (but I heard him), “Hey, don’t worry, the toilet doesn’t flush, that’s why they locked the room.”

    The little monsters were surrounding me, gleeful and gloating over my distress I was seriously body and poop shamed and they knew it an it made a great opportunity to belittle and bully me with embarrassment.

    Finally the nun got the door open and I rushed inside and unloaded the hardest, firmest and longest snake I could imagine. It kept coming out and coming out! It didn’t even feel good, it was so urgent.

    I flushed the toilet and the water started, and then locked up, leaving the stinking turd! MY heart sank and I didn’t know what to do!

    I came out of the room and the other kids pushed me aside to run in and look, saying, “Oh my god, look how big it is! He’s so full of shit!” The nun slapped several of them for their language, but not for my embarrassment at their treatment. I felt awful.

    Ironically, now a days I work very hard to PRODUCE huge shit, which I deliberately shit in my pants, and make videos and post them here and on MyBrownHanky. I don’t feel the slightest embarrassment here, instead, I often woder, “Was it big enough?”

    But, these are controlled environments, with supportive, like-minded people who are not looking to shame or embarrass me. They want to support me. They get off on my poop. I am sure the little monsters in grammar school did also, but we were in the total 100% opposite environment of a place like PPL.

    Maybe time does heal all wounds? Anyway, I am grateful for this site and the opportunities to share my shit… literally!

    Thanks, @mypoopstinks, for opening this thread!

  • goodnitesboy21

    June 30, 2019 at 9:52 am

    We went on vacation one year and the drive was about 18 hours in total to where we were going and we wanted to do it without stopping, I was 5 at the time and a bedwetter and our plan was to leave at midnight and us kids would sleep in the car. I put a fresh goodnite on before we left. If i needed to go pee pee and nobody else needed to the adults told me just to go in my goodnite so i did. And when were “close” to our destination i needed to go number 2. I was told to hold it as we were “close” (we were visiting my younger cousins out of state) and about 2-3 minutes before we were there i pooped into my soaked goodnite. It was really embarressing for me because i was always the youngest kid except this once and my cousins who were younger were there to witness me get laid down and get a diaper change like a baby cause i messed my goodnite.

  • poopypampersboy

    July 5, 2019 at 9:46 am

    Mine was just recently. I was at a campground I had protection on we had just got there Nd I my diaper was wet and I needed to do a number 2 real bad. Well there was a line. A couple gay boys ( I knew because I’m gay even if I wasn’t it was obvious) were in some cute sp edits,. They were hoping around 3rd in line. All the Aden they stoped and got anxious. One guy just let notvthey we next. They were squirming then they put there hands trying to cover their buts as they both expelled two mountains osprey steamig poop. They looked at me so shamefully. I said sorry guys that stinks, no pun intended and said I only have a one fresh diaper for myself besides they didn’t need one anymore they used to heir speedos as toilets. As we were talking I said oshit I hold on. Tey’re Cheering me on to mess my diapercseeing as they both had giant loads in the suits.

    T wad a big solid turd blasted is way into my diaper following wed by a big soft load. It was very noisy. Then he woman with her kid oh gross that’s disgusting. You perfect queers are disgusting messing in your pants and you in a diaper. Bunch of fags!

    I got a little pissed and said. First of all we all needed to be bathroom. These two guys just couldn’t wait anymore there is no crime I’m having an accident impending your pants. I couldn’t hold it either. I’ve had back surgery and due to nerve damage I’m incintinent.and by the way you kid just messed his pants! Poetic justice!

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  • jcpp7622

    July 26, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    I was in my 20s and my dog found my stash of dirty underwear and stole them. That was bad enough, but what was worse is he brought them all down to the parlor and started rolling in them in front of visitors!

    I found this out when I walked into the parlor and and there he was with my pile of dirty FTLs on the floor for everyone to see. In front of everyone, and very red faced, I scoffed them up quickly and brought them upstairs. Mom asked me why I had the dirty underwear and said I had accidents. She didn’t believe me and made a point to note the yellow stains in the front as well as the poop in the rear.

    After this incident, I found other places to hide my stash including a big plastic toolbox, which still works very well for that.

  • lifesgottabefun

    February 16, 2020 at 12:54 am

    This has nothing to do with me, but it’s still pretty embarassing. This is a video of the mayor of Georgetown, USA, forgetting to turn off his lapel mic before taking a dump. I attached the video itself but here’s the original tweet:

  • poopypantsfoz

    June 2, 2020 at 4:36 am

    This happened to me when I was 14 going on 15 in senior school and it was the 10 minute break in between second and third lesson and I was stood in the headmasters office being told off for leaving the school grounds and as I was standing there with the headmasters finger being prodded into my chest all of a sudden I had an overwhelming urge to go number 2 and it was literally getting worse by the second. Eventually I was told to quickly get to my next lesson and just as I was about to go through the doors into the corridor at the end of which was the only toilets anywhere near for me to be able to get to before the inevitable happened and just as I pushed my way through the doors and began to run along the corridor to the toilet my backside couldn’t hold it in any longer and I stopped in my tracks and bent over slightly with the pain and then it all came sliding out of my bum cheeks and into my underpants with a really loud squelchy splattering noise and that was my underpants completely ruined and so I tried to waddle as fast as I could and into the toilets and quickly locked the cubicle door behind me just as the bell rang for the start of third lesson and so there was no chance of making it to my class especially with the huge load of crap in my underpants and as I tried to peel back the very heavily shitted y-fronts from my backside to inspect the damage I knew that it was far too much to be able to clean myself up with any real chance of getting away with having just shit myself so badly and so I quickly opened the cubicle door and grabbed a load of paper towels and wet them in the sink before locking the cubicle door and carefully took my socks and shoes off then I tried to slide down my trousers and then I tried to do the same with the shit cacked underwear without getting as little mess down my legs as possible then with my shitty underpants on the floor beside the toilet I used the paper towels to clean what I could of the shit smeared all over my backside and down my legs where I’d slid down the very shitty underwear but I soon realised that it was far too much to be able to clean myself up and not have everyone smell my shitty backside. So there I was standing there crying, panicking as to what to do with the crappy underpants and how to make it out of the school grounds without being caught and the only thing I could think of was to try and flush them down the toilet and so I dropped them into the toilet and flushed the poopy pants down but they got stuck in the pipe and the toilet began to fill up with water and in a panic I again tried flushing them away only to have the toilet begin to overflow and flood the toilets and as the water was flowing throughout the entire toilets I was beginning to freak out and I just ran out of the door along the corridor and out of the fire exit and across the carpark and out of the school grounds. This was when I realised that I had left my bag and coat in the classroom but I just carried on running through the fields towards home hoping that nobody would see me and I managed to get into the house and straight up the stairs into the shower. I thought I had avoided the inevitable humiliation but the next day when I went into registration the first thing the teacher said was “and who’s crappy underpants did they have to fish out of the toilet Adam?” and that’s the point where everyone knew that I’d shit myself and flooded the toilets trying to flush them away and then I started to cry as everyone in my class was laughing at me calling me shitty pants nerd and the teacher was still shouting at me saying things like “Adam obviously didn’t finish potty training” and “I think you better wear nappies from now on” it was literally weeks later until the laughter and piss taking started to fade out. Anyway that’s the story as it was so yeah that was one of many times I was humiliated after having shit in my underpants 😭💩😭

  • poopypantsfoz

    June 9, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    Being as how I’ve had literally loads of somewhat rather humiliating times after having pooped in my underpants I thought I’d share another one with you all. During my teens I had for the second time developed a medical condition and as a result I was crapping myself on a daily basis and I had to be put in rubber underwear for school which wasn’t too much bother until a few of the guys in my year found out what I was wearing. It was a guy who I was friends with who had noticed that I would always have my P. E kit on under my school uniform and one day he asked me why I did so and I’m guessing now that he kinda knew what the reason was and anyway this day him and his two friends were waiting for me to reveal my “special underwear” as I would always wait to be the last one getting changed so that nobody would see my rubber undies but this day they had hidden in the changing rooms and when I thought everyone had gone I took off my tracksuit bottoms and all of a sudden the three of them jumped out and began laughing their backs off at me in my “placka undercrackers” as they called them and to make it worse I had pooped in them a bit and also the fact that they were pink in colour or”salmon” as they are described by the people who make them, they come colour coded and the ones that fit me at the time happened to be pink and so anyhow there I was standing in my rubber underwear and clearly having pooped myself crying my eyes out with embarrassment, pleading with them not to tell anybody that I wore rubber underpants and luckily I knew that one of them was a regular pants wetter and although I wouldn’t have told anyone about it he did speak up for me and convinced the others not to tell anyone about my secret. The one who was a pants wetter came up to me a few days later and asked me if I knew that he wet himself and how I knew and so I told him not to worry that I promise I won’t tell anyone but he still wanted to me to tell him how I knew that he wets himself and so I gave him the knowledge of how I knew and that is because one day me, him and a few others were standing in the corridor at break time and all of a sudden when he was talking to me I noticed him starting to pee down his trousers and he didn’t even seem to notice so I quickly made an excuse for the two of us to go out of the way to the others and he was obviously quite embarrassed and upset and so I assured him that everything was going to be okay and that I’m more than aware of how he came to wet his pants without him noticing and so I asked him “did you think you were wearing a pull up?” as I’ve done so before and not realised until I’d already begun to pee in my underpants and that’s when he said that his mum sometimes had him wear them after having wet his underpants and that he was a regular bed wetter. I told him that I too wet the bed every night and have pee’d myself during the day many times which seemed to make him feel much better and asked me to help him with his particular issue atm and so I suggested we swap trousers and I would take the blame for him, and so we quickly found a toilet that wasn’t occupied and we quickly put each others pants on then we headed back to the corridor were the guys who we were with were standing and as we came towards them one of them immediately noticed the huge wet patch right down the front and inside of my trousers and instantly rolled about laughing and then pretty much everyone had seen and not just the guys we were standing with but everyone else in the corridor at the time had become aware of the fact that I’d pee’d myself and so I was made to go to the school nurse and have her clean me and put me in a pair of the school P. E shorts which are probably more embarrassing than actually having pee’d yourself in the first place and it was common knowledge that if you were being sent home in the school shorts it meant that you had obviously pee’d or pooped your own underwear and had obviously made a mess of your trousers too but anyway everyone knew why you were wearing them although nobody ever spoke about it to one another… Well anyhow the guy who had wet himself hadn’t ended up being humiliated that day and was very grateful to me for taking the blame for him. He said that he would ask his mum if I could spend the night at his house on a weekend as he’d never had anyone do so before because of his bed wetting and the fact that his mum was very strict with him but he did ask and was told that he wouldn’t be allowed to have anyone staying over until he had stopped peeing his pants at least during the day and so I never did get to sleep over with him 😭I strongly believe that he had a bit of a thing for me and I know for sure that I had a thing for him, he was a very good looking lad and had a particularly nice, well rounded and firm backside and his overall build was over proportioned to his backside so he had a really nice belly on him too although he had gotten a lot of grief from the bullies for being a big guy but I knew that if he really wanted to he could have thrown them all over the place as he was a very strong lad even for his size but he was too nice a guy to be that way. Anyway this one day we were having a good chat with each other and it was just the two of us when all of a sudden he was absolutely bursting for the toilet and it was number 2 he needed and he asked me to look in the toilets to see if there was anyone else in there but when I returned he was clearly very upset and had clearly not been able to hold the load and had a very strong, pungent smell around him and obviously had a case of diarrhoea, just as he was asking me what he was going to do he again made a rather loud squelching noise and was obviously crapping himself as I tried to calm him down by giving him a big hug and assuring him that everything was going to be okay and that I will think of something to put things right and not have him ending up being noticed by anyone and thus embarrassed by the piss taking that would have inevitably ensued if he had been seen by anyone else other than myself and of course the only thing I could think of at the time was to ask him if we could swap underwear with each other and then I could take the blame for him and so we tried to think of a way to get to the nearest toilets and ones that weren’t occupied and we eventually figured out a way to get there before anyone saw us and thus ridiculed him mercilessly and we actually made it there where we quickly cleaned up his backside and removed his messy underwear and carefully swapped them for my still clean pair of grey batman y-fronts which I used to wear over the top of my rubber underwear so as to make me feel that I had bigboy undies on. Anyhow I had him help me put his messy underwear on my backside underneath the rubber underwear I was already wearing at the time and as I was cleaning his backside for him I noticed that he was becoming aroused and I said that it is totally normal and that he shouldn’t be ashamed of himself as its a perfectly natural thing to happen and that if he likes I could maybe do something with it sometime which made him smile from ear to ear as I finished cleaning his backside and was pulling his new clean underwear up and around his big backside. He said he loved how tight they were on his bottom and thanked me for apparently saving his life, that at least must be how he’d have felt if he’d been discovered by anyone else for having crapped himself although I was more than used to it and in fact kinda enjoyed the embarrassment and humiliation that always accompanied being discovered to have shit in your underpants in school which obviously had happened many times to me before and so I didn’t really care about the grief and piss taking that could have been social suicide for some lads depending on how they took it and also their popularity was of course a factor in this situation and quite a few times I’d seen it all but destroy a young lads social life and for one of those guys in particular ended up having to move schools after the grief and bullying became too much for him and to be fair even the teacher was joining in the piss taking and I was very upset about this as I knew it was simply because he was homophobic and the poor guy who’d crapped himself was a very affeminate lad who didn’t have many if any real friends because of this although I thought he was a very nice guy and I actually asked him if he was gay and if he would like to go out with me but he was still far too upset to talk about such things at the time as he was still standing in the toilets in tears after running out of the classroom and so I gave the teacher the finger and walked out of the classroom myself and went to see if the guy was going to be okay. As it turns out he wasn’t okay and he ended up moving away to another school and so I never actually seen him again which was I was totally gutted about as he was clearly the best looking guy in our class and one of the most likely people to be gay. I never had any respect for our teacher after that and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by a few of the other guys in our class that he had clearly picked on the lad simply because he was obviously gay and to my surprise even one of the guys who were making fun of him wasn’t pleased with the teacher for this reason and he actually said it was shocking how the poor guy was treated by our homophobic dickhead of a form tutor and did so the teacher could hear it. Anyway I will be posting some more of my humiliating stories of having pooped myself in public or pee’d myself which I have quite a few of those stories to tell as well 🤣 and one of them is extremely humiliating and happened to me somewhat recently so keep a watch out for them and please don’t be afraid to laugh at them as some of them are admittedly rather funny 😉

  • lp1986

    June 13, 2020 at 11:02 am

    I saw a news story today about Chuck-E-Cheese declaring bankruptcy and it actually made me think about a pants pooping story from my childhood, lol. (I didn’t shit my pants at chuck-e-cheese, but it’s part of the story).

    So I was awful with pooping my pants between ages 3-4… I have ADHD (adhd children are known for this), and also, obviously I’ve always been fascinated by purposely pooping your pants. Most of my dumb funny child things I said at the age revolved around butts, farting, and not poop surprisingly, but specifically pooping pants. My parents were divorcing around that time,too. So there’s alot of psych things there that can contribute clinically to a potty trained little girl pooping her pants, but i honestly think it was just this fetish, lol. Of course, I was a child then, so let’s call it “fascination”.

    Well, obviously I got in trouble when i did this, so once i was 4, I stopped doing it so much. I also have no memory or pooping my pants at preschool or anything, it was something I exclusively did at home, which probably just made my divorcing parents even more frustrated. I had a younger sister who also pooped her pants (I think hers were legitimate accidents), so I got in trouble for it more, because I was older and it came off as me doing it on purpose, which I guess I kind of was. I only have like 2 memories of the year i was doing this alot, just vague memprues or getting yelled at and one specific memory of waking up with pooped underwear (i pooped them before i went to bed), and waking up upset about it because i was still in that post-dream aura if waking up and i waa faced with reality of my undies still being pooped and getting yelled at for it. as you can imagine it’s hard to recall memories from when you were 3. I realized I have a hard memory from when I was 4, and it was resurfaced from reading that Chuck E cheese article!

    Anyways I went there a lot with my family growing up. It was definitely a treat for us. After the divorce, only my dad’s side would take my sister’s and I. Before the divorce, my mom and her extended family would treat us. It was actually called showbiz pizza, then, but it was a long time ago. Anyways, the last memory I have of going there with my mom’s side of the family includes this story. So like I said, it was a BIG DEAL. And the pizza there was the best. Adhd child and food, I ate a ton and burned a ton of calories with all the playing I did. I’m guessing at some point I had to poop, but ignored it because I was at Chuck e cheeses and who the fuck has time for that, lol. I wasn’t having accidents as frequently at this point, and i was obsessed with trying to look like a 90s cool kid. I also didn’t like girly clothes. Ironically, my favorite pants were some light colored jeans, similar the ones I wear now in mu pants pooping videos lol. I had a pair that i was outgrowing, but insisted on wearing, and also some crew cut sweatshirt thst I’d roll the sleeves uo to look tough, lol. And the COOLEST thing I had was a backwards baseball cap. Wow, I thought I was the next kid to be on Trit cereal commercial lol. Anyways, I prepped all this cool kid clothes for going to chuck e cheese. I think I even wore my favorite underwear.

    So like I said, my parents were going through a divorce, so I imagine any fun family time was a welcome distraction. It was accomplished that night, but unfortunately I must have really ruined it for my mom once we came home, or looking back, she probably just used my situation to vent her real life anger through. Anyways, my younger sister and I are upstairs in our room, we just got home, and it wasn’t quite yet time to go to bed, so I hadn’t did my nighttime bathroom routine kids do at that age . My parents were probably just letting us wind down a bit before bedtime. I’m still in my “cool kids” clothes and my sister and I are showing off our prizes and for whatever reason, I might have legitimately sharted, since I was ignoring my poop urges, and I just ate a bunch of greasy Pizza, but I just start filling my pants. And I know it sounds weird because I’m talking about my child self, but this was a massive pants shit, lol. I remember my younger sister actually watching with an exasperated face kind of snickering at it,while I was doing it. The actual filling of the pants was apparently long enough that I remember my sister making an uh oh face while I was still actively shitting,to give you an idea of just how big this pants shit was. Like I said, I was trying hard not to have accidents at that time, because i was grasping the concept more of it being a bad behavior. I was age 4.5 or close to 5, but this was my first semi-intentional one in awhile at the time, so i knew I was going to be in huge trouble. Especially with how much I pooped, too.

    It’s weird but I do remember that being the first time I was actually embarrassed about doing it. I had mentioned earlier about wearing outgrown jeans, so they were already too small on me,and I when I saw the big poop buldge in the mirror and the discoloring of my butt, it wasn’t something I was used to seeing, because my other accidents were probably size appropriate to my clothes. But I was a 4 yr old who just visibly filled my favorite pair of jeans, jeans meant for a smaller child, and my big pants poop just absolutely ruined them. It was so bad, that my older sister who was in another room with her door shut actually ran out of her room and loudly announced that she was telling on me for pooping my pants without even coming into my room, lol. That’s how smelly it apparently was. And I believe it,because I remember it actually filled all the way up nearly to the top of the jeans. But yeah I just felt so embarrassed because I was still in my cool kid outfit and here I was standing there with a massive load of poop in my pants, which did NOT make me feel cool.

    Then I hear the dreaded footsteps and I know that I’m in big trouble. Like I said, my mom was really stressed out about a lot of things and I think she unfairly took it out on me that night. She would make us do things like rinse are underwear out in the toilet, which isn’t that unheard-of, but this night I guess I pooped my pants so badly that she didn’t want me to get poop all over the bathroom so she had to do everything and she kept commenting about how gross it was and how gross I was for doing it, which is kind of mean and in hindsight. But the worst thing is she then said that I ruined the entire night and that I was ungrateful for going to Chuck-E-Cheeses because if I really cared about anything and cared about being a good girl I wouldn’t have pooped my pants after they were nice enough to bring you to Chuck-E-Cheese. Even though I was four that got to me and I felt so bad for pooping my pants and I legitimately thought that I had ruined the night. I didn’t really have any accidents that I can remember after that, if I did, they were legitimate accidents, and even then I remember feeling super ashamed that I ruined whatever was going on that day even if it already happened.

    What’s worse is that my mom didn’t let it go either. I figured she would have, but there was this one time my sister and I were driving my mom crazy well we were out running errands and we drove past Chuck-E-Cheese in one of my other siblings asked if we were going to go there again, and my mom just snarkily replied “no we can’t go there anymore because the last time we went Leo pooped her pants.” I was like wtf, because that’s so vague and she just made it sound like I pooped my pants there,and that’s NOT what happend. Also I had a new step-sibling, and it was super embarrassing for her to hear that. And it was just very unnecessary because this was like months, maybe ecwn a year, after that happened, lol. It was just my mom being a bitch at the time,lol. My siblings and I are all grown up now and some of us have our own children, and we all get along with our parents fine. So yeah that’s my embarrassing story, pooping my pants after I went to Chuck-E-Cheese and feeling like I ruined Chuck-E-Cheese for the rest of my family, lol.

    That was kind of rambling, but if you made it this far,I hope you enjoyed the story!

  • lp1986

    June 13, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    Oh and a detail i forgot to bring up again into the story, regarding embarrassment, was my underwear. I put the detail in there of me wearing my favorite underwear.. yeah, so I actually forgot I was wearing them, otherwise i probably would have maybe made an effort to get to the toilet, rather just stand there and full on poop my pants on purpose, all because i sharted a little bit (but then again, who knows, I was all full of happiness from just spending the evening at Chuck e cheeses, so the shart, combined with me actively repressing myself from doing so, to avoid punishment, it’s probably more likely, I sharted, remembered how much I liked pooping my pants, and made the instant satisfaction decision to start pooping my pants, since I waa only 4 or 5 yrs old), but it wasn’t until I was in the bathroom getting cleaned up that I realized I had pooped my favourite underwear. I was legitimately sad about that, because even though thet weere still little girl undies, they had some gender neutral cartoon character on them, which were hard to come by,since at that time most little girls undies had disney princesses and other girly designs on them, and I didn’t like, being gender non-conforming. I was crushed. I think my mom knew this too, because like I said oh, she was being extra bitchy about it, and it appears she didn’t make much effort to try and get the stains out of that pair, lol. For months,until I outgrew my underwear, I had that one heavily stained pair of undies in my wardrobe, and my mom would fucking rotate through them when she laid my clothes out for me! She’d even make comments about it being my favorite, while ignoring the obvious brown stain on the backside. And when she folded our clothes piles, she made a point to put that one on the top of my piLe so everyone could see.

    Ugh… so embarrassing! What’s crazy is now stained panties turn me on, lol.

  • rellik222

    July 4, 2020 at 1:37 am

    I was at school and I had some sort of stomach virus. Well I accidentally shit myself. It was homeroom class, and for some reason our desks were in sets of four, almost like a table of desk. With a cloth over the top of the desk. Some girl ended up dropping her pencil and went other the cloth to grab it. She then came up and asked if I had farted ….

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